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Models Dressed by FOR POSH SAKE


Dressing for fall while the temps still feel like Summer– can be a bit tricky. I’m craving big cozy sweaters layered over buttery soft, long sleeved tees and some knee high boots as much as you are, but we’re just not there yet. I’ve chosen three outfits with some easy tips for helping you transition into Fall without having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.



Layer a cardigan over your basic tank and pair it with a denim skirt and sneakers.

     Once the temps cool down, add tights, a long sleeve tee, booties, or tall boots. You can also pair your skirts with a denim jacket, utility jacket, or even a light faux suede or leather.



Wearing fall colors in light materials is a great way to dress for this transitional period. I love the colors in this top and the knot at the front is a serious style bonus with zero effort! Keep wearing your cropped denim into fall, just pair them with booties or slides to keep the summer look at bay. The color and texture of this leather bag brings another element or fall into the look.

When temps cool down add a layer like your cardigans and leather jackets. Maybe event opt for a taller boot if your denim is skinny.



Everyone has an LBD in their closet. If you don’t… please go grab one that you love. Add a touch of fall trends with something as simple as a headband. Leopard is everywhere for fall and I love that this scarf can be worn so many ways. Simple details like dark nails and/or lips also bring on all the fall feels.

The LBD is such a blank canvas for the cooler weather. Start layering with tights, tall boots, sweaters, cardigans, jackets… the possibilities are almost endless.


PRO TIP: When using trends like leopard, keep everything else basic– don’t overdo it on the accessories. Keep it simple with a dainty necklace instead of a statement necklace or studs instead of statement earrings. But don’t be scared of leopard, it’s basically a neutral and goes with everything, I just want you to be aware of the fine line between on-trend and Peg Bundy 👌


If you’re local to the Richmond area come hang out at FOR POSH SAKE this Thursday night! Shop the looks from the segment and SO MUCH MORE. If you don’t see what you want online… give them a call and they can ship it to you! Hope to see you there, mama!



In the meantime, if you need some tips on building your #momiform for fall, check out my MOMIFORM GUIDE and make sure you are clear on what to wear for your body shape + some done-for-you outfit formulas!

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Do you ever find yourself waking up with the alarm, grumpy that morning came too quickly? You press snooze, stumble out of bed and settle for dry shamps… AGAIN? You rush out the door wearing a less than par ensemble (possibly with coffee stains as your accessory of the day) and get to work just in time? The mere task of writing that stressed me out. But I’ve been there.

There was a time when I was OBSESSED with watching morning routines on youtube. Anyone else? No? Just me? ok…

In my defense, I was working a job that didn’t fulfill me, I didn’t have a routine in place, and I felt like they motivated me to create a routine to help create the kind of day I wanted to have.

Eventually… it worked. I had to stop watching the videos and actually start implementing the steps. Also, in full disclosure- I am totally a morning person. I LOVE the quiet moments in the dark before noise fills the house and light creeps through the windows. It’s magical to me. It’s also a time that hubs and I spend together a few times a week. But we also go to bed at 9pm.

If routine is your JAM (or you want it to be) and you’re so over rushed mornings, frustrated moments in front of your closet, not reaching goals, and barely starting your day with enough time for a cold cup of coffee… you’re in the right place.

There’s no ONE WAY or ONE SIZE FITS ALL of morning routines. Do what works best for you and your lifestyle. Take some tips, leave a few, and spend some time cultivating a routine that you love so that you will be successful with sticking to it. If you’re a brand new mama, maybe read this later? Don’t stress yourself out before baby is on a sleep schedule.


morning routine for mom


It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Also,  it could seem a little unnecessary since you will be right back between those sheets in no time. But hear me out, this quote is what sold me.


“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another.”

-Navy Seal William H. McCraven


Bonus– it makes your bedroom (most important room in the house) look it’s best and gives mama a calm sense of clean and put together.



Making space each morning for gratitude has changed my life. It’s a small task the produces big outcomes. I like to write it out in a gratitude journal, it helps me focus and it reminds me of what I have and how far I’ve come.

I’m grateful for everything from my cup of coffee or legs that got me through a workout to my family and the roof over my head. Nothing is too small to be grateful for.

