My favorite outfit formula right now: Tee Shirt Dress, Denim Jacket, Sneakers, simple accessories (and a spray tan)

Getting Dressed Can Be Fast and Simple

It’s no secret that I’m more about quality over quantity. Stocking your closet full of quality basics so that you never end up with a closet full of nothing to wear– is how I roll! It’s not often that you will hear me tell you to head over to Target, because let’s be honest… we usually grab a one-off top that we don’t need and we maybe wear once vs adding items that help build a cohesive wardrobe. BUT, for the Spring/Summer season, I like to bend the rules a bit.

I wanted to give you a few options for affordable dresses, tell you how to style them, and hopefully… help you fight the frump! Dresses are my favorite for the warmer weather because of comfort and ease. They’re a one and done outfit that you don’t even have to think about. A dress like this camo one makes for a super simple yet stylish outfit option.

Spring is also a time for lots of events that usually leaves mama’s hustling last minute for dress options- from Graduation to Baby Showers, there’s a lot going on this time of year. I’ve curated a few dresses that would work for anything from weddings to date nights but they won’t break the bank, are easy to style, and can be worn more than once!


My only complaint about wearing a dress sans tights in the warm weather? Chub rub. Yeah… the secret’s out– my thighs touch. If yours do too, or maybe you just want freedom to bend over without showing all the goods? I highly recommend a pair of spandex or slip shorts for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. I’ve linked a few super affordable pairs here for you.


You can shop all of my dress recommendations HERE. I’ve included notes on how to style each one and even added a few bonus items to your next Target run. Wearing one and done pieces like dresses or jumpsuits make creating that Spring Momiform simple and fast!



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happy monday, mama



Mom life can be a busy life, we wear so many many hats for everyone else that sometimes, we forget to set aside time to think about the outfits we put on. I’ve pulled together some easy tips for the stay at home mom, work from home mom, and 9-5(ish) mom. I hope this helps you create a wardrobe you love, mama!
The key to building a Momiform‚ĄĘ¬† is to start with the basics and curate a closet that is cohesive. Moms have a lot of roles, they need wardrobes that work for them, not the other way around. Being able to transition from one area of life to the next is important so that is what we are focusing on today.
A transitional and cohesive momiform‚ĄĘ will look different depending on your lifestyle but anyone can do this- the stay at home mom, the corporate working mom, and the work from home mom.
The Stay At Home Mom
I know that wearing leggings on the daily is SUPER TEMPTING, I mean you’re “just at home” right? Wrong. You are the CEO of your home, your job is important and the way you dress for that role has an impact on your productivity, the way you feel about yourself and your relationships. Here’s an easy swap that’s just as comfortable but really looks put together. This look would help you to feel confident when the UPS person is delivering, when someone stops by unexpected or when you have to run out to the store but then can easily transition to a dinner out, evening activities for the kids, or whatever your calendar fills up with.
The Basics:
Spanx Denim (these feel like leggings but look like jeans. You won’t be showing everything while playing on the floor or the playground with your little ones)
Add On:
Light Layer
Statement Earring
The Work Outside of the Home Mom
Business casual work attire can be fun and personal, it doesn’t have to be the old school office attire. Ankle length trousers, fun shoes, and prints can add a lot of personality to your 9-5. But we know that a mother’s work is never done and doesn’t actually end at 5pm. There are soccer games, girls nights, daycare pickup, dinner dates, networking events… and the list goes on. Just a few tweaks to your look and you have a really easy transitional outfit.
The Basics:
Add On / Change:
Denim Jacket
Statement Earring
The Work From Home Mom
It’s easy to think that a perk to this position is working from bed in your pj’s. Sounds great, but that idea doesn’t translate well. It’s proven that when we actually get ready for the day, we are more productive, we feel more confident and we put out our best work. There’s also the importance of social media in most work from home jobs, this requires us to show up on video at random moments and when we look like a hot mess it’s hard to expect anyone to believe that we’re an expert in our field. Here’s an easy fix so that you are dressed for the job and a few transition pieces in case you need to pop out for a meeting at the coffee shop or lunch with a friend.
The Basics
Jeans with a lot of stretch
Easy Tank
Minimal Layered Necklaces
Add on:
Statement Earring
I hope that you can use these tips and outfit formulas to help you build your a momiform‚ĄĘ that you LOVE. Shop the three looks from FOR POSH SAKE here. Use code: JAMMIE10 for 10% off and FREE shipping.
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Before I became a mama I swore that I would never let dating my husband fall through the cracks (along with 100 other things I swore I would never do as a mom). Can anyone else relate? I ENJOY my husband, we have so much fun together, why would I not want to continue this? OH… it has nothing to do with not wanting to, it has everything to do with the tiny boss who now controls the schedule. Noted.

