It can be a STRUGGLE! if you can, you’re not alone! Even I have been guilty of staring at a closet full of nothing to wear. I would settle for an outfit that “worked” but never made me feel great, rinse + repeat, day after day. 


I would shop for a new outfit in hopes that it would magically fix my closet full of nothing to wear. It never ever did. 


The thing is, if you aren’t shopping with intention, you’re wasting time and money. Once I discovered my true personal style and began shopping with intention and a plan, I started to fill my closet with all kinds of outfits! I actually figured out a way to create MORE outfits with less clothes. Kind of wild, right?


But I want the same for you! I want to show you how to curate a closet full of clothes that you LOVE to wear. I want to help you shop with intention and stop wasting time and money on shopping for clothes you don’t love. 


Does your relationship with your wardrobe look a little something like this?









Join the Momiform™ Style Society during this flash sale and get these BONUS offers:



How To Style Jeans

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Shoe pairings and more.



How To Style Spanx Leggings

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Holiday Glam Makeup

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Invite-only access to the community of like-minded women ready to cheer you on and answer questions like, “should I wear the blue top or the black top with these pants to this birthday party this weekend?”. It’s also the education “hub” where we post about new classes, get feedback from me personally and more (see below).


Access to a digital library with over 20+ existing style classes and new ones added monthly – where we teach you everything like:

  • Discovering your body shape and buying clothes that actually fit and flatter you
  • Nailing your work from home look and being zoom ready at all times
  • Bra fitting…because yes, you do really need it
  • Choosing the right accessories, 5-minute makeup routines, how to perfectly style your family photos, choosing colors that look good on you, and 

A Momiform™ member fave and the best part IMHO… Done-for-you lookbooks with shoppable links and outfit recommendations. Think of it as a digital magazine of all my hand-picked pieces for different body types and styles. Flip through the pages, click on what you like, and shop directly from the ease of your phone. No more overthinking online purchases and dealing with the headache of a bajillion returns.







The BEST is yet to come, mama. Cheers to finishing out 2021 in style.



Dressing Your #Mombod with Guest Jammie Baker



Beth, Andrea & Camille, hosts of the Family Looking Up podcast:

Alright mom squad, this episode was so needed! If you’ve been living in the same pair of leggings and oversized t-shirts since becoming a mom, this episode is for you (it definitely is for us too!). Jammie Baker is a former Hollywood stylist turned mother and personal stylist, whose goal is to help moms get dressed and feel better about themselves.

Whatever you’re stage of motherhood looks like, whether you’re a stay at home mom playing with kids on the floor, or a corporate working mother, or your kids are all in school, you can build your own “momiform” and create a simplified wardrobe that works for your busy life but makes you feel really good!

Make sure to listen to this weeks episode to find out how!

And please, share this episode with a mom friend! We all can feel good about what we wear, regardless of what stage of life or size we are in! This episode really helps us learn how to do just that!




We’re about all things family and home. If you’re a mom, and on the verge of jumping off the dryer or overdosing on Diet Dr. Pepper, visit us weekly for some laughter and hope. Learn from our fails and the successes of others. Motherhood is the busiest, messiest, worst paying job that we love…most of the time. We want you to know you’re doing better than you think. When life gets you down, know that your family is looking up!



Instagram:  @familylookingup



I hope you’re liking the weekly outfits, they’re really fun to put together.  You can use them for inspiration when getting dressed, you don’t have to shop the look exactly. Maybe you like bow but hate the shirt? Cool! Style is personal and I want you to keep it that way.

I’m no fashion blogger here to tell you what to wear, my intention is to teach you how to find YOUR personal style and make more outfits with less clothes. Have fun with these outfits each week and find ways to recreate them from your closet.

Outside of creating outfit ideas, I’ve been listening to so many books via audible. I can finish a book so much faster this way and listen while doing otherwise boring house work. Are you into audible or do you prefer to hold the actual book?

Anyway… here’s your weekly edit, I hope you have a fabulous week!


shirt         jeans         shoes

bow         necklace


If Blair Waldorf had an edgy alter ego, she would wear this outfit.