Get a cute journal (it’s like getting cute workout shoes for motivation to get to the gym) and start with 3 things each day- this would take less than 5 minutes. As you create your routine you can adjust the amount of time you spend being grateful.

Feeling stuck or hopeless in an area of life? Try spending time each day being grateful for the positive outcome. Thank God for what has yet to come and see what happens.

If you have a little extra time, start writing down your goals and visions for the future. Think about how you want to feel each day- healthy, successful, energetic, etc.. and then work backwards to write out the goals you will need to reach in order to fell that way.


 Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets

-Habakkuk 2:2



I combine my devotions, bible reading, and journaling with my morning cup of coffee while the house is quiet. It sets the tone for my day. This doesn’t have to be a big overwhelming part of your routine- start with 5 minutes and work your way up.

When the alarm goes off in the morning remember how you want to feel before walking out the door each day. This will help you wake up in enough time to create a routine and not cut out important steps like quiet time. If you’re always on the go and love a good to-do list like me, quiet time might be a tough adjustment, it may make you feel unproductive because of the stillness.

If we are able to spend the quiet time with God each morning before our families and to-do lists use up every ounce of energy we have, we are able to pour from a full tank instead of one that’s half empty.

Right now I’m loving the She Works His Way App for my morning devotion

I’m ordering THIS Prayer Journal for 2019



I’m not talking about a rushed shower with messy bun, a dash of makeup, and a stained shirt. It happens- I get it. Life is busy. But this doesn’t have to be your normal.

Carve out time to enjoy the process of getting ready for your day. Celebrate yourself in the morning. You’re beautiful, you created life, you raise tiny ninjas, you kick ass at your job, you’re the best mama your babies could ever have, you’re a hot and loving wife, you serve faithfully, you create a safe and cozy home, YOU are AMAZING. Treat yourself like it.

Instead of walking around with a towel tied around you, try a cute little cotton slip dress. It’s not too sexy to wear around the house, it covers you, but it will make you look and feel good- first thing out of the shower. Get cute slippers, a fancy robe… have fun with it.

Create a 5 minute makeup routine, use shower products that make the morning feel as luxurious as possible. Spend time practicing some go-to hairstyles that you know will come in clutch. Know the outfits that work for you and body, create a capsule wardrobe for work, wear things that make you feel your best.

A little effort each morning will help you show up as your best self for everyone and every task ahead of you.

If you need help dressing for your shape click HERE for my free MOMIFORM GUIDE



Failing to plan is planning to fail. I know you’ve heard it. Sticking to a morning routine takes discipline and discipline takes preparation and follow through.

Start working some of these tips into your morning one by one so that you know how much time you need for each, find your sweet spot, and schedule it into your day. Make your routine a priority.

Prepare for your mornings by minimizing the clutter in your life. Think through the steps you take in the morning- Bed, shower, closet, bathroom, makeup bag, kitchen, etc… and start to create the experience you want in each area.

What does the space look like where you will journal your gratitude and read your devotion? Do you have all of the supplies you need for meals, a shower, makeup, etc…? Not having shampoo or ingredients for lunches can turn a morning around REAL QUICK.


I hope that at least one of these helps you to create and cultivate a morning routine full of gratitude, quiet time, and a peaceful, productive start to your day.

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And if you’re really into turning a new leaf for fall- I’m hosting a FREE Challenge starting on September 10th. 5 Days to Finding Your Style. Just in time for fall wardrobe planning.



If you create a morning routine or if you already have one- i would love to hear about it!




simple meals jammie baker

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’m a HUGE Instacart fan. I’d rather be spending time with Max, hanging out with a friend, working out, or working, than grocery shopping. Anything but grocery shopping. BUT… Trader Joe’s. I love it and they don’t deliver. So once a month I pack up max and load up the tiny red cart with enough meals and snacks for the week. It feels like the most stressful hour of my life- dodging people to find what I need on the shelf, staying out of peoples way, waiting for aisles to clear… Shopping at TJ’s in not my idea of a fun time, but their prices and amazing choices make it worth the trip.


