Let’s be clear…I’m not talking about gym shoes, trainers, whatever you wear to hop on a treadmill or go for a jog- those are not what we’re covering here. We’re stepping outside of workout gear and athleisure and stepping into a trend that’s huge for Fall 2019. 



Some of my favorites are: Converse, Golden Goose, Halogen Slip Ons, and Adidas Shell Toe












Blouse (or tee)

Denim jacket



I think we are so used to scenarios like this: dresses go with heels and wedges, sweats and leggings go with sneakers. Right? We can change that… THANK GOODNESS because since having max and getting older I’m just not into heels very often. Mom life is more cozy when styled in sneaks!


If you are looking for ways to style your sneaks with athleisure outfits, you can find tips HERE



Maxi Dress

Denim Jacket



Swing Dress




Sequin Pencil Skirt

Chambray Top



Distressed Denim

Graphic Tee





Leather Jacket




Lace Cami

Suede Jacket



Faux leather leggings




Faux leather leggings


Denim Jacket



Think of sneakers as your new fashion bff this Fall and Winter. They’re bridging the gap between gym clothes and elevated everyday– so that you can live MOM LIFE, IN STYLE.


I’ve also created a catalog and lookbook so that you can have a visual tool to help you create some of these outfits. Use the catalog to shop the looks or simply to inspire you to shop your closet and recreate your own looks using the basic outfit formulas.


how to style sneakers


If you haven’t grabbed your Fall Style Guide, don’t forget to do that before it’s too late. Take some of the looks from the guide and swap out booties for sneakers!


mom outfits for fall


If you wear any of these looks or are inspired by them, make sure to take a pic and tag me on Instagram! I would love to see your Momiform™ sneaker style.






momiform style


Fall is here and I LOVED finding styles for the whole family! The idea of mommy and me style is so cute but I wanted to include dad as well, so this segment has a little bit for everyone! Mini me style doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, it can be coordinating and still cute! Dad and daughter, mom and son– watch to segment to find something for everyone!


fall family style

You shop all of the looks in my MINI ME, FAMILY STYLE CATALOG


If you are looking for ideas to style your family photos this Fall or maybe even just want to dress alike for a family outing, you’re sure to find some ideas here and you can also check out my Family Photo Style Tips video for even more style tips and tricks.


mommy and me style

A behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to bring a bunch of kids into the studio! 🙂 They were so much fun, this had to be my favorite segment to date. A few of the kids were nervous about how they were going to get “in” the tv 🙂


family style ideas

I loved being able to bring my little family along for the ride. This was Max’s second time on TV (you can see his debut HERE on my sister’s tv show in Austin, TX).


And now for the good stuff! I’ve partnered with KEVA STYLE on a fun giveaway! Aren’t these earrings and bracelets the PERFECT addition to your Fall Momiform™. These mama’s look fabulous rocking Keva Style!



I’m celebrating all of you mamas out there with a giveaway with my friends at KEVA Style. Founded by two moms who met at their children’s bus stop, each jewelry piece is made by hand in Richmond, VA.

One lucky person will win a $100 gift card to shop the entire KEVA collection at

It’s Easy to Enter: Just head over to THIS POST on Instagram and follow the prompts in the caption. Good Luck, mama!

One lucky winner will be chosen at random on October 25th and will be notified via Instagram DM.

Handmade in Richmond, Virginia, KEVA was founded by two moms who’s goal is to inspire confidence and beauty into the world. Lightweight. Bold Style.

If you’re like me and just can’t wait to shop and need those earrings, like… NOW:
Use code: JAMMIE4KEVA at checkout when shopping on  and enjoy 15% off your purchase
*Offer cannot be combined with any other offer


If you haven’t grabbed you MOMIFORM™ FALL STYLE GUIDE  make sure you don’t miss out!


mom outfits for fall





FALL IS HERE!! I don’t know about you but I’m READY for sweater weather! It’s that time of year where we put away the shorts and pull out the layers. I’m here for it. But I also know that creating a Fall Momiform that you LOVE can be quite the task. That’s where the guide comes in! And did I mention that it’s FREE.99? It’s true. Totally FREE, mama.


