Showing you 3 outfits and 3 ways to style each of them on Virginia This Morning


My number one tip for Holiday Style is to add TEXTURE! Think- faux fur, leather, sequin, glitter, velvet, and statement sparkles! Have fun with your look and remember the holidays are an excuse to play dress up and be a little extra!


You don’t have to run out and buy new outfits for all of your events this season. There are so many events, from the office party, to holiday themed date nights, girls night out, weddings, and New Years Eve celebrations. Choose one item to be the canvas and switch up your accessories to give it a whole new look!


The perfect example is the amazing velvet dress

For GNO try pairing it with fun statement shoes and statement earrings and layering it with a faux fur jacket

For a Wedding go for classic shoes and a statement necklace

For proper Office Party attire try a fun headband with a sparkly shoe and delicate jewels


How are you dressing up this Holiday Season? Tag me on instagram @jammiebaker_ , I’d love to see your looks! And to shop the looks from today’s segment, CLICK HERE.





I had the chance to be a guest on Studio 512 in Austin, TX yesterday with MY SISTER. How cool is that? And best of all? Max was in the segment. AS. A. TURKEY. It was his first birthday and he had his tv debut. The kid was made for it. You might say I’m a little untraditional in the birthday celebration situation. Not sorry.

We’re less than a week out from Turkey Day… SAY WHAT?! And ok, I get it, it’s kind of funny that Thanksgiving Outfits are a thing. We stay home or visit someone else’s home, we eat, we lounge, and we bask in our glorious turkey comas. But hear me out… we don’t have to be frumpy and sloppy. BUT, we don’t have to be uncomfortable either. There’s a few ways to style some seriously cozy yet cute outfits.

Whether you’re headed out on a road trip to see the fam or hosting a dinner in your formal living room, or attending a friendsgiving- I’ve got some outfit choices for you, mama! And don’t worry, non of them are fussy or constricting, just cute, cozy, easy peasy style.


I’ve made these looks and a few other suggestions easy to shop HERE just in case you’re still scrambling for that perfect couch potato outfit! Cheers to all the food and looking cute in those pictures you know will be posted on the ‘gram!


If you wanna chat style, hop on a FREE 15 min chat with me and ask me #allthethings about mom life + style. And in the meantime, download my guide so that you can start elevating that MOMIFORM ™ 

Happy Turkey Turkey Day, MAMA




Getting away with wearing yoga pants and never actually doing yoga is a thing now. A very acceptable… thing. But just because something is acceptable, doesn’t make it right, or cute. I LOL’d when I watched this active wear video. A boutique I follow shared it on instagram when they launched their active wear line and it prompted this blog post idea.

Last week I shared some daily athleisure outfit ideas to show you that there are ways to style leggings beyond pairing them with gym tanks and workout sneakers and frumpy sweatshirts. The goal for athleisure is to look stylish and put together but still be comfortable. The goal is not to look like you were headed to spin class, because, mama… you know you had no intention to hit the gym after your Target run.

Mom life lends itself to a lot of leggings– there is a lot of time spent playing on the floor, sitting in the car while acting as le chauffeur to tiny humans. Not to mention that carpool lines, grocery store checkouts, and playdates don’t require us to dress up.

So what does one do? I’m so glad you asked! I’ve got a few tips, some real life examples, and some shopping recommendations just for you!


Tip One- If you wouldn’t pair it with jeans, try again. I know and you know that those gym sneakers and that sweatshirt don’t pair with your cute skinny ankle jeans to equal an acceptable outfit. If you look like you’re actually headed to the gym, swap it out. Which leads us to… 

Tip Two- Make simple swaps to create cute athleisure looks. Swap out the gym shoes for a slide on sneaker or maybe a shell toe, and opt for a cute basic tee instead of activewear tanks and sweatshirts. Layer your basics to add personal style. Leggings + White Tee + Sneakers + Denim Jacket = no awkward convos with Susan in the grocery line about workouts you aren’t actually on your way to. 

Tip Three- Separate your gym clothes from your athleisure. They are not one in the same. This will make it easier when you go to get dressed for real life vs gym life. 