If you’re a mama who would love to get more creative with dates, I’ve got you covered. I have a few fun ideas and blog posts coming up that don’t include your typical dinner down the street and rush back home. Yes I know this entails a lot of scheduling in advance, but if it’s important, we’ll do it.

We had to snap a selfie with John and our ride

This past Monday we pretended to be uber fancy with a day date to Charlottesville for a private wine tour with C’ville Tours. We chose a Monday so that Max would already be in daycare and the wineries wouldn’t be crowded. Serious lifehack: go to wineries on a Monday. It felt like we had the town to ourselves- super romantic.

Booking the tour was incredibly simple, I just emailed Andre through their site and he arranged everything. Our pickup was at 10am and we would return at 4pm, it was perfect timing with daycare, traffic, and being able to start our Monday morning together.

Our driver/tour guide, John picked us up in a beautiful (super fancy) Lexus SUV. He had bottled water waiting for us, made sure we were comfortable, set the radio to Frank Sinatra (per my request) and we were on our way. John was incredibly knowledgeable about the homes, landmarks, and history of Charlottesville– giving us all the facts as we approached our first stop.

Veritas Vineyard and Winery was gorgeous. We went through their tasting menu, took some photos, and enjoyed a short tour of the venue. I can’t believe that we had never been here before. We loved the wine and ended up leaving with a bottle of rose to enjoy on the deck this summer. Next stop was to pick up sandwiches from Greenwood Gourmet. What a hidden gem, John suggested we check this spot and I’m so glad that we made the stop. We grabbed sandwiches, homemade tortilla chips, and hummus for a little picnic at Pollack Vineyards. While we went through the tasting menu at Pollack, John set up our lunch on the patio. He paid attention to every detail- down to mints and water bottles. We each grabbed a glass of wine to pair with our sandwiches and enjoyed this view.

After lunch we headed to King Family Vineyards. This was the only winery I had been to before, but I enjoyed it even more the second time around. We chatted with the employees, learned about their polo season and took in their spectacular view while sipping wine.

We had a bit of time to kill before heading home so we made an extra stop at Bold Rock Chiles Peach. John recommend a cider and donut pairing, I was skeptical but ended up a fan. It was a fun final stop where we were also able to grab some berries for Max and chat on their patio.

The ride home was so relaxing that Glen enjoyed a little cat nap in the heated backseat. Why can’t we all sleep like our husbands?! John got us home right on time so that we were able to enjoy an hour at home before picking up Max. We grabbed Chick-Fil-A for dinner so that we could keep the simplicity and enjoyment of the day going strong. Genius idea, babe!

If you’re looking for something different to do for a day date or even a group of girls, and live in the Richmond or Charlottesville area– I can’t recommend C’ville Tours enough! The service was top notch from start to finish. How could you not feel like royalty while being spoiled like that all day? It was just enough time for us to connect and still be able to fit it into our schedule (fairly) easily.

If you want to see a few more pictures and behind the scenes of our day, check out Instagram and you will find it in the highlights.

I’ve also linked our day date outfits… if you’re into that thing. I grabbed Glen’s from Target last minute and mine are basics that are easily mixed and matched for your Spring Momiform‚ĄĘ.





Spring is here, the sun is out to play and our closets have lightened up! At least that’s my hope for you! Layers are lighter, colors are soft and bright, and the textures are more playful. If you haven’t created your Spring MOMIFORM‚ĄĘ or swapped out your Winter blues for Spring hues… what are you waiting for? Oh yeah… free time! Not much of that, is there, mama?

It’s your lucky day, I have just the tool to help you! If you haven’t downloaded my Spring Style Guide, grab yours HERE. I walk you through that closet clean out with some quick and easy tips, I help you set an intention for your wardrobe and then I even give you links to shop what I’ve been loving. So you can live mom life, in style.



If you’ve gotten your hands on the guide but still need a little more… guidance– you’re in luck! I will be going live on Facebook and Instagram this Saturday at 9am EST to walk you through the styles and give some outfit suggestions. Join me?


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Transitioning into Spring gives me #allthefeels. I’m excited for warm weather and I adore the new lighter fabrics and colors seen in stores, BUT… it’s not that simple. We can still be starting off with chilly mornings and evenings well into May. So what’s a girl to do?


I’m so glad you asked!


I’ve included all of the tips and tricks in my segment on Virginia This Morning¬†I’ve also created a digital lookbook where you can shop the looks!