I am loving the menswear inspired loafers right now, they would also be perfect for ankle length trousers to the office. And if you have been wanting to style a white button down but you’re also a boxy top kind of girl, this version pairs perfectly with a high waisted bottom! A little half tuck to bring in the waist and you’re good to go.

Outfit juxtaposition is so much fun and it’s one of my favorite ways to show two sides of personal style. Pairing this necklace with distressed jeans gives the outfit more of a luxe feel.

Use code: JAMMIEFREESHIP with your Properly Buttoned order for free shipping!

I wear my Properly Buttoned jewelry with my athleisure to elevate the overall look and never feel like I’m on the way to the gym when really… I never go there! Don’t be afraid to wear your “special” pieces on a regular Tuesday. Life is a special occasion, dress for it!











TOMORROW inside of the Style Society, I’m hosting a HAPPY HOUR. Pour your favorite drink, put on your comfy clothes, and join us for a group Q&A and style session. It’s your opportunity to ask me anything!

Are you still confused about your body shape? Do you have something in your closet that you don’t know how to style? Do you need help picking an outfit for an event? Want to know what trend works best for you and how to wear it? This is YOUR time to ask your stylist!

There’s also a replay you can catch inside of the style bar when you binge the rest of the season’s videos. Because… OF COURSE you’re a member! I can’t have you walking through Fall with FOMO and without a Fall Style Guide. Obviously. Our official 30 day style challenge starts later this month too!

Come hang out with us!





I recently chatted with Candice Smith on NBC12 About Town Today about The Momiform™, which is a uniform for moms, and the system I created to make getting dressed easy. It takes just as much time to get dressed in a cute outfit as it does to get dressed in a frumpy one…yes, really!


Moms often fall into thinking that we have SO much going on that we don’t matter and end up being last when it comes to some of our basic needs. My system makes it easy and fun while also giving a huge confidence boost that has a ripple effect into every other aspect of your life.


The Momiform™ is a curated wardrobe for you to live mom life, in style. 


Jammie Baker on NBC12 About Town Today


Do you struggle with making new outfits out of the clothes you already own?


Do you get frustrated when someone says, “shop your closet” first, because you have “nothing to wear”?


I want to help you make a closet full of clothes to wear! To do that, we have to create a cohesive wardrobe, which is basically just a chic and more fancy way of saying mix and match. To be able to have confidence, you need to have confidence when it comes to creating an outfit.




It’s easy to copy someone else’s outfit, right? How many times have you swiped up on Instagram and bought an influencer’s outfit, got it home and realized it doesn’t look the same on you or you don’t know how to style it? No more of that mama!



Let’s start by shopping your own closet and creating an outfit formula that works for you. When in doubt, go back to the basics, mama! So the basics of an outfit formula are starting with a basic top, a basic bottom, a layer, shoes, and accessories to create your personal style.


Elevated basics are my thing. A “basic” is something that you can create a lot of outfits out of. It’s like a canvas. You can easily swap out 1-2 pieces and create a whole different look! Changing up the layer, shoes and accessories can also dress the look up or down. If you wanted to change the formula to wear a romper, jumpsuit, or dress – you simply swap that out in place of the basic top and basic bottom.


Accessorizing is such a fun way to bring out your personal style. Whether you love classic minimal accessories like dainty gold jewelry, or making a bigger statement with big colorful earrings or a necklace…DO YOU BOO. Show the world who you are by expressing yourself with jewelry, headbands, hats, scarves, belts – all of the things!


By using the same basic, and then switching out the layers, shoes and accessories, you have almost endless looks you can create! Make it simple mama!


Moms make something like 30,000 decisions in one day. Let this decision be something that brings simplicity and confidence to your day. We start out our days in our closet, so if we start our day with negativity, frustration, and overwhelm it has a domino effect for the rest of our day. Whereas if getting dressed is simple, effective, fun, brings joy and confidence…your day is going to have a different kind of domino effect.


Click here to watch the segment on NBC About Town Today 


Save this post for the next time you get stuck finding something to wear.

Let me know if you try these tips!

What do you struggle with most when it comes to creating your perfect outfit formula?

