I know it’s been awhile… longer than I expected to be away from here. But life, right? I’m excited to be back and interact with all of you! If you haven’t heard, I had a beautiful (chunky) little one in late June. Olivia Grace is currently napping next to me while Max builds legos. Life is crazy and chaotic but magical at the same time.

This week I’m bringing you a new outfit and my favorite #NSALE finds. Don’t worry, I won’t be telling you to buy the whole store. I actually got super frustrated when shopping because so many of the items I like are sold out or only available in 1-2 sizes. Not cool.

There is SO MUCH happening this Fall, I can’t wait to bring you along and help you to feel confident and live mom life, in style!


shirt          bodysuit          shorts

shoes          necklace


Give me a basic that can be worn all year and I’m SOLD. This oversized chambray has been on repeat for me for the last month. I have been wearing it unbuttoned as a layer with linen shorts and although I have this amazing bodysuit, breastfeeding life has me in a regular tank.

I have also added this white shirt to wear open over outfits. These shirts can also be worn buttoned and tied around your waist!

If you’re an edgy classic style, this necklace is for you, mama.

Looking at this outfit you can easily spot the basics, but did you spot the 3 trends? I’m not one to follow trends for the most part. I like them to be super wearable so I chose the quilted shoe that also has a square toe (and HELLO AFFORDABLE) with the pop of pearl in the necklace. Wearable trends are my jam.

Do you like a subtle or statement trend?



I’m only showing you the pieces that have passed the test of time in my own and my clients closets. Remember that this is a sale and you don’t need to let urgency take over your purchasing decisions. If you NEED the item, great. If you truly want it for fun and you have outfits to pair it with already… awesome. But shopping this sale is not a must.

Most items will come back in stock and go on sale again.

Inside of the Style Society private Facebook group, I’m linking items that members have personally requested. So if you want a more personalized approach to the sale, join us!



black booties          brown booties          pajamas          Spanx leggings

underwear          Zella leggings          joggers




Olivia Grace Baker and her PROUD big brother Max!

So thankful for Lindsey’s amazing talent and capturing this treasure for me! If you haven’t grabbed her presets that make your phone photos look professional… DO IT!

Thank you for having patience with me while I soak up all the cuddles and figure out how to manage a family of 4 while running a business. I appreciate each of you for being here!


Cheers to mom life, in style









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Curating A Closet You Love + Dressing Your Current Body with Confidence (Even in the Summer) with Jammie Baker


Desirae Endres, host of the With Intention Podcast:

Today I talk with personal stylist Jammie Baker about how we can dress our current bodies with confidence. Yes, even in our postpartum, post-kids bodies. We talk all about the process of finding a personal style that works, curating a closet full of clothes that fit our bodies NOW, and how to let go of the ones that don’t. We also talk about actionable and simple steps to getting started, along with tips to getting dressed and feeling confident this summer. I love this conversation because it is full of actionable steps to help you get started today!


Follow along with Jammie:


Jammie’s Website

Free Body Shape Guide


With intention is a podcast about celebrating the beauty that can be found in the ordinary and pursuing intention in every area of our everyday lives.

We’ll talk about relationships, family life, motherhood, work, caring for ourselves, budgeting and intentional spending, minimalism, and everything in between.

Desirae’s Instagram

Desirae’s Website



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xo, jammie


Lina Noe of the Elevate Your Mom Life Podcast:

Jammie is a former Hollywood stylist that pivoted her career and now helps moms live mom life, in style! Jammie and I had a great conversation about the importance of feeling good in our clothes and stop trying to squeeze into a pair of too snug pair of jeans! We talked about the difference in cultures that I can see here in Sweden and she shares about the hot mess mom culture she believes is kind of sad in America.




Find all things Jammie:

Website:  JammieBaker.com

Instagram:  @jammiebaker_

Check out her FREE Body Shape Guide and her famous Momiform™ Method course that will transform your life!

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About the Elevate Your Mom Life podcast:

Are you a mom with a pull on your heart that you were meant for more but find yourself living on auto-pilot in the mundane parts of motherhood, doubting and self sabotaging yourself when you try to go for your dreams..?

Welcome, The Elevate Your Mom-life podcast is created for YOU!!

Here we will talk all about self-love, wellness and ambitious motherhood!

It’s time you get to your next level and Elevate Your Mom-Life!

Find Lina and on Instagram: @elevate.your.momlife and grab your freebies at LinaNoe.com



xo, jammie


Filter Free Podcast:

This week Emily invites Jammie Baker, former Hollywood personal stylist turned “Momiform” method creator onto the podcast to chat all about personal styling and how to navigate that as a busy woman and mom.