A few real life outfit ideas


You can shop my favorite athleisure picks HERE


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Getting dressed can be overwhelming, can I get an AMEN? That’s why I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Not a strict capsule with a hard stop on the amount of items allowed, but one that works for your lifestyle. The main point is to curate a cohesive closet full of clothes you love to wear.


Once you’ve done that Closet Edit and you head out to shop, just remember the one rule I actually do love to follow:

Make sure that you are able to create at least 3 outfits with each item in your closet (outside of special occasion pieces). This helps to keep shopping intentional and your closet cohesive.


For more tips and tricks on how to build a capsule wardrobe and examples of how to create outfits, make sure to check out the segment on VA This Morning featuring items from FOR POSH SAKE and one of my fave models and bloggers, AS ALWAYS ANNA.


Shop all of the items from today’s segment HERE



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Old Navy Try On


At this season in life, I wear more casual and comfortable because… BABY. I’m also in the process of saying BYE Felicia to that baby weight so… I’m trying to find clothes that aren’t too expensive yet still cute and make me feel good. In between phases are no excuse to be frumpy. If anything, dressing up and showing up helps to keep us motivated to reach our #mombod goals.

A few weeks ago I popped into Old Navy and left frustrated with a fitting room full of clothes that didn’t even come close to working. I mentioned it on Insta Stories and so many of you replied with how much you actually love you some Old Navy. So I chose to brave the fitting room again, scared that I would leave emptied handed and frustrated for a second time– I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I found.

See my STORIES for the try-on videos and cute Baby Max. I started this try-on a few days ago but ended up at the Pediatric ER with Baby Max before I was able to finish 😭 He fell and busted his lip… blood everywhere, this first time mama was freaked the heck out. BUT… he’s good (bank account after an ER visit… not so much) and I was able to get back into the fitting room today. Max was safely strapped into the stroller this time. Note to self: no roaming on concrete floors 🤦‍♀️ #momfail

The try-on was surprisingly successful but I do have to be honest and let you know a few shopping guidelines and some PRO TIPS from a stylist perspective:

There are times to splurge and times to save. Old Navy is not the place to buy your dark denim that serves as a workhorse in your wardrobe. You know I LOVE my Good American Jeans (#momjeans for life) and they are worth the splurge. Buy the best quality that you can afford. If buying Old Navy is the best you can afford- totally cool. BUT… maybe you could skip a few trips to to Starbucks in lieu of quality denim that makes you feel like the #boss you are? Denim that you can wear 3 times a week for a year or 2 might actually come out cheaper than a *cheap pair of jeans that you have to keep buying. I’m also a stickler for stitching and stretch, but maybe that’s just me…

Save on trends, always. Unless you’ve just got it like that! Then by all means, splurge away. But then again, that person isn’t reading a post about Old Navy SO…

Be particular with your activewear. Yes, lulu is EX-PEN-SIVE. But have you tried it? Maybe Spanx leggings are more your jam? My go-to are these AH-mazing Zella ones (for half the price of lulu). I just wasn’t a fan of the Old Navy activewear. It didn’t feel GOOD and that’s important to me. It didn’t compress in the right places or feel all soft and yummy like my faves. But mostly… cost per wear, it’s a real thing. Think about that before buying too cheap.

With all of that being said, I have some pretty good picks that I think you will enjoy. If you love these try-on sessions, let me know and I will do more for you guys! And if you have any questions about how to style the items, please ask away!

All of the FINDS are HERE and you can also see the LOOKBOOK for how to style the items. Make sure to check the comments, I’ve added some styling tips for you, mama!

If you’re loving the finds but still have questions about how to make the items work for you or how to dress for Fall in general, hop on over to my CALENDAR and schedule a call, I’d love to chat!










If I had to choose a favorite shoe type, it would be the bootie. Hands down. And not just because of the name 😜🍑 but because they are just so much fun and they’re easy to wear. At least I think so, BUT… I get a lot of questions from people asking about how to wear them. So I just wanted to share a few styling tips + tricks with you. Because, mama… you need to wear those booties and wear them well!