You can Grab your guide to get tips and tricks about Fall style as well as shop my tried and true Fall Basics recommendations for living mom life, in style. This season I even included a style video that you can watch to learn how to put together outfits with the items I share in the lookbook.


mom outfits for fall


I hope you have fun with the guide and if you wear any of the items and/or outfits, I hope that you will remember to tag me on the ‘gram! I’d love to see it and share with the other mama’s.


I also created a video resource all about dressing for Fall Family photos. If you missed it, you can catch that HERE.


If you’re the athleisure type, I recently gave some tips and tricks on how to fight the frump and create stylish outfit combos with your athleisure style. I also included a curated lookbook where you can shop my favorite leggings and layers. You can watch that video HERE.


If the temps are still super warm where you live, you can find some great transition tips and outfits on THIS POST


Creating outfit inspiration for everyday mom life, is my jam. From the board room to the soccer field, I’m here for you, mama! I hope that this guide helps to inspire you to show up as your best this season, feel confident, and maybe go on a few date nights. Oh and don’t forget to GET IN the pictures, mama– not just take them.


momiform style




Gone are the long lazy days of Summer, the throw on a pair of shorts and see what the day brings kind of style, and thankfully- the heat so intense that it makes you want to hide. The cool temps aren’t quite here yet, but our schedules are full of fresh starts and Fall activities, so what are we to wear?

Learning how to style outfits from Summer into the Fall season can be fun, simple, and budget friendly. From small changes like a deeper colored nail polish or lipstick to bigger changes like layering and wearing boots- there are so many options! My recent segment shows four outfits and how to take them from Summer to Fall.


5 simple fall style tips




  1.  Repurpose your Summer basics like tank tops, denim shorts, and kimonos. Simply add a touch of texture, a pop of deep   color, or a light layer.


2. Swap out your Summer shoes. It’s not time for full on knee high boots yet, but a pair of booties with your denim cutoffs                  instead of sandals will elevate and update your look for the season.


3. Use accessories to pull in Fall trends. Plum statement earrings, chunky stacks of bracelets, layers of mixed metals… this                one is really fun, easy, and a lot more budget friendly than a new wardrobe.


4. If it’s still too hot for layers where you live, try a bralette in a deep Fall hue or a dress in a dark floral pattern.


5. Put away the straw bags and clear totes until next year. Pull out those leather crossbody bags or a pretty suede clutch.                   This adds Fall style without adding warmth to your outfit!



*use code: JAMMIE10 for 10% off of your entire purchase at FOR POSH SAKE


mom style for fall


snakeskin dress | necklace | bracelet | bracelet | booties


momiform fall style


striped tee | corduroy dress | booties | necklace | earrings | bag

blush jacket | tank | skirt | earrings | necklace | booties | bracelet | bag

Jumpsuit | earrings | sneakers | necklace | bracelet | jacket | bag 



find your mom style


I would stand in front of my closet, staring at all of the clothes but still feeling as though I had nothing to wear. As the piles of outfits that didn’t work mounted beneath me, so did my frustration level. Cue the negative self talk brought on by memories of what used to be. That fit me when I was smaller, when I had a job to go to, when I did fun things outside of the house and when I had plenty of time to get ready. Before I wasted anymore time, I would settle for leggings and another tee, I guess mom life is what it is. Frumpy. Settling for a below average confidence wardrobe and hit the road. 


I was 36 when I had Max oh HEYYYY geriatric pregnancy and super slow metabolism. Everything changes when you have a baby. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that line…


But it’s true isn’t it? And it’s something that I didn’t understand until it happened to me. 


My body grew and then it… deflated? That seems like the most appropriate description. I had great boobs and round booty. Then I had huge boobs and a somewhat large behind. Now I have awkward shaped boobs and a pretty sweet pair of blegs (butt and legs that have melted together as one). It’s fine. 