I’ve sectioned my finds into 4 easy lists below. There’s also a few frozen & dry items I stock up on and keep on hand for the month like- carrot noodles, quinoa, red lentil noodles, and coconut oil. If you are into these kind of posts, I can do more and share my TJ’s staples, more meals, apps and snacks because SNACK ATTACK is real and TJ’s has the best selection.


jammie baker trader joe's

I love to dip the plantain chips in bruschetta, hummus, and even guacamole. I buy 2-4 bags per trip.

TIP: always squeeze fresh lemon juice and drizzle olive oil over store bought hummus to make it taste homemade. 


tj's haul jammie baker stylist

Weeknights I tend to keep my meals so simple that I don’t do sides. It’s a one and done kind of situations because… #MOMLIFE but I do grab a few salad and side options to freeze (superfood pilaf) and have on hand or to use for lunches or to make a meal a little more fancy if we have an impromptu guest!


TIP: mix the superfood pilaf with avocado for a perfect meal to give to baby! 


trader joe's easy lunch meals


If you have yet to try the butternut squash ravioli… what are you waiting for?? I’m not a cheese fan so I use this in place of regular ravioli. Max loves it too. In the fall I use their autumnal harvest sauce, but I also mix it up with vegan pesto sauce and regular pasta sauce.


TIP: When making the chicken sausage for dinner I will cook up an extra pack for lunch during the week and throw it over the broccoli slaw (super duper easy + healthy). I’ll also cook up extra cauliflower fried rice from dinner (without the bacon) and add the orange chicken (or chicken-less) for lunch. Leftovers = simple. 


5 simple weeknight dinners


What’s for dinner? Might be my most hated question EVER! Can you relate? It’s annoying and time consuming and pinterest makes me feel like I’m a hotmess of a wife and mom. UGH. I hope that these 5 weekday TJ’s meals help inspire you and make you feel like the hot wife and amazing mama YOU REALLY ARE!



Refrigerated herb pizza crust, shredded mozzarella and/or cheddar cheese, sliced pepperoni.

You can find all of the ingredients in the refrigerated section near the lunch meat and prepared salads.

Prepare according to the directions on the back of the crust. I recently started heating up my pizza pan with the oven and it was a game changer in how the crust cooked. Try it!



Frozen organic cauliflower rice (cook 2 bags if you want one for lunch), bacon, Asian veggie medley (found with the fresh packaged veggies), TJ’s soyaki sauce, ginger (i use the seasoning bottle- dried kind) and soy sauce OR coconut aminos.

Cut up the bacon in bite size pieces (or buy the already cut up pieces they sell) and fry up until crispy. Set them aside and drain the pan of almost all the bacon fat. Leave just enough bacon fat to cook the cauliflower rice. Add minced garlic to the rice and cook it according to the package. Set aside with the bacon. Add the veggie medley to the pan and cook just a few minutes (don’t make them soggy).

Add the bacon and rice back into the pan with the veggies. Add the soyaki, soy sauce (or aminos) and ginger to taste.



Assorted fresh chopped veggies, chicken sausage, 1 jar of drained sun dried tomatoes, TJ’s everyday seasoning, garlic (powder or minced), sea salt, pepper.

Preheat oven to 420 and drizzle olive oil on sheet pan (or pans depending on how much you want to make- I always do a double batch for leftovers). Wash veggies, chop sausage, and lay flat on sheet pan(s). Add seasoning to taste. Cook for 20 min, remove and stir, cook for 20 more minutes. Add sun dried tomatoes for the final 5 min of cooking, don’t cook the whole time or they will burn. Lesson learned.

You can use whichever veggies you and your family love. I always use organic and precut to save time, but do you boo. Here are the ones I used this time: brussels sprouts ( 1 bag of shaved, one bag of sliced), zig zag butternut squash, green beans, broccoli.


Cauliflower Gnocchi

I posted this to instagram stories last night and had dm’s about it. So glad that you are interested because it’s DELISH and healthier than traditional potato gnocchi.

2 bags of frozen cauliflower gnocchi, your favorite red pasta sauce (I use tomato basil), TJ’s bruschetta, organic sweet Italian chicken sausage, minced garlic, 1 frozen basil cube.