Wear them with dresses. ALL OF THE DRESSES. This is the easiest way to transition into Fall. Swap out your open toed sandals and wedges for the bootie. Knee length, midi, maxi… I don’t discriminate- pair it with the bootie. And when it cools down a bit, add a pair of tights + jacket. BOOM, you now have                2 outfits.


Make sure to show some skin. Get your mind out of the gutter 😉 I’m talking ankle skin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t tuck your jeans. Don’t wear booties with straight leg jeans that touch your booties. It just looks weird. If you need to roll your pants, cool. Or maybe you will even take that extra                  step and have them altered? Even better!


Build your collection with intention. Make sure to start with the basics. Maybe something with a low heel and in a neutral color. If you want to grab a neutral color with a low heel but still need a little personality- go for a cutout or a zipper. Then add in the trends and the fun colors, the different heel                      heights and textures. Show your personal style with your shoes, it’s fashion… have fun!



You can shop my top bootie picks HERE


Check out my insta stories for more #bts with how to style the bootie and check out THIS POST for more bootie inspiration


If you have questions about putting your booties with the right outfit… we can chat! Pop on over to my calendar and let’s talk all things style, mama!


Happy Weekend!



Oh my sweet Baby Max. He’s wild and calm all the same time. He’s a bundle of joy and a ball of destructive energy in one.

From the time that Max was born up until 6 months- life was not on any kind of set schedule. I had no idea that babies take about 100 naps a day when they first come home, they wake up even more times during the night (or you have the gawd awful duty of waking a sleeping baby to eat, until they gain enough weight) WHO KNEW? Not this new mama.

At Max’s first appointment with his pediatrician (Dr. Smith who I very highly recommend if you are local to Richmond) she told me that I needed to implement a 3 part routine for him every time he went to sleep. YOU GUYS… if you could have seen the look I gave her?! Are you serious? EVERY SINGLE TIME? I think I cried. Her response was, “you chose this role. Yes, every single time”.

So let me get this straight lady– I was just filleted in half, sewn back together, had a human pulled out of me, I don’t sleep for more than an hour at a time, my boobs are enormous, they leak, I bleed through what I would basically call a diaper- several times per day, and YOU think it would be a good idea for me to implement a routine, gawd knows how many times a day for a baby that doesn’t even know his days from nights?

I don’t even think she responded. Maybe she did. It was all an overwhelming, sleepless blur.

I wanted to rebel. I wanted to say that that was a stupid idea and that I didn’t have it in me to create a routine in this state of sleep deprivation and information overload. But I paid her for that advice, I chose her to guide me in the care for my baby and something she said stuck to me and will always stick to me:

” You wouldn’t keep food from Max so I know that you won’t keep sleep from him either, they are both equally important for his health and development”.

Mic Drop. Dr. Smith wins.

Mind you- the only thoughts I had about food and sleep at that point were the fact that my body was making all of the food for this human who was the reason behind losing all of my sleep. WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD. But I digress.

Eight weeks into motherhood, Max slept for 10 hours. She said that once he did it, he could do it every night. TALK. ABOUT. EXCITEMENT.

The routine paid off. The consistency of our 3 part schedule was no easy feat, it was exhausting, but week by week– Max began to get closer and closer to a schedule. Before 3 months, Max was sleeping through the night. We found that 6:30pm was his sweet spot. He went through the usual regression when it came time to roll over and then when he got sick it would set us almost all the way back to square 1 with sleep training. The 2 weeks of inconsistent sleep would feel like months and then one morning we would wake up and think… WE MADE IT. Back to normal.

Although he was on a night sleep schedule, his daytime schedule was not consistent until 6 months. I felt like the 6 month mark brought back a lot (or at least some) normalcy to our lives.

That was a super long intro, but I wanted to be clear with the what led us to where we are today. Consistency, routines, schedules. I believe in my heart of hearts that babies thrive on routine. They love it. And this is coming from the most, fly by the seat of my pants person you’ve ever met. The most non-scheduled, my baby will go by my schedule, kind of mama there was. And then I had a baby. Insert foot in mouth.