Have fun adding Spring colors and textures into your wardrobe but don’t get rid of those jackets just yet! It’s ok to clear out the puffer coats and heavy boots, but light jackets and sweaters are key to this season of transition.




When you shop the looks from FOR POSH SAKE use code: JAMMIE10 for 10% off and FREE shipping! 



Kara and I after she applied the 10 minute makeup look

I see a lot about the 5 minute makeup routine, I’m here for it, I am. But I also know that when it’s unrealistic to feel fully put together in 5 minutes. On days where I am home all day or just rocking the athleisure to Publix and back– I do the 5 minute look. But those extra 5 minutes to do the full face really boosts my confidence! Nothing crazy, just enough to feel like the hot mom roaming the aisles of my local grocery store.

In a world of information overload, you could easily get a lot of makeup application tips and tricks from youtube and instagram. Just like you could easily get a lot of style advice from the same avenues. It’s there, but it’s not always from a professional in the field.

Have you ever made an appointment at Sephora or any department store makeup counter, super excited about not having to put your face on yourself and hopefully learning #allthethings about application and elevating your makeup look? Yeah, me too. Only to be disappointed that they didn’t cover ANYTHING on my face, my lashes look non existent, and I’m pretty sure that my face was always a different shade than my neck. Anybody else? That’s because most of them aren’t experienced professionals. Their job is to sell you a product, not teach you about makeup for your particular lifestyle, skin type, etc…

After 37 years of not being able to do my makeup and putting false hope into retail counters, I signed up for a workshop with a pro. I believe in investing in professionals when I want real results, why would makeup be any different than my amazing hair stylist, my personal trainer, or my esthetician? That workshop changed my life, mama! No joke!

I now own all of the tools and products I NEED and that’s it. I don’t run to buy the next makeup trend (unless I run it by Kara first) or wonder if I’m applying my foundation correctly, I don’t waste money on false promises from a retail counter. It’s pretty incredible and empowering to know that I have the tools and knowledge to apply my own makeup and love it.

I still on Kara when photoshoots or tv segments happen because you KNOW I need that airbrush in my life if I want to look flawless all day and under all of those lights.


Enough about me and my journey with makeup, I want you to hear it from the pro herself. I chatted with Kara last week and asked her a few questions and she gave me all the tips and I am sharing them with YOU!


What is your favorite product EVER?

If I were stranded on an island I would take BETTER THAN SEX mascara with me. And coffee of course.


If 10 minutes is unrealistic for me. If I only have 5 minutes, what do I focus on?

Never leave your house without your: Eyebrows (they frame the face), Mascara (makes your eyes pop and might make you look more awake than you are), Lip Gloss (really pulls it all together and goes a long way and gives you color).


Number one tip for the busy mom?

Two in one products save the most time. A two in one foundation/concealer or bronzer/eyeshadow really helps you cut down on the time it takes to get ready.


What is the most overlooked step when it comes to makeup?

SKINCARE. Wash your face everyday and always moisturize. Never sleep in your makeup, your skin does the most healing at night and not washing off your makeup will age you! Invest in a really good eye cream.


Something fun about you that nobody knows?

Fun fact that nobody knows is that I LOVE sushi and I won’t share it! I could eat sushi everyday for every meal.


Tell us a little bit about your journey becoming a makeup artist.

I was in school to become a nurse and knew it wasn’t for me, so I dropped out and got a job at the MAC counter and told my parents I was becoming a makeup artist. I was determined to succeed. I worked for different companies up and down the East Coast for 12 years and 3 years ago opened my own business after moving to Richmond with my husband, Kyle and our dog, Lily. I opened the doors to my own studio space last week, I have an incredible team of artists that work for me, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future!


If you are local to Richmond, you can book your very own makeup lesson with Kara. Not only is she one of the most kind hearted women I have ever met, she is incredibly talented at her craft. To make the experience even better– Kara was kind enough to give you a code! Use code JAMMIE15 for $15 off of your lesson!


If you missed the tutorial or if you are not local to Richmond, that’s ok– we have something fun + digital coming your way!


Make sure to follow Kara on the ‘gram and check out her gorgeous website

Don’t miss the 10 minute makeup tutorial, watch it HERE












It’s that time of year where the term, sweater weather has lost its luster. We’re all dreaming of lighter layers and sunny skies, but… it’s still a little cool out.

The most common items I’m asked are: “what shirts do you recommend that are easy but disguise my tummy?” and “What jeans do you recommend?”.

I tried on 3 outfits that should answer both questions AND show you some options for styling your outfits during this moody weather season. One day it’s 60 degrees and the next it’s 40 and raining. I’ve got ‘chu mama!