There’s so much solidarity in the hot mess express of motherhood and I’m pretty sure that I fit right in- if not became the captain of the train for a quick second there. I’ve encountered a lot of mama’s who told me that my life would now consist of top knots, dark circles, leggings, and MAYBE a shower on a good day. Motherhood is to equal chaos, we’re supposed to band together in our frumpy wardrobes with our cold coffee because… TIRED. Is 3pm too early for wine? It’s like a competition for who can look the worst, be the most tired, and drink wine the earliest. Sex and date night? Wait, what are those again? 


creating my momiform



Since when did settling for survival mode become an invisible trophy that moms across America are fighting for?

What if there’s more to mom life than that? Can we actually thrive, (gasp) enjoy motherhood, and look good doing it? Can we get through the day showered, not needing a glass of wine, and possibly connecting with our spouse before collapsing into bed with a “headache”?


I wanted to get to that place but where did it start? My closet.


Style is often the last thing to catch up with a new lifestyle, especially transitioning into motherhood. I knew this from years of working with new moms, overhauling their wardrobes to match their new lifestyle. But it wasn’t until I was faced with that same scenario that I truly understood.  

After too many mornings wasted trying to find something to wear from this pre mom bod wardrobe, frustration levels high, body image squashed, elusive confidence, and cold coffee I knew I needed a change. 

Were there jeans with enough compression and stretch to give leggings a run for their money? Could I really pull together an outfit for date night that made me feel sexy again? 

It would be easier to just stay aboard the hot mess express, wouldn’t it? Do I really want to stand for something that goes against society’s norm? I knew I would be judged for being selfish or materialistic. But really, how does mama pour from an empty cup? She doesn’t. She can’t, and anyone telling you that they do is lying. 


creating a momiform

And so the journey to find my new sense of personal style began.


It took me several months and a lot of trial and error to find my style, to curate a cohesive wardrobe that worked for my life. There is no magic pill for instant style. I had to do the WORK.


5 tips for finding your mom style


5 Tips For Finding Your Mom Style:



This doesn’t happen overnight, but I started to practice gratitude towards my body. I grew and birthed a human, I’m not who I was but I became excited about who I was becoming. I started to appreciate how my body served me and my family. I began to move more instead of complaining about it’s imperfections. I started to realize that I could be content while improving. 



I remember the days of lazy mornings and nobody to take care of but me. Motherhood changed all of that. I’ve always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person and I have to FIGHT not to be like that now (I’m not near perfect at this). Finding a routine for my mornings before Max wakes up is a game changer. It took time but I found a workout I love, a hairstyle and makeup routine that work for me- getting ready before Max wakes up instead of waiting to see if I can fit a shower into my day makes me SO MUCH more productive- not to mention I am more likely to get out and do fun things, not be embarrassed at the grocery store or when the UPS guy comes to the door. 



Chaos causes overwhelming anxiety, depression, frustration, anger… ALL THE THINGS. There were clothes that I would never wear again, heels far too tall, jeans much too low. Old memories of a different, smaller, and less squishy body causing negative self talk. I packed up the pre baby life outfits for good. 



You know who I would love to be like? One of those instagram moms who is ALWAYS perfectly put together. Their playdate outfits rival my GNO ensembles. But as I did the work to define my style I realized something- I had to set my own expectations. I’m not willing to chase my boy at the park in full makeup and wedges, nor do I want to. It sounds nice in theory but it wasn’t what I TRULY wanted for my life. I know that as the seasons of motherhood change so will my style, but for now it’s less wedges and more sneakers. Style is personal and I know that if I compared myself to the internet too often, I would be setting myself up for failure by trying to copy what someone else does instead of defining what I think is cool for myself. 



There is no ultimate list, no one size fits all, no trend to get FOMO over. Signature style is personal, it’s authentic, it’s here for the long haul.I had to figure out what message I wanted to communicate when I got dressed. I wanted to be a mom who respected herself and took my job of care taking seriously, I wanted to be a business owner who meant business but still showed her edgy style and a little bit of sass, I wanted to be the wife that still had fun and felt sexy with her husband.  I knew that if I wanted to curate a wardrobe that worked for my lifestyle, it would take time, trial and error, and intention. 