I had coffee with a friend when Max was 4 months old and really starting to build a nap time routine. She told me that she allowed her child to stay up until they wanted to with her first. She didn’t know any better. And then one day she realized that giving a toddler that kind of responsibility, was a lot of pressure to put on a kid. I had never thought of it that way. Kids were never meant to lead the household. Wise women, these seasoned mamas and Pediatritians are.

At 6 months old we changed to a very scheduled routine from wake up to bed time. It’s overwhelming to think about and I know some people roll their eyes and think I’m crazy. But you guys… I know what to expect. Max knows what to expect. I get to enjoy my husband every night, eat dinner together, watch a movie, WHATEVER WE WANT. Well… kind of. We can’t just pick up and go out anymore, but we pay our sitters a pretty penny to sit and watch tv when we do go out.

Another piece of amazing advice that I was given when Max was just days old- worship with him. I can’t even begin to tell you what this has done for my life. My child knows worship music at 11 months. He calms down at the sound, he raises his hands. I can’t even…

                                               We run errands between naps and Target is always on the list


We go by a 12 hours of sleep, 2 hours awake then nap, 3 hours awake then nap, 4 hours awake then bed, schedule– with a bottle every 4 hours and meal every 4 hours (ish)

Here’s a snapshot of our day:


6:30am – Max wakes up

6:45am – Bottle

7-7:15am – Play / Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

7:15-8am – Walk & Worship

8am – Breakfast

8:30am – Worship (reckless love – he knows the song and now “sings” along) and Nap

9:30/10am – Wake and play

10:30am – Bottle + Out of the house errands

12:30pm – Lunch

1pm – Worship, Book, Nap

2/3pm – Wake & Bottle

3pm-5pm – Play

5pm – Dinner

5:30-6pm – Play with Dad

6-6:30pm – Bottle, Book, Prayer, Bed


Once Max was 6 months old we started feeding him dinner at 5. We added lunch at 7 months and then breakfast at 8 months. It’s an ever evolving scenario, but the bones are the same. Naps have slowly decreased from 2 hours each to 1 or 1.5 hours (with phases of 40 min 😭) and I know that at 12 months, he will need to switch to 1 nap. I am already stressed about never getting anything done with only one nap.

Yes this schedule is rigid and yes it means I must be home at certain times. It means I have to say no to a lot. But this is my season, it doesn’t last forever. There are days that I am more flexible, but Max gets grumpy and it makes me feel awful. But life. So… thank you Jesus for grace.

The structure also means I know when I can shower or fold laundry or make phone calls or get work done. It reassures me that I have FREEDOM after 6:30pm so that I can focus on my marriage. And those are the things that make me feel like ME. I need to have some sense of normalcy or I will go crazy. We’ve enjoyed getting creative with our time at home. My favorite right now is enjoying conversations by the fire in the backyard (with the monitor of course). We cook meals together, watch movies with popcorn (hubs fave to make at home), and get to read actual books.

I also have Max in daycare twice a week. Judge me, it’s fine. He goes after his morning nap because those sweet morning cuddles and that precious worship time is so important to me. Also… daycare = no nap, so I want to make sure (until 12 months) that he gets a good morning sleep in.

This week I was reminded of how wise Dr. Smith’s words were and of how important routine is at every single bedtime. Max was extremely tired 30 minutes before his usual morning nap time. So we skipped the routine and I just brought him and put him straight to bed. He woke up TWENTY MINUTES later. Oh hello, dry shamps and yoga pants. Say WHAT?! So after his next bottle we did the walk, worship, sleep routine and my boy slept LIKE. A. CHAMP.