Jammie’s mission is to teach moms to live mom life, in style. Watching them walk in confidence, seeing them live that out and how it improves their mental health – in motherhood, in relationships, in their work, and every aspect of their life. Because it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but the life that you lead in those clothes.



Emily and Jammie chat about:

– Body shapes

– 5 Basic Style Types

– Confidence and mental health

– Outfit formulas

– How she pivoted her career as a Hollywood stylist to helping women find themselves through their own style



Jammie’s Spring Style Guide

Jammie’s Body Shape Guide



About the Filter Free podcast:

I’m Emily Odom and I’m a professional hair and makeup artist and even *I* know how overwhelming all of that can be. We’re gonna chat all things beauty just like you would with your best friend over a cup of coffee or glass of wine (no judgment here!) and peel back that ridiculously intimidating curtain of beauty for women. We’ll talk makeup techniques, hair routines, my favorite products, and a whole lot more. Beauty for real women. No rules, no expectations, no filter. This is The Filter Free Beauty Podcast.

Emily’s IG: @emilyeodom

Emily’s Course:  More Than Makeup

xo, jammie

This summer I’m looking forward to a minimal version of the matching set trend: cropped square neck tank and high rise shorts and pants. A pair of slides, simple accessories, and a low bun will make it easy to leave the house looking chic. I’m not usually one for matchy matchy, but this trend got me! My wish list set is the Aura Roma Top and the Florence Shorts paired with these slide sandals from Nordstrom, and accessorizing with these twist hoop earrings and delicate twist cuff.


Matching sets, linen, and gauze… oh my! If you want to be in on the trends but keep it minimal, the matching linen and gauze sets are an easy way to make that happen. I found a budget friendly linen set on Etsy and a cute gauze romper gauze romper from Evereve. This Loft set is cute but selling fast. I love a good matching pant set  like this from Free People as well.

Are you into the matching sets this summer?




Have you heard that inside of the Style Society we start our Summer Style Challenge on July 5th?!


We’re taking 30 of the outfit formulas from the Summer Style Guide and we’re holding each other accountable for a Stylish Summer. 🌞


We’ll be sharing our daily outfits, encouraging each other, and getting inspired by how everyone styles the same outfit formula in their own way!


Want a BEHIND THE SCENES PEEK of the Style Society? Click the image below!


Join the Style Society, grab your Summer Style Guide, binge watch the STYLE MASTERCLASSES + WORKSHOPS, and join the private community where the challenge will take place!



Cheers to mom life, in style



Is your bra so uncomfortable that you can’t wait to rip it off at the end of the day? Maybe things just aren’t the same after having children or breastfeeding? Let’s chat about four ways to know that your bra doesn’t fit you. Then I’m going to teach you some simple tricks on how to lift those #momboobs so they are perky in a bra (even after breastfeeding). Let’s get into it!


  • 1. Straps. Are you always having to adjust your bra strap or are they sliding off your shoulder? If so, your bra does not fit you mama. If you have indents or grooves in your skin after taking your bra off for the day, it’s not working properly. Did you know that 80% of the bra’s support comes from the band? If the straps are the major support for your boobs  – I’m sorry but you’re doing it wrong!


  • 2. Band. If your band is riding up in the back and making the shape of a rainbow, it’s probably too big. Yep, too big. Like I said above, the band holds 80% of the load, so if the band is riding up it’s not fitting you snug enough. Also, for larger chested ladies, a wider band is more beneficial because it better distributes the weight of the breasts. As far as the hooks in the back go, you should be able to wear it on the first, maybe the second set of hooks. The hooks are to move in tighter over time as the bra stretches. So if you’re starting on the last set of hooks to make it tight when you first buy it, it’s too big. 


  • 3. This one is my favorite because you can spot this on anyone, it’s not something that only you notice. I could look into a sea of women at Target and say, “oh she has four boobs, her bra doesn’t fit.” If your breast tissue is spilling outside of your bra and you can pat it above the cup, your cup size is too small. So if your bra is cutting into the middle of your breast and your boobs are popping – and not in a pretty push up way – but your tissue is hanging outside of your bra and it should be inside your cup…it’s too small mama. It’s kind of like underwear. Have you ever seen people who are wearing the wrong underwear because it cuts their butt in half and they have four butts?! We don’t need four butts. We also don’t need four boobs. If you are wearing the proper bra, even with a large chest, you can even wear a v-neck and you won’t be spilling out. 


