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You’re tired of staring at that closet full of clothes and feeling like you have “nothing to wear”. You’re so over feeling frumpy and want to walk into your job feeling respected, valued, and confident. Oh, and getting back hours of your life in the morning would just mean the world to you…

I gotchu’

Learn from former Hollywood stylist, Jammie Baker, and find out how to dress your #mombod and boost your confidence

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 wearing your 3 day old yoga pants and rocking dry shampoo for longer than you care to admit, just isn’t cutting it anymore...

Hey! I’m Jammie, I help mamas find their unique wardrobe style so they can get the confidence they need to reach their everyday goals--whether it’s that new job or just trying to turn your husbands head.


Ut enium ad venium, quis nostra laboris aliquip ex irure.


Ut enium ad venium, quis nostra laboris aliquip ex irure.

Let’s next level your style (and life)

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Work With Me

 A three day series to discovering your body type and dressing for whatever life throws your way-- from the grocery store errands to date night, get my handpicked recommendations for your unique body type.

Read up on the latest tips, tricks, and lifestyle secrets I use to not just elevate my wardrobe, but my entire lifestyle.

Fashion says “me too” and style says “only me”. Let me customize a wardrobe tailored to suit your individual needs and showcase that gorgeous personality of yours.