Fitting in play right before sleep has been crucial for him to get out his energy and know that bedtime is fun


A few schedule tips that have helped me along the way (mostly have my sis in law to thank for these!!):


Use a night diaper that is one size larger than their regular diaper- this stops leaks and makes helps them sleep ALL NIGHT

Switch to 4- 8oz bottles a day at 6 months. It made life so much easier

Spacing nap times at 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours worked really well for us

Diffuse this and spray the linens with this for baby

I stopped heating bottles on the go at 6 months. I put the formula into his bottle and carried a water bottle. No more extra containers and water heating thermos’ to carry



For Max’s nursery set up and everything we use you can read about it and find all of the links HERE


I’m curious to know your routine, especially if you have more than one kiddo. Oh hey there, SUPER MOM, I see you! Or if you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, please do! 👇


If you’re thinking, this is all great but I come here for the fashion, not the baby… Grab my MOMIFORM GUIDE for FREE.99 and learn to dress your mom bod with curated outfit formulas for each body shape!






Happy October, mama! aka Pumpkin Month

If you read my last Trader Joe’s post you’ll see I love a good simple, TJ find for a meal or snack BUT… I don’t love to go there. So here is my once a month TJ Haul because… PUMPKIN everything!


I bought all of the pumpkin items I could get my hands on. Some great, some not so awesome. I’ve broken the items down into categories, hoping to simplify it all.  The recipes are in bold to make it easy!



Some of these items I make just for Max and some we share for lunches. They are all easy to prep and then divide for each day.


Butternut Squash: Roast on 425 for 20 min, sprinkle with cumin and garlic powder

Ravioli: Prepare per the package and add desired amount of sauce or even just butter




I haven’t tried the pumpkin butter yet… if you have a suggestion on what to eat it with, do tell! The rest of the items are self explanatory and perfect for cozy weekend mornings by the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee.


I use left over fried rice from dinner, add the chickenless chicken and bam… easy peasy lunch

When prepping the one pan meal with chicken sausage for dinner, I pan fry the other half of the chicken sausage so that it’s ready to use with the salad for lunch the next day.



Roasted Chicken: Pound chicken breast, prep pan with olive oil, lightly season with the herb and provence seasoning, then roast at 420 for 20 min (or until done). Prepare gnocchi per package directions– except use olive oil instead of water.

Cauliflower Fried Rice: I purchased the ends and pieces pack of bacon this time DO NOT FOLLOW MY LEAD. It was GROSS. Use the regular applewood smoked bacon and cut it yourself. I cut up the bacon with scissors, fry it and set it aside. Add garlic and cauliflower rice to the pan (after draining the grease) and then add the veggies, some ginger seasoning, soyaki sauce, and a bit of coconut aminos– cook until done. Add the bacon back into the pan and it’s ready to eat!

Roasted Veggies with Chicken Sausage: I used jalapeno sausage this time but if you don’t like spicy, the apple one is really good. You can use any veggies you want, I just suggest getting as many pre sliced as possible because… TIME. I used zucchini, brussels sprouts, and carrots this week and I season with the TJ’s everyday seasoning. Roast at 420 for 15 min, stir, and roast for another 15-20. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup: Place 1.5 chicken breasts, a jar of green salsa, 2 packets of sazon, 1 packet of taco seasoning, 1 diced onion (I get pre-cut), 1 tablespoon minced garlic, and 1/2 box of chicken stock into the crockpot. Cook for 3-5 hours– shred the chicken with 2 forks, add the remaining chicken stock and a can of black beans. Cook on low for another 1-2 hours. Serve with sour cream, avocado, cilantro, cheese, and tortilla chips. 

Chickenless Chicken Tenders. Prepare tenders per package directions. I bought the frozen mashed potatoes and they were fine, but not great. To make them a bit better, I used chicken broth instead of water. For the cauliflower, I used the TJ’s vegan pesto and roasted them per the package directions. I also make a homemade chick-fil-a sauce or dairy free ranch to dip the tenders in. 

Chick-fil-a copycat sauce: 1/2 mayo and 1/2 TJ’s Carolina BBQ sauce

Dairy Free Ranch: 1/2 mayo and 1/2 coconut milk, add fresh dill, garlic powder, and pepper. 

I used the mini pumpkins to decorate around the house and I top off my coffee at home with a few dashes of the pumpkin pie seasoning.

I plan to serve the soup with grilled sandwiches or salad for an easy Sunday meal, after church.


A little tip to making the hummus taste homemade: add fresh lemon juice and a bit of olive oil when you serve it.

