Because going to the grocery store or trying to get out the door for work in the morning shouldn’t be so hard…



You’re sick of staring at a closet full of “nothing to wear”

and ordering every “custom” wardrobe subscription box that sends you the same stuff month after month...all of which adds time (and stress) to your day that you don’t have, leaving you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. And guess what? Everyone else can tell…

Your kids can see it as you try to rush them out the door, your husband can tell when you can’t get excited for your date because you don’t even “feel like” you look good enough to go to that special place...and maybe your work just isn’t taking you seriously anymore with that top knot…

From how to dress your exact body type to closet editing  and hand-picking pieces for your everyday needs...I help you find the confidence you need to tackle all of those mom goals, through style from the comfort of your own home.

I’m Jammie! And I help give you the mommy makeover
your closet desperately needs


Your 30 day virtual styling experience, taking you from 3 day old yoga pants to 3 second celebrity status, so you can conquer those mom goals and leave the house feeling confident and ready to tackle the world in a hot second…

 the Mommy Makeover

"Jammie listened to my needs, tailored her services to me personally and delivered great value! I highly recommend her services."


Before & After





"Of course going in to things like this, you just don’t know if and how it’s going to be awkward or uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to expect. I left feeling worthy and acknowledged. It was a great experience."

So how does
it work?

We’ll hop on a quick call to talk about your current wardrobe, frustrations, and mom goals and make sure we’re a good fit. 

Let's get you out the house with style, confidence, and MORE TIME to do all the mom things you need to.

We’ll analyze your body type, create a wardrobe moodboard, and I’ll get to working on curating pieces exclusively for your virtual closet.

Your customized virtual closet is where you can shop hand-picked items for your exact body type, and know what pieces need to be in your closet at all times

1. Fill out the app

2. Identify your style

3. Dress like a pro 

"Jammie has helped me many times over the past couple years. Everything from creating a full package of her services as a gift for my wife to picking out the right clothing for her as a birthday or Christmas present. My wife has had a lot of fun working with Jammie and loves her new wardrobe. She is an exceptional stylist and I recommend her highly."



Your 1 hour style discovery call with me where we’ll brain spill all of your wardrobe and style issues, discover what style means to you, and how to start using it to reach your goals.

minute call


A curated virtual closet packed with only the clothes that showcase your personality, function for whatever your daily task is, and leave you feeling like a celebrity... even if you’re just going to the grocery store. It includes all of my best recommendations tailored to your style needs and exactly where to find them

Virtual Closet


So you can ask me all of your style questions during our 30 days together like “What should I wear tonight?” or “Does this even look good on me?”.

Unlimited Email & Marco Polo Access


A step by step action plan for how to keep your new Momiform up after our time is up.

Style Strategy Guide


Bonus workbooks and guides to keep your style momentum going and so that you get the exact same thought process I’ve walked myself and celebrity clients through.



30 minutes of style coaching before we say goodbye. It's your time to ask me questions, get advice, or just chat all things #momlife. I'm here to wrap up your session, in style.

Farewell Call


And what exactly do I get?

A custom, virtual styling experience taking you from drab to fab in 30 days so you can get dressed in a hot second and walk out the door (or just around the house) with the confidence you need to tackle those everyday goals.

"Jammie is awesome! She really makes you feel good about yourself, while being honest and sending you in the direction you want to go with your style!"


I  want in 


This is for you if:

3 day old yoga pants and dry shampoo just aren’t cutting anymore

You want more respect at work but a topknot is your daily accessory

You’re tired of a closet of “nothing to wear”

You want your man to get butterflies like the old days, but know those 10 year old jammies need to go


Jammie was so easy to work with! She absorbed everything I told her about my preferences, gauged my willingness to consider styles I had not previously tried, and was very successful finding clothes for my challenging proportions.


That's ME