Hi! I'm Jammie.
(pronounced jay-me)

Hi! I'm Jammie. (pronounced jay-me)

I'm a wife, mom, and former Hollywood stylist who ditched the red carpet lifestyle to create a virtual styling business.

It all started on my 8th birthday when my mom bought me a new outfit to wear to my party. I felt SO COOL. A black and pink tiered skirt, black tank, and black and pink reebok hightops with pink and black laces. Let it be known that I have been pairing sneakers with dresses since 1989.

As a teen, armed with every of issue of YM, Cosmopolitan, and SEVENTEEN that I could get my hands on, I would flip through the pages and create a wardrobe list for the upcoming school year. I was making capsule wardrobe lists without even knowing it.

I always overpacked for girls trips so everyone else could "shop my suitcase". When a friend had a special event, they'd come to me as the expert or at least raid my closet.

I went directly into retail after school. Why they gave 18 year old me the manager position at NY&CO is beyond me but they did and that job served as the launch pad to my styling career. 

I eventually made my way to Hollywood, went to styling school and styled celebrities when I wasn’t working at Nordstrom as a “stylist” to pay the bills. 

After several 18ish-hour days in a row styling big name celebs, I realized that while other girls would kill for the opportunity, I didn't even want to be there. I didn't care about my name on tv screen credits or name dropping at brunch in Santa Monica.

It was fun, but not fulfilling. 
Something was missing.


I talked a friend into letting me style her. We cleared her closet of the mix of college crop tops and stuffy corporate blazers and created a cohesive, fun, but professional wardrobe for her.

She looked in the mirror during our fitting, grabbed her phone and took a picture of herself. She just kept looking and then commented how she never thought she could actually look and feel this way. That's when it clicked. The confidence and the feeling I felt on my 8th birthday... that's what lit me up! But it wasn't just for me, I could actually create that for other women.

Then I had kids. And I had a REALLY hard time figuring out what to wear. High rise what? The leggings were easy and nothing else fit. But I felt gross and frumpy and tired. I didn’t look or feel like me. So I became my own client and that is how my signature method was born. 

Now I get to do what I love every day - help you look good AND feel great. But it’s not just so that you can wear cute outfits. It’s so that you can channel that inner confidence, show up the way you know you were meant to, and live your life, styled. 

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Whether you're totally overwhelmed and not sure how to find clothes that fit and feel like you, or you are just looking for a professional to send you links for a curated wardrobe each season - this is the place. When you join, you get immediate access to 10 short lessons that take you from clueless to confident, and you'll have loads of support available to you, including a private podcast, style coaching, and a private community.

If you're interested in working together 1-on-1 to curate a custom wardrobe, click here to learn more about The Style Service.