I found that I love the way good quality high waisted denim makes me feel, I know what silhouettes and styling tricks (hello half tuck) help create proportion. I began to understand the need for machine washable fabrics and kitten heels. Instead of wishing I could carry the cute purse everybody else was- I splurged on the super cute diaper bag and invested in a nice work tote for days I don’t have Max. 


It was working, my mornings got better.


Life was changing, I could feel it. I started to feel like ME again. Not like the old me, she isn’t who I want to be anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I had to lose myself in motherhood. I wasn’t on the train anymore, I found a better way. I knew that if I wanted a better life that I would have to dress up, show up, and create it. I could have spent more years of my life wishing I could have fun and flirty date nights again while sitting on the couch in my sweats OR I could find an outfit that made me feel confident and sexy while enjoying a night out with hubs. 


I’m now at a point where getting dressed is actually enjoyable again. I know how I want to feel and which outfits will make me feel that way on any given day. I’ve curated my own Momiform™  and from that experience I’m able to help moms like you create their own too. I genuinely love what I do, yeah I get to help moms shop which is fun and all but the true joy comes from the stories I hear after, stories I can relate to. 


finding my mom life style


We’re in this together! 


Studies Show that there is a link between getting dressed and confidence and production levels. Similar to the study on making the bed each morning (which I also practice). So the more frumpy a woman dresses, the lower the confidence levels and higher the stress. 

Look better, feel better do better. Style is a tool to get what you want in life. 

Having style after motherhood is attainable. Curating a closet full of clothes you love to wear is a real experience. And it’s an experience I want you to have. You can thrive, you can be confident, productive, and show up as your best self for you and your people. That’s why I created the Momiform™ Style Guides. A free resource for you to start your style journey and build your dream Momiform™.


Pin for later

create a momiform


Are you ready to hop off of the hot mess express and join me in a new style journey? Make sure to join the other mama’s on this journey and get on the Stylish Mom List! This post is a the first in a series of 8 simple steps to finding your mom style!


stylish mom list




NSALE Guide for moms


To download a PDF version of this guide with links you can do that HERE 



If you’re new to the sale, it’s Nordstrom’s annual Anniversary Sale. They offer new Fall styles at up to 40% off in limited quantities. Some of the items are an amazing deal, some aren’t. Shop carefully. The sale opens to Nordstrom card holders TODAY (July 12th) and will open to the public on July 19th.

There’s a lot of noise out there around the #NSALE so I wanted to be sure that my guide to you was carefully curated instead of oversaturated with a lot of items you don’t need. The goal is not to add to a closet full of nothing to wear but to intentionally shop for the holes in your Momiform™.

As a former Nordstrom Stylist and Professional Stylist for over 10 years, I think I’m pretty successful at picking out the good stuff. I made sure to stay middle ground of prices instead of adding a lot of designer. If designer pieces and jewelry are in your budget and you would like to see a few curated choices in the lookbook, please reach out and I would be happy to add that. If I had to choose ONE designer piece it would be a MICHELE Watch and (ok, that’s two) a pair of Vince leather leggings because BUTTER.

I hope that you enjoy the guide, share it with a mama friend, and use it for some serious Fall motivation. I know it’s hard to do when temps can be crazy high and the last thing you want to think about is putting on a sweater!


When you click the individual photos in my top 10 picks, you will be brought to that specific item on the Nordstrom site. If you are looking to shop all of my looks and how to style them, make sure to click the link SHOP button or any of the photos on page four. This will bring you to my curated lookbook where you can find items to complete your Fall momiform.

Under the section FINDS you will find the single items by category:





Under the section LOOKBOOK you will find different outfits for ELEVATED EVERYDAY and WEAR TO WORK.



The notes under each item in the FINDS section! I give you my thoughts, styling tips, and have noted why I play favorites with a few of the items.