  • 4. Your bra moves. When you take off your shirt, does your bra ride up or move around? Do you feel like you’re always having to adjust it? If so, it’s not the right bra – it doesn’t fit and you need to get fitted. It’s crazy, but 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Here’s the thing, if you don’t want to go get fitted for a bra because you think you have back fat…no, just no! We ALL have back fat because a bra pushes the tissue up, it’s called skin! But if the band is wide enough, supports, and fits you properly – then the band is working for you, and you’re not going to have any extra “back fat.” 


There’s a myth that bra fittings for women who don’t have big boobs doesn’t matter. It matters SO much! The bra is the foundation just like skincare is to makeup. If you don’t have the proper skincare, your makeup isn’t going to look good, no matter how much you pay for it! You could try on shirts all day and blame the shirt for it gaping in the middle or it not fitting properly…but it’s probably your bra. I know it’s a pain to get fitted and it’s also a pain to spend money on something that nobody is really seeing except for you. I’m telling you it will make the biggest difference in your wardrobe. Getting the right undergarments is one of the easiest fixes to a lot of your wardrobe problems. 


So now for the bra boob lifting trick you’ve been waiting for! I’ve gotten so much great feedback from everyone after chatting about this on The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza – Episode 197. I remember back when I was shown this at Nordstrom…I was like, “you’re kidding, I have to lift up my boobs and smooth them out?!” I was really kind of put off at first, like I’m not that old…I don’t need to be doing this! I did. After breastfeeding I did. It’s a little bit awkward at first, but I’ve been doing it for about four years now, since having Max. 




I’m not a super expert on bras, but we’ll call this trick the Lift & Smooth. Okay, what you want to do when you go to put your bra on is bend over so that all of your breast tissue comes down into the cups. Then finish putting on your bra by hooking it in the back and adjusting the straps properly. Then this is the fun part – you want to take your hand all the way down into the bottom of the cup and pull your breast tissue up. Scoop ALL of it up like a push up bra would! 


So, you’ve put on your bra and you’ve lifted up your breast tissue and you’re wondering why it doesn’t look all smooth and pretty. If your breast tissue is like mine and most of my clients, it’s kind of crepey, or just not as full and dense as it was before pregnancy and breastfeeding. The next step is to stand up straight and take two fingers (your index and middle fingers) from the center of your chest and slide them up towards your armpit, working the tissue to smooth it out. Obviously do this on both sides, then they should stay lifted like this all day and you shouldn’t need to adjust. This works for any bra – wireless bras, sports bras, any bra. I promise you it’s going to make a difference in how your shirts fit.


While this trick is great, my best advice is to get properly fitted for a bra. My favorite place to get fitted is Nordstrom because they have a wide range of brands and sizes. Bras are like jeans. I can wear one cup and band size in one brand, and another cup and band size in another brand. Having someone who really knows the brands and can bring you different types to see what works best for you is great since you might be one size here and one size there. My second favorite place to go for fittings is Soma. Even within one brand they know how each bra fits differently and they can put a bra on you and know that’s the right size, but maybe that style doesn’t work for you. Just like jeans, some women need a higher rise and some need a lower rise or maybe a wider leg, etc. We’re all different! They can fit you in a bra like I could fit you in jeans. So go get fitted at Nordstrom or Soma, stay away from Victoria’s Secret please, it’s just not good. 


If you aren’t ready to go for a fitting, try the Lift & Smooth trick first and see what a difference it makes. It’s kind of like an at home little lift that you don’t have to pay for. Seriously it’s almost like you have new boobs, it’s pretty incredible! Be sure to tag or message me on Instagram @jammiebaker_ and let me know how it worked for you! 




Elizabeth Dall of the Woman of Wellness Podcast:

I brought in a special guest for today’s episode to chat all things personal style.

In this episode we talk about how body size does not affect your ability to have incredible style AND Jammie shares what to do if you’re in a place of feeling like you don’t want to buy clothes UNTIL you lose the weight.

This episode is filled with real strategies to help you make peace with your wardrobe and learn to create your own personal style no matter where you’re at in your journey.

Join Jammie’s personal style course, The Momiform™ Method, to help you gain the foundations for creating a wardrobe you absolutely love! Use the code WELLNESS50 for $50 off the course! I’m even throwing in my bonus Body Love Freedom mini-course to help you feel good and confident in your body today!