Heat the frying pan on medium and drizzle with olive avocado oil.  Chop and brown the chicken sausage- set aside after it’s brown.  Add another drizzle of oil and the frozen (don’t thaw) gnocchi. Don’t add water like the package says, it falls apart and just doesn’t work. Instead just brown them in the pan with the oil and add minced garlic, the cube of basil, and some sea salt. Once the gnocchi is browned add the chicken sausage and your favorite sauce to the pan and turn the heat to low. I use a little bit of bruschetta and a bit of the tomato basil- but this is personal preference. Add as much or little as you like.



Marinated carne asada (near all the fresh meats), romaine lettuce, avocado, black beans, lime. You could also add sour cream or plain greek yogurt.

Heat your pan ( I use a grill pan) and drizzle with olive or avocado oil. Brown the meat to your desired doneness. Wash the romaine and chop off the bottom ends, they will look like mini lettuce boats to use in place of shells. Heat your black beans in a sauce pan. Slice your avocado and lime. Once everything is prepped, I put each item on a plate or bowl and make a taco bar so that everyone can make their lettuce tacos however they wish. You could also set out salsa, hot sauce… the options are almost endless. I top my tacos with a squeeze of lime, and I also squeeze some into the carne asada while it’s cooking.


I hope you will try some of these easy weekday meals! Let me know if you want more of these and what categories you would like. You can also head over to INSTAGRAM STORIES to see my haul for the week!


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I recently heard of the brand Carly Jean Los Angeles via Instagram. I mean… where else do you hear about new stuff these days? I asked who was familiar with the brand on my insta stories last week and only a few of you knew, so I figured it would be a great brand to try on for my first try on session.

If simple, easy, cohesive style is your jam- this brand is for you. Everything I ordered is so soft, which I love. All of their pieces are made with a capsule wardrobe in mind and most of the items are made in LA.

I ordered 7 pieces and only 1 didn’t work. Not bad! You can see the try on in my insta stories.

I will be wearing them a lot for transitioning into fall. Over this past weekend I wore the Jamie Jumpsuit and Santa Barbara Pants- I got so many compliments.


photos from the CJLA website

If you’re looking for great neutrals to build your fall capsule wardrobe I highly recommend CJLA. You can shop the items I got here and see my try on session here!


I added a few additional items that I have on my list as well as replacements for what is out of stock! If you end up purchasing any CJLA for fall, let me know! Tag me on instagram, I would love to see how you’re wearing it.

If you need help discovering your body shape and how to dress it before you start shopping, download my MOMIFORM Guide.




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Grow bigger!

Grow faster!

Take out a business loan!

Find investors!

You should go on Shark Tank! (I still don’t understand how this one applied to me…)



Get a nanny!

While the thought of bigger and faster seemed exciting, I was constantly striving to stay true to the entire purpose of my little handmade hobby-turned-business.

My handmade shop was born out of needing a creative outlet while I was at home with my young kids.  And while I did occasionally hire babysitters or go out of town to sell my handmade goods, I did my best to stay true to my purpose in this season.

Maybe your goal, like mine, isn’t to “blow it up big”.  Maybe your goal is to create a product or a service that is meaningful.  Maybe your work is about depth rather than breadth — reaching few on a deep and intimate level versus reaching many on the surface.  This does not make you or your creative endeavors less ambitious, honorable, amazing or worthy.

As life goes, I now have twice as many babies and commitments as I did when I started my sole proprietorship in 2010.  When I recently looked up to reassess what my purpose is and who my business serves, I again had to shift.

When my third child was born, my business was growing at a speed I couldn’t keep up with.  I feared that if I let my foot up off the gas now, my business might not grow.  And I believed that a venture that wasn’t rapidly viral-overnight-success-growing, would be labeled or treated by others as a “hobby” or less worthy of time and attention.

As I was sewing a scarf at my sewing machine, and leaning over my son, boobs out and nursing, one of my best friends was over at my house cutting fabric to help me.  On this day I was especially frazzled, taking on more work than I could handle and she said, “I just don’t want you to look up in a couple of years and not remember Oscar being a baby.”

Sometimes it is just as brave and hard, if not harder, to say “no” to the things we think could be that one big break or that one big opportunity.  Passing on this one thing does not mean other opportunities will not come along.  Your creativity or art is worthy EVEN IF AND WHEN it isn’t making millions.  Being an entrepreneur and being a mother are NOT all-or-nothing endeavors.  You are not less of a mom for being ambitious and having a side hustle, and you are not less of an entrepreneur for building at a sustainable pace.