Want more style tips? Sign up to receive The Momiform™ Edit weekly emails!

Talk soon mama.





Finding Your Unique Style as a Mom with Jammie Baker


Sarah Dalton, host of the Your Simply Big Life podcast:

Have you ever walked into your closet FULL of clothes and thought to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”?
Yep- me too- been there!

Good news! My new friend Jammie Baker is here to help us all! All the mamas out there who want to feel GOOD in our clothes, but we’re not sure where to start.

The latest podcast episode is for you, really, it’s for us! I kinda can’t get enough of Jammie.

I had so many aha moments and a million takeaways from this conversation, here are a few:

1. Getting dressed everyday is not about the clothes, its about the mindset and the confidence, and the life we lead while wearing the clothes!

2.  We are worthy of feeling good everyday.

3.  How to embrace a transition wardrobe.

Her message and mission and method (all the m’s) could not be more in alignment with designing a simply big life that you love!! Ahhh can’t wait for you to listen! And as always, connect with Jammie and let us know what you think of the episode.

Jammie (pronounced Jay-me but will answer to Jammy too), is an enneagram seven, she lives in Virginia with her husband, 3 year old son, and newborn baby girl. Jammie is a former Hollywood stylist who pivoted her career after realizing how difficult it was to navigate style postpartum herself.

She realized that too many moms were frustrated with closets full of nothing to wear, so she created a business to serve them and help them get dressed.

Jammie empowers busy moms with confidence to crush their everyday goals through curated wardrobes. Because it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but the life that you lead in those clothes.

Connect with Jammie:

Instagram:  @jammiebaker


Free Body Shape Guide:  Download it HERE!

The Momiform™ Method:

The Momiform™ Method, is a personal style course for moms. We break down your style roadblocks, determine your signature style, learn how to dress for your lifestyle, do a closet edit, and put together your ideal outfit formulas to curate your Momiform™ so that you have a personal style roadmap to getting dressed every day. Look into the course HERE.

Style Society:

Style Society is a membership where a community of real moms come together to dive deeper and live mom life, in style. This is more of a continuing education after the course. You get a seasonal style guide, a video collection of style tips and solutions for all the #momlife things that come up, monthly masterclasses and workshops with guest speakers, as well as a group live Q&A with me, your personal stylist! Check out the membership HERE.

Your Simply Big Life is all about simplifying and creating space to live a life you are excited to wake up to! You’re in the right place If you have ever felt frustrated and defeated after a long day of doing ALL the things, but still feel like you didn’t actually accomplish anything.

My mission is to help women uncomplicate every area of life from your calendar to your home. It’s time to become the CEO of your life and reclaim your time and energy!

Connect with Sarah:

IG:  @your_simplybiglife

Facebook Group:  Your Simply Big Life


This week I scratched the outfit and decided to share 5 Amazon dresses for your Fall family photos. I’m knee deep in styling Fall sessions for Lindsey’s clients and it’s my absolute favorite type of session to style. If you are looking for a budget friendly, warm (color), boho(ish), dress that ships fast… this post is for you!


If you’re looking for a full class where I team up with Lindsey, a professional photog and teach all about styling your family photos, we recently taught a class on this inside of the STYLE SOCIETY and it comes with a full style guide. The guide is full of tips and tricks, as well as where to shop, with links to all of my faves.


You’ll catch the class inside of the style bar when you binge the rest of the season’s videos, right? Because… OF COURSE you’re a member! I can’t have you walking through Fall with FOMO and without a Fall Style Guide. Obviously. Our official 30 day style challenge starts later this month too!

rust          green          beige

print          mustard

These warm neutrals are perfect for Fall backgrounds in your family photos. I’ve learned that a flowy dress photographs like magic and you just can’t go wrong with them! The beige dress is my favorite for postpartum mamas, it fits perfectly in all the right places.



Pick out your dress FIRST. If mom looks and feels good, the whole family is better off! It’s much easier to pick clothes for the rest of the gang, so start with YOU. The perfect dress will serve as a great canvas for your littles outfits.











