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jammie baker

Hi, I’m Jammie (pronounced Jay-me but will answer to Jam-mie too). I empower on-the-go mamas with confidence to crush their everyday goals through curated wardrobes.

As a former hollywood stylist, I definitely had my share of fun styling on set for people like Kerry Washington and for companies like the NBA, but my heart kept coming back to everyday women, not just celebrities...because hello it was just too hard to actually relate!

And because it’s not just about the dress you wear, but the style that you lead in that dress.

I saw personal stylists and boxed wardrobe deliveries like StitchFix were pressing clients to follow all the “rules” of fashion... and how it was leaving women frustrated with a closet full of “nothing to wear” while also feeling unaccomplished.  

So I ditched the red carpet lifestyle to create a virtual styling business that empowers real women--specifically moms-- to find their unique style and reach goals through my signature Momiform™ program and virtual styling services. 

And now I also have the pleasure of sharing my very honest motherhood journey (#momjeans included) through it all with my sweet littles, Max and Olivia.


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Jammie - Pink lipstick wearer, she’s the queen of multi-tasking but refuses to sacrifice style (or her favorite jean jacket) because she knows it’s the key to any successful day. Loving this mom life, in style.  

Glen, Jammie, Max & Olivia

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