NSALE Style guide for moms

NSALE style guide for moms

cardigan | dress | black booties | jeans | leggings | mules | jumpsuit | jacket |leopard booties | tan booties


NSALE guide for moms

nsale momiform guide for moms


To download a PDF version of this guide with links you can do that HERE 

If Fall isn’t your jam yet and you’re still looking for Summer Styles, there’s a GUIDE for that too!


Happy NSALE shopping, mama!


momiform style


One of the most asked questions in my inbox is: “how do I layer delicate necklaces?”. I LOVE this question because it’s really so easy to answer! Summer is here and none of us want to add that “third piece’ layer to our outfits. So how do we look pulled together? Accessories!



If you’re new to accessorizing, totally clueless, or you’re starting over with rebuilding your accessory wardrobe– there are 4 basics that I recommend starting with:

  1. Statement Earrings
  2. Long Delicate Necklace
  3. Short Delicate Necklace
  4. Bracelet



Don’t worry about matching metals or wearing the wrong pieces. This is fashion, it’s supposed to be fun and the goal is never perfection. Grab any of the 4 pieces listed above and you have your start. Wear just these 4 pieces and you will pull an outfit together in a jiffy! Whether you are wearing jeans and a tee or a dress, these pieces add the finishing touch to make you look pulled together.

If you want to add more, don’t be afraid to! You can add a mid length necklace (or 2) and a whole stack of bracelets to create an arm party. Mix textures, shapes, metals, colors, and sizes to look like a pro. No matchy-matchy here.

They key to success with accessories is confidence. Don’t let them wear you, you wear them! If you aren’t comfortable with what you have on, people will notice. And mama, nobody has time for discomfort anyway. I love that the Stella and Dot options are lightweight so that I never feel uncomfortable- especially when it comes to statement earrings.


how to layer dainty necklaces




My earrings

Pam’s earrings

My Necklace

Pam’s Necklace

My Bracelet

Pam’s Bracelet 


If you want to browse for more, I highly recommend you check out the site via the button below. I have a soft spot for their Dress for Success line and soft tees.

accessorizing your momiform


momiform style




I had a blast with Bill and Jessica on Virginia This Morning chatting about Summer Styles and what to pack for your next vacation or boating adventure. I’m usually on the show to chat about style for women but my sweet hubs got to model an outfit for the boys and we had a blast.



Vacations are relaxing but packing can be anxiety inducing… nobody needs that. Start your packing prep by creating a shopping list. What does each day look like and what will you need to wear for each scheduled activity? Knowing this in advance helps to make your shopping intentional and prevent leaving anything behind. The key to dressing for Summer weather is fabrics that are light and comfortable and then layer with accessories instead of that “third piece” that pulls together and outfit the rest of the year!


summer outfit ideas




Create versatility with a cohesive vacation wardrobe. Make sure that your outfits can be mixed and matched. Can you wear the wedges with your dress one day and then sandals the next? A light linen jacket is a good idea for layering if you are having dinner on the water or get chilly in the air conditioning.


Try pack outfits that can easily be transitioned from day to night. A romper is a great example of this. Slip it on over your swimsuit during the day and then pair it with wedges, a bralette, and statement earrings for dinner.



I love the options from Southern Tide. Both the shorts and shirts are quick dry and can be worn day to night. For daytime simply pair the shorts with a tee and sandals. At night– add a belt, some Sperry’s and a collared shirt.


summer outfits




Shop the Looks Featured on Virginia This Morning

use code: JAMMIE10 for 10% off of your FOR POSH SAKE purchase


simple summer style


Have you grabbed your SUMMER STYLE GUIDE yet?


summer style for moms


momiform style



Summer Style Guide For Moms



The 2019 Summer Style Guide is HERE! All of the tips and tricks you’ll need to get dressed and out the door, in a jiffy. I’m here to help you simplify your Summer Outfit Formulas, link you to my current FAVORITE shorts that are under $20, and let you in on all of my pro tips so that you can live mom life, in style.