My point is this.

There is absolutely no shame in growing low and slow.

I will say that again because it is worth repeating.  There is no shame in growing low and slow.  This is counter cultural,  unsexy and maybe boring, but oh so true.  And the people who have built big, beautiful, important and ambitious things know this to be true.  Overnight success is mostly a lie, and something we forget in a “viral” society.

I share this because maybe you, too, have been surrounded by the message of MORE. Do more.  Make more.  Push more.  BE MORE.

But I believe that you are worth more than your hustle.  And you know who else is?  Your family.  Your tiny babies who quickly become big kids.  My oldest is just turning 10 and I’m learning now that big-kid needs are as big and important as baby and toddler needs, just at different times and not nearly as easy to decipher.  This is how I know that right now is not the time to grow “big” for me, but the time to grow deep.

Mama, you are enough.  You are enough with or without any of the extra stuff.  The extra stress, the extra money, the extra house.  Your creative endeavor and your dreams are enough and worthy.  Your passion for what you do is likely more than enough (or, like me, sometimes a little too much!).

You are enough and I am too.  No amount of extra titles or money or things contribute to you and your worth.  Your worth and your rest are not earned.  They are inherited.


Anna is a wife, mom of four, and blogger at asalwaysanna.com.  She writes about finding peace among the chaos that is mothering.  In a culture of helicopter parents and mommy wars, Anna opens conversations about purpose and meaning in an effort to ground herself and her readers.

Anna writes to find herself, her voice and her groove after a full decade of growing and nursing babies.  She shares her journey to seek joy and humor in everyday life in an attempt to reclaim her joy in motherhood.

You can find her at asalwaysanna.com or on Instagram @asalways.anna

My personal favorite is this post on how she dresses her shape



If you are unsure about what your shape is or how to dress for it and your lifestyle, download my MOMIFORM Guide HERE.



If you’re looking for outfit ideas to finish out your summer, I’ve got you! Mod & Soul is one of my absolute favorite places to shop here in Richmond, but you can also shop online. I love that the pieces are a one and done- get out the door- type of situation.

I’ve linked all of the looks here for you, all of the looks from the photos below!


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Would you believe that this nursery started out with hideous beige carpet and Tiffany Blue walls just a few short months ago? I’ll share some before photos on my instagram stories.

There were two things I knew for sure at the start of this project: little to no color (HELLO NEUTRAL) and light wood floors. First things first, we said goodbye to blue walls and replaced them with bright white. With the help of some friends, my husband installed new the new wood flooring and for awhile it was a big empty white room that I couldn’t even imagine a tiny human in.

But before we (he) even installed the wood, we wrote scriptures and prayers and dreams for baby boy on those bare floors. Our hearts poured out in in writing for our little Lincoln Maxwell. I believe in writing down the vision (Habakkuk 2:2) and watching God go to work. I can’t wait to witness these prayers unfold in the years to come. The nursery is by far the most peaceful room in the house. It’s chock full of those hopes and dreams– a product of those I wrote down for my own life throughout the years.

It wasn’t until well after the start of my third trimester that we really started to fill up the room. I couldn’t make up my mind- what a surprise. But I’m so happy with the results. From start to finish the entire room was a labor of love. The flooring to the wallpaper to every last picture that we hung. So much love, sweat and tears went into making it come together. The final piece was a handmade wardrobe rack that Glen made for Max. It’s such a special part of the room.


I’ve linked everything here

A few things to note if you are in the process of decoating a nursery:

  • I would recommend a plush rocking chair, this one is not cozy during late night feeds
  • I would also go with a different side table if I was to do it all over again
  • Lesson learned- buy the blackout curtains


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Photos: Misfit Moon Photography




Mama and baby, our new normal

After having Max, I expected to be tired and maybe a little in shock by this tremendous life change. But what I didn’t expect, was to be sad. I’m a generally happy, easy going person. So when my doctor told me to look out for postpartum depression or the baby blues, I didn’t really hear her.