If you want ongoing support, live trainings, and coaching with Jammie herself, join The Style Society. An online membership to help you keep showing up confident in your own personal style! Use the code WELLNESS10 to get $10 off your first month!

Take the course:  The Momiform™ Method

You can find Jammie on Instagram:  @jammiebaker_

Find Elizabeth on Instagram at:   @awomanofwellness

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xo, jammie

More info on The Woman of Wellness podcast:

Join Elizabeth, exercise physiologist and women’s nutrition & wellness coach as she shares inspirational (and practical) messages helping women heal their relationship with food, love their bodies, and find joy in exercise and movement.


Every woman has the unique gift of knowing what her body needs and this podcast is dedicated to helping you discover the woman of wellness within. Yes, you can enjoy wellness AND reach your health goals!

Learn more at awomanofwellness.com or come hang out with Elizabeth on Instagram @awomanofwellness

This week I’m giving you a sneak peek 👀 into the SUMMER STYLE GUIDE!

The outfit of the week is one of the 31 outfit formulas that I curated inside of the Summer Style Guide. A little flutter sleeve to stay on trend, an easy everyday elevation with a boho necklace, and comfy wedges, paired with some 4 inch (goodbye denim underwear) mom shorts.

What would it feel like to have your Summer Momiform curated for you?

Join the Style Society to find out!

Your Summer, Styled

How does it work?

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Join the MOM SUMMER STYLE CHALLENGE starting July 5th, 2021 with other mamas looking to elevate their everyday and live mom life, in style

Have more confidence, energy, motivation, and joy. Less frustration and chaos.

Summer style, made simple.


Filter Free Podcast: Episode 10


If you’re a regular around here, you’ve heard of the FILTER FREE PODCAST with my friend, Emily Odom. Emily is a professional hair and makeup artist who teaches everyday women like you and me, to make beauty approachable and doable. She’s great!

I had a chance to sit down and chat with her about:

– Body shapes

– 5 Basic Style Types

– Confidence and mental health

– Outfit formulas

– How I pivoted my career as a Hollywood stylist to helping women find themselves through their own style



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Cheers to mom life, in style

Last week while styling a client she admitted:
“I put comfort over style & I don’t know how to mix the two”.
Can you relate? Do you want an actionable tip to help you combine style + comfort and elevate your everyday?

Let me start by saying that you CAN be stylish + comfortable. As a mom, I for sure value comfort… GOODBYE heels, HELLO sneaks.
Replace the frumpy “go-to” pieces in your wardrobe that you grab strictly for comfort with slightly elevated versions of the same thing.
Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy + just because you want to be comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.
Start by replacing your stretched out yoga pants + gross tee with these super cute bike shorts + buttery soft tee from one of my favorite brands, L & M Co. Add a pop of color with this Everywhere Belt Bag, a statement necklace, and maybe even the sporty sandal trend. Use code JAMMIE10 at L & M Co. for 10% off your purchase.
And just like that… you went from frumpy mom to hot mama.



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I had the honor of being on The Woman of Wellness Podcast with my friend, Elizabeth, this past week. We tackled one of my favorite topics: weight + style.


We bust the myth that weight and size has anything to do with personal style.



If you have been waiting to lose the 10 pounds to make you feel worthy of getting dressed in that cute outfit or allowing thoughts of unworthiness until your “pre-baby” jeans fit… this episode is for you!


Cheers to mom life, in style

swimsuit        coverup        hat        bag

sunscreen        sandals        necklace        necklace

Beach and pool season is HERE 🎉 so this week I’m sharing the CHIC MOM beach look. These classic, neutral pieces might not be for the days where you’re chasing littles at your neighborhood pool but maybe for your next getaway with the girls or staycation with your spouse.

If you’re looking for something to haul #allthethings but a Bogg Bag just isn’t you, the neoprene tote might be just what you’re looking for. The Chloe sandals are on my wish list but these might be more realistic. I love the one shoulder twist on a classic black suit (this one has incredible reviews). And don’t forget… there’s absolutely nothing chic about a sunscreen, lather up!


Image item


Chances are that you might be here because you heard me on Allie’s Podcast.

Allie’s new book, Declutter Like A Mother, comes out later this year but you can help her out by pre-ordering now! It’s a win-win…. you get an amazing book and the more pre-orders she gets, the higher her chances of being on the shelves of Target 🙌



I hope that you enjoy your weekend with your family, celebrating with gratitude, and remembering why we take a day to remember those who fought for our freedom and those who continue to sacrifice for us. 🇺🇸

Cheers to mom life, in style