I wouldn’t buy the pumpkin tortilla chips and salsa again- they were fine but not worth buying again.

I don’t like the pumpkin spice perfect bar, but I love the chocolate pb one and they are much cheaper at TJ’s that anywhere else.


What goes best with Fall and pumpkin everything? Fall style, of course! If you’re looking to revamp your fall wardrobe, schedule a FREE call with me… I don’t bite! 🙂 Or maybe you just want to join the cool moms and get on our list?!


jammie baker mom list


Hope you have a great week! If you want to see the haul- check out my instagram stories!

I love when I get the chance to share style tips with all of you on VIRGINIA THIS MORNING


Models Dressed by FOR POSH SAKE


Dressing for fall while the temps still feel like Summer– can be a bit tricky. I’m craving big cozy sweaters layered over buttery soft, long sleeved tees and some knee high boots as much as you are, but we’re just not there yet. I’ve chosen three outfits with some easy tips for helping you transition into Fall without having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.



Layer a cardigan over your basic tank and pair it with a denim skirt and sneakers.

     Once the temps cool down, add tights, a long sleeve tee, booties, or tall boots. You can also pair your skirts with a denim jacket, utility jacket, or even a light faux suede or leather.



Wearing fall colors in light materials is a great way to dress for this transitional period. I love the colors in this top and the knot at the front is a serious style bonus with zero effort! Keep wearing your cropped denim into fall, just pair them with booties or slides to keep the summer look at bay. The color and texture of this leather bag brings another element or fall into the look.

When temps cool down add a layer like your cardigans and leather jackets. Maybe event opt for a taller boot if your denim is skinny.



Everyone has an LBD in their closet. If you don’t… please go grab one that you love. Add a touch of fall trends with something as simple as a headband. Leopard is everywhere for fall and I love that this scarf can be worn so many ways. Simple details like dark nails and/or lips also bring on all the fall feels.

The LBD is such a blank canvas for the cooler weather. Start layering with tights, tall boots, sweaters, cardigans, jackets… the possibilities are almost endless.


PRO TIP: When using trends like leopard, keep everything else basic– don’t overdo it on the accessories. Keep it simple with a dainty necklace instead of a statement necklace or studs instead of statement earrings. But don’t be scared of leopard, it’s basically a neutral and goes with everything, I just want you to be aware of the fine line between on-trend and Peg Bundy 👌


If you’re local to the Richmond area come hang out at FOR POSH SAKE this Thursday night! Shop the looks from the segment and SO MUCH MORE. If you don’t see what you want online… give them a call and they can ship it to you! Hope to see you there, mama!



In the meantime, if you need some tips on building your #momiform for fall, check out my MOMIFORM GUIDE and make sure you are clear on what to wear for your body shape + some done-for-you outfit formulas!

If you are curious about making these looks fit into your personal style, I’d love to chat! Pop your info in HERE and get a FREE 30 minute discovery call to chat all things style!




Do you ever find yourself waking up with the alarm, grumpy that morning came too quickly? You press snooze, stumble out of bed and settle for dry shamps… AGAIN? You rush out the door wearing a less than par ensemble (possibly with coffee stains as your accessory of the day) and get to work just in time? The mere task of writing that stressed me out. But I’ve been there.

There was a time when I was OBSESSED with watching morning routines on youtube. Anyone else? No? Just me? ok…

In my defense, I was working a job that didn’t fulfill me, I didn’t have a routine in place, and I felt like they motivated me to create a routine to help create the kind of day I wanted to have.

Eventually… it worked. I had to stop watching the videos and actually start implementing the steps. Also, in full disclosure- I am totally a morning person. I LOVE the quiet moments in the dark before noise fills the house and light creeps through the windows. It’s magical to me. It’s also a time that hubs and I spend together a few times a week. But we also go to bed at 9pm.

If routine is your JAM (or you want it to be) and you’re so over rushed mornings, frustrated moments in front of your closet, not reaching goals, and barely starting your day with enough time for a cold cup of coffee… you’re in the right place.