Our hospital stay was great, a lot of adjustment, but i was surrounded with the help of nurses who swaddled my baby with perfection (but HOW do they do that?)  and a bed that raised at the push of a button (because… BYE abs).

Getting home on a Friday meant a nice long weekend to adjust as a family of three. It all felt real for the first time. There was no night nurse or fancy beds, but my mom and husband were great support. Visitors and flowers and meals and gifts filled our home, they created this burst of newness and excitement that almost had me forgetting the pending reality.

As a nursing mama, those late night feeds were a little lonely, but thank goodness for social media.  What did mamas do before the ability to stalk everyone’s life while a little one latched on at 2 am?


The rock n play was my saving grace

And then Monday came. I’ve always been an early riser, but 5 am comes much more quickly after waking from the cries of a newborn all night. Glen was getting ready for work, back to his regular schedule. He got up and showered without worrying that a little one would wake and need him. He dressed as usual, drank hot coffee, and was out the door. On a normal day I would wake with him at 5, we would workout, drink coffee and read a devotion. I liked this routine. A lot. But today- everything was different… for me.  

I was exhausted. And I was restricted by this tiny human and this new body. Max needed to be fed and held and burped and changed, RIGHT NOW. I could hardly walk up and down the steps, my boobs felt on the verge of bursting at all times, my belly- still round and sore and stitched together. Nothing about my life felt familiar  

I kissed Glen goodbye, it was maybe the only thing that stayed the same. I held onto that moment, hoping to grasp some sort of normalcy, a shred of familiarity in the middle of all this new. The moment was fleeting and when the door shut behind him, I cried. And then I cried some more. I held my baby and I looked at his face and I smiled and felt so much pride and love and still the tears kept coming.    

At 9am I walked downstairs, baby max in my arms. I was still in pajamas and I had nowhere to be. Nobody needed me, nobody that could measure my productivity anyway. It was a hard realization that didn’t make sense to me. I had wanted this, I chose this, why was I crying? Again. I wanted to leave my day job to peruse my dream job. But the thought of no schedule and job to go back to seemed daunting. The fact that there was no maternity leave, no deadline for me to wrap this whole thing up and return to life as I knew it? Did I make the right choice, was I made to be a stay at home mama?

I held it together in front of people but if anyone asked me how I was, I had to hold back tears like it was my job. Because if I told them I felt sad- wouldn’t they judge me? Think i was a bad mom? Ask me to explain why I felt sad? Maybe. Maybe not.

The next morning Glen did his normal routine and I joined him for coffee (thank you, Rock N Play) he asked me how I was and I lost it. I think I managed to blurt out how we will NEVER EVER (dramatic?) get to go to the gym at 5:30am again. WHO cries over that?! Me. He hugged me and told me that he was sad too, that all of this change just shifted everything so quickly. It was reassuring knowing that we were both navigating this from a similar standpoint. But again- he went out that door and went on about his normal life  I went to the the couch, just me, Max, and my nursing pillow.


So thankful for Nordstrom and their mama lounge

I never knew I would need other moms. My sister in law and a couple friends who had just had babies started to text me daily. Simple texts, but I looked forward to them everyday. How are you? How did today go? They checked on me and answered my 2936378 questions about everything. Those daily check ins kept me sane.

They sent pictures of their littles making them crazy (in the best way)- reassuring me that I wasn’t alone, scriptures of encouragement, some friends let me just sit and talk and/or cry. They dropped off oils and tinctures, and sent me all the tips. They welcomed me into their club. This sisterhood of motherhood, it’s life giving.   


Making the best of our new normal, family life in the first few weeks meant a lot of time on the couch.

Eventually people would ask me how I was and I no longer had to hold back tears. Time somehow melted together and my new normal started to grow on me. I was sleeping a tad more, my boobs leaked less (such a weird thing), my belly was healing and I started feeling a little more like an empowered woman and a little less like a mommy blob.

I realized that I had to let myself grieve my old life. I would carry some of her with me into this new life, but I would never be her again. There would be things in my life that would not change, but I would forever be different. It was a whole process, a lot grace for myself, a lot of letting go, but also holding on- to all of the goodness in this change.