If you haven’t watched my try on session in Stories, you can find it in my HIGHLIGHTS.






The weather going into Spring can be so moody, be prepared. What starts out as a cool day and ends as a cool evening may have some sunny and warm(ish) temps mid day– be prepared. Layer your spring tops and sweaters with light jackets and cardigans. Opt for tops with sleeves so that you can forgo the layer, but made of materials that won’t make you too warm.



Wearing white denim? Cool… it’s not too early! Try pairing them with leather or suede booties to keep it seasonally appropriate. Layer your leather moto jacket over a soft floral dress to create a fashion forward look that keeps you warm but allows you to wear that Spring dress. Pair your cozy oversized sweaters with fun and flirty skirts or dresses in lighter jersey or silky materials.



Did you know that monochromatic outfits are a stylists tip for looking like your outfit is more expensive than it is? We already know that all black always looks pulled together, but have you ever thought of monochromatic looks in light grays or blush? Maybe even oatmeal. Even if you aren’t sold on wearing one color head to toe, wearing muted neutrals is a great way to transition into Spring. Lighten up dark denim with a blush sweater. Throw a brown suede jacket over your oatmeal sweater and create a Spring forward, two tone style. Try losing the dark nail colors of winter and opt for an off white (like Essie’s marshmallow) or super light pink (Essie’s ballet slippers is always a fave).


I hope these tips helped you decide how to dress as this weather tries to decide how it wants to act!

If you’re looking to elevate your style before Spring is here, I can help. Schedule a style coaching call with me– it’s FREE!



I’m excited to take you all Back To Basics this year when it comes to style! And you might be wondering… why are you talking about skincare?

STYLE: : a distinctive manner of expression

Style isn’t just about the clothes we put on our bodies, it’s how we feel, act, and present ourselves. In the words of Rachel Zoe:¬†‚ÄúStyle is a way to say who you are without¬†having to¬†speak.‚Ä̬†Style is powerful, it can used as a tool to get what we want in life. Confidence, the corner office, the date, the client, the influence (over anything from our kids to our peers). It also goes deeper than that, teaching our littles that having them doesn’t mean our life is a hotmess, and that they aren’t a problem or a burden– they’re little blessing that deserve us to show up as our best selves. Self care is so much more than getting a massage or taking a bath. Style is self care, it’s showing up for your people, putting your best foot forward in life, it’s about respecting yourself.

But we can’t just put on a dress and call it a day. It’s about how we feel in that dress that matters. And as someone who has struggled with skin issues, I know a lot of how we feel when we put on clothes, starts with our skin (and hair + makeup but we WILL get there).

When I thought about doing this post and what would give you mama’s the best value, I immediately emailed my friend, Summer, who is the founder of Sugar + Hive. It’s not only one of the most gorgeous spaces I’ve ever entered, it houses one of the effective and kind skincare teams I’ve ever come across.


We’re headed into Spring so the exfoliate + glow facial is what really caught my eye. I LOVE a good dermaplaning session, but if you’re on my Stylish Mom’s List you already know that I’m all about shaving the face! In addition to the facial we decided on some pretty awesome #momhacks: I opted for the brow tint and the lash lift+ tint. Game changers, mama, serious game changers. I’m all about saving precious minutes in the morning but I’m also about looking half decent without makeup on which is a real deal confidence booster. I know what it’s like to have a face covered in acne, it sucked the confidence right out of me. I was 30 when I went through that stage in life (sweet, right?) and ever since clearing up my skin with the help of a derm and monthly facials… I refuse to stop treating my skin right.


I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with Summer!




What is your favorite S+H service and why?  



Oh gosh.  This is hard.  I would have to say the Hydrafacial is my  top treatment and my go-to.  It is the only treatment that does what it does…it is several treatments built in to one.  It is instant gratification and super customizable.  It deep cleanses the skin, it exfoliates, it has a gly-sal peel which is AMAZING, it extracts (this is everyone’s favorite part), and the fun part is the boosters.  I always go for the growth factor booster.  It contains human growth factors that make the skin super bright and hydrated.  The growth factors act like an army marching in to your skin and reorganizing the way it functions.


You do not want your services to be known as luxury but part of a skin routine, correct?  How often does someone need a facial?

That is correct.  Our skin is our largest organ and we should nurture it and love it and treat it well.  We really only get one chance.  I do not consider that luxury.  We go to the gym.  We spend money on eating healthy, we spend money on nice clothes and shoes.  We spend an insane amount of money on foundation and covering up.  I think the figure was $984,000,000!  I think we need to recreate the spa and wellness culture to cultivate better skin care habits.  Get a facial once a month at least.  Skilled estheticians will change your skin.  A professional facial is not the same as what you would get at home with a DIY kit.  We fill the niche somewhere between home care and the dermatologist.