I’m moving on October 1st so I haven’t pulled out a single Fall decoration… YET! But I’ve got a few things ready to refresh my fall decor once we move in. I love a neutral doormat and I’m already diffusing this Pumpkin Spice oil, yum! A wheat wreath is also happening.


I’m also grabbing some trends like a pair of loose fit jeans (postpartum dream) a neutral flannel and some Dr. Martens. Hi, I’m a 90’s kid that is loving the comeback. Forget Hocus Pocus and spooky season, anyone want to watch Empire Records and Reality Bites with me? Gimmie all the 90’s fashion inspo. You?



Inside of the Style Society, we’re digging into Fall Trends and how to add them to your wardrobe without overwhelm. There’s a live Q&A after the class and I’m excited to help you create trendy looks that are actually wearable and mom life friendly!

See you in class, mama!






Things are cooling off and fall is officially here! With those cooler temps comes jacket and sweater weather. I recently contributed to an article in Prevention Magazine and shared a few of my favorite jean jackets!

When shopping for jean jackets, consider the wash and color. Think of how you would buy jeans based on the season. I tend to recommend light wash in the spring and summer, and a medium to darker wash in the fall and winter. And I like to have a few because you can never go wrong with having a classic jean jacket and a distressed one for an edgier look.






Denim jackets will never go out of style and that’s something we’re sure will stay true forever! Which is why you’ll definitely want to add this top-rated Madewell jacket to your collection. It comes in a lunar wash (black) and gives off a clean and tailored look.


The Jean Jacket by Madewell in Lunar Wash


My all-time favorite edgy jean jacket is the Merly from Able. It’s distressed, feels super soft, and has an overall relaxed fit, which is great. The jacket also comes in a faded wash, with ripped detailing, and has a slightly dropped arm, making it the perfect mix of vintage tomboy and feminine.


The Merly Jacket by Able


The denim jacket from H&M is by far the most budget friendly of them all.


Denim Jacket at H&M


The medium wash Rowan jacket has a worn-in feel that gives it a comfortable fit and nice shape. The double button cuffs prevent the sleeves from constantly rolling down your arms. Scrunching your sleeves creates a whole different look, as well as simply wearing it over your shoulders, instead of putting it on all the way.


The Rowan Jacket by PAIGE


For the classic style girl, this J.Crew jacket is for you! My go-to formula for dressing down an outfit, like a dress or a skirt, is to add a denim jacket and fashion sneakers…its so cute.


Classic Denim Jacket at J.Crew


You can click and shop right from the photos in this blog post. A big thank you to Shauna Beni for sharing my thoughts in Prevention Magazine. Want to read the full article? Click here to check it out!


Get even more style tips delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for the weekly Momiform™ Edit!


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Hey mama! We’re somewhere between pumpkin spice cold brew and blanket scarf season, so… what do you wear?

I’m so glad you asked! Fall transition season is my favorite to dress for! I recently taught a class on this inside of the STYLE SOCIETY and I wanted to give you a sneak peek into building an outfit formula for this in between season.

You’ll catch the class inside of the style bar when you binge the rest of the season’s videos, right? Because… OF COURSE you’re a member! I can’t have you walking through Fall with FOMO and without a Fall Style Guide. Obviously.







One way to transition into Fall is with your nail polish. I love this color from my favorite polish line! And I would also add these sunnies to the look.

If you’re looking for more tips on putting together outfits, start with my free class, Mom Style School. You will learn how to create new outfits with the clothes you already own!


shirt          shorts          boots

hat          necklace          nail polish






Grab the Momiform™ Method for only $197 (regularly $247) AND get the FREE group style session bonus when you purchase the course with this Fall Flash Sale!


– get dressed quickly everyday,

– feel put together and comfy in the clothes you wear,

– and create a sustainable wardrobe (not just buying one-off outfits that still leave you saying “I have nothing to wear”)


You have to know:

1. Your story.

You have to know WHY you want to get dressed everyday. Is it so your little girl sees you showing up more confident and believes she can be too? Are you  hiding from photos and want to make more memories with your kids? Whatever it is, it’s crucial that you know and cling to this for days when you just don’t feel like getting dressed or showing up your best self.