There’s no ONE WAY or ONE SIZE FITS ALL of morning routines. Do what works best for you and your lifestyle. Take some tips, leave a few, and spend some time cultivating a routine that you love so that you will be successful with sticking to it. If you’re a brand new mama, maybe read this later? Don’t stress yourself out before baby is on a sleep schedule.


morning routine for mom


It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Also,  it could seem a little unnecessary since you will be right back between those sheets in no time. But hear me out, this quote is what sold me.


“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another.”

-Navy Seal William H. McCraven


Bonus– it makes your bedroom (most important room in the house) look it’s best and gives mama a calm sense of clean and put together.



Making space each morning for gratitude has changed my life. It’s a small task the produces big outcomes. I like to write it out in a gratitude journal, it helps me focus and it reminds me of what I have and how far I’ve come.

I’m grateful for everything from my cup of coffee or legs that got me through a workout to my family and the roof over my head. Nothing is too small to be grateful for.

Get a cute journal (it’s like getting cute workout shoes for motivation to get to the gym) and start with 3 things each day- this would take less than 5 minutes. As you create your routine you can adjust the amount of time you spend being grateful.

Feeling stuck or hopeless in an area of life? Try spending time each day being grateful for the positive outcome. Thank God for what has yet to come and see what happens.

If you have a little extra time, start writing down your goals and visions for the future. Think about how you want to feel each day- healthy, successful, energetic, etc.. and then work backwards to write out the goals you will need to reach in order to fell that way.


 Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets

-Habakkuk 2:2



I combine my devotions, bible reading, and journaling with my morning cup of coffee while the house is quiet. It sets the tone for my day. This doesn’t have to be a big overwhelming part of your routine- start with 5 minutes and work your way up.

When the alarm goes off in the morning remember how you want to feel before walking out the door each day. This will help you wake up in enough time to create a routine and not cut out important steps like quiet time. If you’re always on the go and love a good to-do list like me, quiet time might be a tough adjustment, it may make you feel unproductive because of the stillness.

If we are able to spend the quiet time with God each morning before our families and to-do lists use up every ounce of energy we have, we are able to pour from a full tank instead of one that’s half empty.

Right now I’m loving the She Works His Way App for my morning devotion

I’m ordering THIS Prayer Journal for 2019



I’m not talking about a rushed shower with messy bun, a dash of makeup, and a stained shirt. It happens- I get it. Life is busy. But this doesn’t have to be your normal.

Carve out time to enjoy the process of getting ready for your day. Celebrate yourself in the morning. You’re beautiful, you created life, you raise tiny ninjas, you kick ass at your job, you’re the best mama your babies could ever have, you’re a hot and loving wife, you serve faithfully, you create a safe and cozy home, YOU are AMAZING. Treat yourself like it.

Instead of walking around with a towel tied around you, try a cute little cotton slip dress. It’s not too sexy to wear around the house, it covers you, but it will make you look and feel good- first thing out of the shower. Get cute slippers, a fancy robe… have fun with it.

Create a 5 minute makeup routine, use shower products that make the morning feel as luxurious as possible. Spend time practicing some go-to hairstyles that you know will come in clutch. Know the outfits that work for you and body, create a capsule wardrobe for work, wear things that make you feel your best.

A little effort each morning will help you show up as your best self for everyone and every task ahead of you.

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Failing to plan is planning to fail. I know you’ve heard it. Sticking to a morning routine takes discipline and discipline takes preparation and follow through.

Start working some of these tips into your morning one by one so that you know how much time you need for each, find your sweet spot, and schedule it into your day. Make your routine a priority.

Prepare for your mornings by minimizing the clutter in your life. Think through the steps you take in the morning- Bed, shower, closet, bathroom, makeup bag, kitchen, etc… and start to create the experience you want in each area.

What does the space look like where you will journal your gratitude and read your devotion? Do you have all of the supplies you need for meals, a shower, makeup, etc…? Not having shampoo or ingredients for lunches can turn a morning around REAL QUICK.


I hope that at least one of these helps you to create and cultivate a morning routine full of gratitude, quiet time, and a peaceful, productive start to your day.

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If you create a morning routine or if you already have one- i would love to hear about it!