I believe that in order to move forward we must first feel all the feelings of what we are leaving behind. Let them be, then let them go. Sometimes I still leave the house and forget all the things, date nights typically include a lot of baby conversation, and getting dressed just isn’t the same. Life is different, I have accepted that and I love it’s differences. But I am grateful for all of the years of independence and travel and growth and freedom and spontaneity. They made me the mom I am today.


Our first date as parents might have been Publix

Mama, if you are the thick of it, those first few months where everyone tells you that it goes by so fast and that you need to hold onto every minute— but you’re sitting there at 2am feeling like the days are just so long and the nights are even longer— just feel it. Let it be. The hard, the tired, the long days and longer nights. If you are happy or sad or both, it’s ok. But don’t do it alone. I realized that every mom said the same thing for a reason. It really is fleeting. It really does get better. Those first weeks are unfair to a first time mama. We have no idea what to expect and then we are expected to do it all while exhausted beyond our wildest dreams. Some moments will be done with joy, some will be loathed, but all will be done with so much love.

If you feel sad (or even if you don’t) text a mama friend, find your  tribe, get out of the house, and use all the oils! If your sadness lasts longer than the baby blues (typically less than a month) please contact your doctor, there is no shame in needing help.


jammie baker mom list


Baby bumps aren’t the easiest body shape to dress… unless you know where to look.


When I first started to show, it was late summer and I was kind of sad about not being able to wear all of the cute fall clothes. But thankfully after some research and trial + error, I found some great maternity brands and some non-maternity brands that work really well when it comes to bump style!


For me, a really good pair of jeans was the key to always having something easy + cute to throw on. I tried several cheaper brands at first (which ended up being more expensive than just buying the good pair in the long run) but finally settled on these. Yes, they are an investment. But mama needs to feel cute when she’s 8 months prego, ok? These don’t lose their shape AT ALL. The perfect staple for your fall wardrobe. I also grabbed a pair of black distressed jeans, and my forever go-to leggings. The leggings aren’t maternity but they are perfect for the bump and postpartum.


Most of the items in this catalog are maternity but for the ones that aren’t- just size up! You will find a lot of neutral basics that are easy to mix and match with the layering pieces. Just like your non-maternity wardrobe, make sure you have plenty of neutral basics that can easily be mixed, matched, and layered with more statement pieces.


Here are my 3 favorite ways to wear the jeans. 


When you click the SHOP button below it will take you to a catalog of all of the finds and a lookbook of ways I created outfits from the finds.Use the catalog to directly shop my tried and true finds or use the lookbook as inspiration. You can click between the two once you open the link!  When choosing your maternity wardrobe, a capsule will most likely suit you best. I would suggest starting with the following:


3 neutral tees

1 cute/fun/printed top

2 layering pieces

1 plain dress (so that it can be easily layered- change of shoes, layer, and accessories will make 1 dress into SO MANY outfits)

1 pair of dark jeans

1 pair of leggings

1 pair of black pants or jeans

2-3 pairs of shoes


I hope that the these finds and look book will inspire you to dress your bump this fall!


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I had my 40 week checkup on November 5th (my due date) with no signs of oncoming labor in my near future. Dr. C told me that I would likely go past my due date and I was fine with that. I wasn’t (and I learned one never is) prepared for this whole birth scenario just yet. At the end of the checkup she told me that she thought he had flipped. After an ultrasound to confirm that baby was indeed breech, I had a couple of choices. The first was to just schedule a C-Section, but the second option was worth trying- even at a less than 50% success rate this late in pregnancy. Option two was to schedule an external cephalic version with hopes that baby would take a head down position and I would go home to labor on my own. But the flip side of that would be to keep said C-Section appointment if baby was stubborn and sustained the breech position.

Side note: The external version HURTS LIKE HELL.

After trying clockwise and counterclockwise, I turned white, almost passed out, and left claw marks in my husbands hand. I told the doctor, no more. I wanted it to work, she wanted it to work, and I’m pretty sure that the other 6 medical professionals in the room (it’s a pretty intense and risky procedure), were rooting for baby’s flip as well.