2. Your style.

Your style is so much more than the pins you have saved to a style board. not everything you love will look good on you and if it doesn’t look good on you, you won’t wear it..or you will and you’ll be uncomfortable all day. You need to be guided by your tastes to express yourself and have fun getting ready but also keep in mind a couple other things like… how to flatter your unique body shape.

3. Your shape.

Knowing your shape helps you choose and use the right pieces to create a more flattering silhouette,not look bigger than you really are, or draw attention to the areas you’re trying to minize.

4. Your size.

Inseams, torsos and shoulder width matter. When you know the sizes of the body parts that matter most in shopping you can minimize online returns and quit walking around adjusting your pants all day. Say good bye to muffin tops for good with the right fit!

5. Your season.

Bodies change and lifestyles shift. This is why knowing this (combined with the other elements of the Momiform™ methodology makes a sustainable style that makes you want to get dressed everyday. Identifying your season and unique mom lifestyle needs helps you shop smarter, love what you wear, and show up as your most confident self.



Grab the Momiform™ Method for only $197 (regularly $247) AND get the FREE group style session bonus when you purchase the course with this Fall Flash Sale!




Dress for Mom Life with Confidence with Celebrity Stylist Jammie Baker



Kris Dovbniak, Host of The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast:

Do you know how to dress in a way that makes you feel good– and fits your mom life? If you’re anything like me, years of struggles with body image and an ever-changing body with chronic dieting, pregnancy and postpartum meant finding my style and dressing with confidence felt impossible– I didn’t know what my body shape was, let alone how (and why) to dress in a way that feels good when going about my busy day as a working mom- and what about date night and special occasions? Finding celebrity stylist turned creator of the Momiform Method™️ (and mom of two herself) Jammie Baker was a GAME changer.

In this episode, Jammie and I talk about how to dress for your shape- no matter what season you’re in, how to dress with confidence without breaking the bank and how to make it work for your busy mom life. Get ready to get excited to get dressed!



Living a healthy balanced life as a mom can sometimes feel impossible- but it doesn’t have to be. Join holistic health coach and trained chef Kristin Dovbniak as she shares insights and expert conversations on eating, moving and living a healthy balanced mama life.



Connect with Kris:



Connect with Jammie:




Links Mentioned:

The Momiform™ Style Society

The Momiform™ Method Course

FREE Body Shape Guide for Moms



LISTEN: Listen on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher | Listen on Google Play | Listen on Spotify

It can be hard to stay motivated to get dressed when you work from home, amirite? You want to be comfy, occasionally justify the sweatpants with the excuse that “nobody sees you” (not true), and it’s hard to find outfits that are comfy enough but also put together and confidence boosting.


Steal this outfit formula:




Add a classic, simple accessory, slides, some tinted sunscreen (yes you need it indoors to block the computer’s blue light), and you’ll rock your WFH day.



As much as I love to share outfit formulas with you, I also love sharing other tips + things I love that help simplify and elevate life. 3 things to help keep you grounded, organized, and healthy this back to school season:

My morning routine must have: Prayer journal (currently 20% off on pre-sale)

Organizing allll of that paperwork for the kids: 

Use these custom (and affordable) boxes

Back to school vitamin stock up: I swear by MRO for the whole fam bam.


blazer          cami          pull on trouser

shoes          earrings          skin tint


If you haven’t been introduced to a pair of magical pull on trousers, you need to change that! Pull on trousers have the structure of a regular work trouser but the comfort band of joggers. Every WFH mama needs them.

Dress this outfit down by swapping out the slides for sneakers and the blazer for a denim jacket or trendy shacket.

Wear them with a sweater (half tucked), a pair of heels, and a statement earring to your next girls night.

Always make sure you have 3 ways to wear something before buying. Make your wardrobe work for you, you already worked so hard to buy it.



Join me for class THIS WEEK and you’ll walk away knowing how to create outfits from your closet (without shopping) and two simple tips for dressing for your shape.

It’s going to FUN and jam packed with stye tips for moms. See you in class!



Cheers to mom life, in style