No matter how you will be spending your casual Summer days + nights, I’ve got you covered. From playdates and Target runs to beach days and date nights. There’s something in here for everyone. My favorite beauty products, SPF, and Summer books are also included as little bonus.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook where I will be showing up and hosting weekly STYLE SESSIONS. I’ll also be answering all of your Summer style questions, giving you outfit ideas, and examples of how to wear 1 item 3 ways (a new item each week).

I’m not usually one for trends, but there is one this Summer that I just can’t stop wearing. I can’t wait for you to find out what it is. Hint: it will simplify your morning and shed so much time off of your getting ready routine! I just know you’re gonna love it as much as I do.

Summer is also the time when I’m ok with grabbing the Target dress is more than ok, but… you still need to have 3 ways to wear it! I’m here to help you save time while still saving money and shopping with intention.

If you need a cute pair of wedges that are comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY, I’m sharing my go-to pair with you. You know I’m all about elevating that flip flop game.

I’ve included a few swim suits but you can see THIS POST about Swim Suits for Mama if you want even more!

I hope that you enjoy this totally FREE Guide. I’ve put a lot of hours into curating it, just for you. So get cozy, grab your glass of frozè and let’s chat style!



Because going to the grocery store or trying to get out the door in the morning shouldn’t be so hard…


summer style for moms





Richmond Staycation Guide


Our recent staycation at The Jefferson Hotel was exactly what we needed- a reminder that reconnecting, relaxing, and laughter are necessary during the busy season of life. We had so much fun just being us- forgetting all of our titles, responsibilities, and daily routines, even just for the weekend. And I wanted to create a guide to help you do the same. Vacations are amazing but they can be expensive and usually there’s quite a wait in between them. Booking a mini staycation might be something you never thought about doing, known how to start planning, or most importantly…how to choose where to stay.

There are a lot of reasons why we chose to stay at The Jefferson (who wouldn’t) but my two were: location and service. Also, affordability- their Summer at The Jefferson package rate, can’t be beat! We wanted somewhere that felt luxurious yet within walking distance to all of our local favorite spots. Home base is important to us and so are the quality of robes and level of service. To be honest, I have a weakness for incredible customer service (it seems like a lost art these days) and the staff at The Jefferson is second to none. Rich history mingled with modern amenities made for a stay that was nothing short of magical.

I’ve broken down my favorites below but if you would like to down the guide on your phone or computer for future reference (and clickable links) you can do that HERE.


richmond staycation guide

rva staycation guide

richmond staycation guide

richmond staycation guide

richmond staycation guide

things to do in richmond va

richmond staycation guide

what to wear on date night

richmond staycation guide


If you’re looking to get away from the daily grind, but need to stay close, I highly recommend the SUMMER AT THE JEFFERSON package while it lasts. Enjoy your luxurious home base for an incredible weekend exploring. Make sure to experience the incredible dining experience during your stay. The creative twist on their southern themed small plates was the perfect kick off to our progressive date night. I can’t wait to get back to those fried deviled eggs. Anyone want to join me for happy hour this week?




I love the food and drink scene in Richmond for a lot of reasons but one of them is the community and service that tends to accompany our local establishments. The service at each location was not only top notch but above and beyond that– it matched the establishment and up leveled the experience. From James’ wine recs and Chauncey’s menu knowledge at Lemaire, to Justin’s stories and bartender skills at Saison, and Andy’s incredibly hilarious conversations at Bar Solita… we could not have asked for a better night.




After resting up from date night you can hop on a Peloton in The Jefferson’s fitness center (you know it’s my fave) or take a dip in their gorgeous pool before heading out to explore. Make sure to stop by Mod & Soul to pick up your favorite outfit and grab a coffee at Lift to fuel you for a full day of adventure.


If you book your Summer Staycation at The Jefferson, eat at one of these amazing locations, grab an outfit from Mod & Soul. or explore any of my RVA favorites… make sure tag me on the ‘gram! I’ve curated a digital lookbook with outfits to shop or simply use for packing inspiration!


shop staycation outfits




PS: To see some BTS of our staycation (including a room tour), see my staycation highlights HERE. And for more style tips, make sure to grab my FREE Style Guide HERE.


staycation style