Why was my baby breech? Well…

At 32 weeks pregnant, I was driving home after a great day of styling a magazine shoot, excited to get home to my husband and enjoy dinner. That plan was averted when an SUV headed in the opposite direction, crossed the median and hit me head on, then swung around to the drivers side after impact, eventually facing North, parallel to my vehicle (basically their vehicle and mine became one). On a daily basis I was driving a Ford Explorer, similar in size to the SUV that hit me. That particular day, after a string of “only God” events, I ended up driving my husband’s pickup truck. Three times the size of the other vehicle. I NEVER drove that truck, it’s way too big to maneuver and climb in and out of, especially being pregnant.

There’s an amazing backstory to that truck. While I was single I had made a prayer list of what I wanted in a husband (Habakkuk 2:2 write down the vision). All the good Godly stuff and the fun stuff, but then for some reason I also wrote: drives a truck. WHAT? WHY? I don’t even like trucks. But I still have that list that I wrote down and prayed over in 2013. And somehow, 4 years later, that truck I had prayed about- saved me and my unborn baby boy. The tow truck driver said it was in the top 10 of the accidents he’s towed in his 35 year career as far as vehicle to vehicle damage. According to him, the amount of damage done to a truck that size was typically only seen after hitting a semi truck or cement wall.

Needless to say I didn’t make it home to enjoy dinner. I ended up in an ambulance followed by a 36 hour hospital stay where they discovered that baby was now breech. I was having contractions and for the first hour- his little heartbeat was hard to detect. That was the night I discovered my mama instincts and what it feels like to have so much love and strength for a tiny human. For the next 8 weeks I saw a chiropractor who performed the Webster Technique on me routinely. I did what I could, but my little breech baby was cozy there I guess.  

I digress. Back to the birth-

I believed it would all work out, that baby would flip, I would go home to labor on my own, and get what I wanted. Done. I didn’t even bring my bags into the hospital. Wonder where baby got his stubborn start? But it didn’t work and I was headed for surgery.

After being wheeled into the surgery room, stripped naked and laid out on a table, numb from the waist down, watching them scrub me but feeling nothing. They told Glen to wait outside until I was fully ready. But my goofy husband found a window where he insisted on watching the whole process anyway, so they let him in. It was like watching a kid peek into a forbidden room- he was making us all laugh and I needed that.

Since this was scheduled and not emergency, my experience was actually pretty pleasant. The doctor was unbelievably caring and personable, I trusted her decisions the entire pregnancy. She was relate-able and took her time with this new mama during every single appointment. She knew this wasn’t the birth I hoped for but this was also why I never formed an actual birth plan. I decided early in my pregnancy to go with the flow of whatever needed to happen in order to deliver a healthy baby.

She allowed us to play worship music through the speakers and Glen brought essential oils to prevent me from smelling all the weird smells that come with a c-section. The room was peaceful and calm, we chatted and laughed until my body was ready for birth. Dr. C used a special curtain to make it all as close to a natural birth experience as possible. As long as baby came out healthy and breathing, she planned to pass him to me immediately just as in a natural birth.

Lincoln Maxwell Baker aka: Baby Max, made his debut at 4:36 PM on November 7th, 2017. He cried a big healthy cry and I was able to hold my brand new tiny human before they took him to be cleaned and weighed. Holding him for the first time felt as if the three of us were the only ones in the room and time stood still for just a few moments as we became a family. My little 7 pound 12.5 ounce, baby Max was full of more joy than I could have ever dreamed up. Tiny humans hold so much power for change, it’s incredible.

Pregnancy and birth wrecked me to the core in the most beautiful ways. It is the most extreme and rewarding process- this whole growing and birthing a human situation. I was supposed to be too old, with a past too harsh, I was too late in the game, messed up too many times, right? How could I be deserving of this new precious life, this new family of three? I wasn’t, I’m not, I never will be. But GOD IS GOOD. Max is my redemption story, my daily reminder of God’s love for me. The most humbling, selfless job was now mine to walk out. It is by far the closest earthly example I have ever experienced in being able to comprehend how HE loves us.

I wasn’t ready that day. I’m 3 months in and I’m still not ready, but I’m learning and adjusting. Finding my mama legs, I suppose. I love that little boy and all that he has taught me these past few months. I am so much better and stronger because of him. In the words of Carrie Underwood:

“I finally found what I never knew I always wanted”