What is your #1 skincare tip?


WASH YOUR FACE every single day.  I am so shocked at the number of people that do not wash their faces. Use a professional brand that is concentrated in higher active ingredients and that contains vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your skin.  Makeup ages you as well as the environment.  It is SO important to wash your face every single day.  I wash my face every morning and every night.


What is your must have, can’t live without product?  

Oh gosh! This is hard. The Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum by Sorella Apothecary!  I LOVE this stuff.  It is full of amazing ingredients such as Snow Mushroom Extract, B3, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid…and lots of other goodness.  It keeps my skin balanced.



Hey Sugar, Today is the LAST DAY to enter our giveaway! Have you entered? The winner receives a 30 Minute spa facial from Sugar + Hive and a mini virtual style session with ME!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my experience with S+H on Instagram, I saved it in my highlights! If you pop in for some lash + brow #momhacks make sure to tag me on instagram- I would love to see!

This is me post facial. The only time I have ever taken a picture and posted it… sans makeup! The Sugar + Hive post facial glow is legit.





P.P.S. If you’re interested in my day to day skincare routine, I just might be sharing that in Insta Stories this week! Stay tuned, mama¬†ūüėė




There are a lot of options and an overwhelming amount of people telling us what me “must have” when it comes to style. But here’s the thing, style is PERSONAL. It’s a fashion bloggers job to tell you about the must have shirt on sale this weekend that everyone needs and if you don’t have it, you’re not cool! Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for style but they can also be overload when trying to hone in on YOUR personal style. Because of this I wanted to share 3 tips for ditching the trends and finding your personal style!


Define Your Style Type

Are you CLASSIC, BOHO, FEMININE, EDGY, or SPORTY? Or maybe you’re more than one of these? It’s common to have a primary and secondary style type. Keep in mind that the style type you love to wear are¬†not always the ones the are just aesthetically pleasing. For example– I love Free People and all things BOHO, it all looks so pretty and carefree and comfortable. But, that’s just not me in real life. When I put those clothes on I don’t feel cute, I feel frumpy. Always ask yourself, what makes me FEEL my best?



In the segment I teach you how to measure your body so that you can determine if you are BIGGER ON THE BOTTOM, BIGGER ON THE TOP, BIGGER IN THE MIDDLE, NO CURVES, or PROPORTIONAL. I also teach you how to dress for each shape in my FREE Momiform‚ĄĘ Style Guide.



Maybe you love how Reece Witherspoon dresses, but your life doesn’t exactly call for heels and pretty pastel dresses on the daily? Make sure you take into account how you spend your time and how you need to show up for life! Are you a SAHM with a closet full of corporate attire but really in need of sneakers and simple looks like jeans and tees? Or are you a corporate mama with a closet full of casual weekend wear? Sometimes our closets don’t reflect our actual lives, but that’s ok… I’m here to help you change that!


What it comes down to is building a closet full of basics. Think, Jeans, Tees, Leggings, Layers. Then add the shoes you actually need for your lifestyle. Add pops of color and personality with accessories like jewelry, bags, scarves, and even your shoes! Fashion is fun but remember that finding your personal style is a journey! 

Fun shopping note: All proceeds from the accessories used on this segment will be donated to Miracles In Motion! Happy shopping!



If you are interested in finding your personal style and want to know even more, you’re in luck! I’m hosting a FREE virtual workshop on February 19th! Three Steps to Finding Your Signature Mom Style. Sign up HERE and I’ll keep you in the loop!





Showing you 3 outfits and 3 ways to style each of them on Virginia This Morning


My number one tip for Holiday Style is to add TEXTURE! Think- faux fur, leather, sequin, glitter, velvet, and statement sparkles! Have fun with your look and remember the holidays are an excuse to play dress up and be a little extra!


You don’t have to run out and buy new outfits for all of your events this season. There are so many events, from the office party, to holiday themed date nights, girls night out, weddings, and New Years Eve celebrations. Choose one item to be the canvas and switch up your accessories to give it a whole new look!


The perfect example is the amazing velvet dress

For GNO try pairing it with fun statement shoes and statement earrings and layering it with a faux fur jacket

For a Wedding go for classic shoes and a statement necklace

For proper Office Party attire try a fun headband with a sparkly shoe and delicate jewels


How are you dressing up this Holiday Season? Tag me on instagram @jammiebaker_ , I’d love to see your looks! And to shop the looks from today’s segment, CLICK HERE.