Your step by step guide to finally determining your body shape so that you can have the tools you need to get dressed in a way that is flattering for YOUR shape!


The Body Shape Guide For Moms includes:

Done-For-You Outfit Formulas For Each Shape

How To Measure Your Body

Why Dressing For Your Shape Matters

PRO TIP: once you determine your body shape, use it as a tool to get dressed but never make any “rules” out of style. Just because defining your waist is the most flattering tip for any body shape doesn’t mean you can’t wear something that doesn’t define your waist. Wear what you love, mama!

This guide includes celeb dopplegangers to help you search for outfits on your own but it also outlines the best and worst items for your particular body shape!

momiform style guide


mom style guide



spring style guide



The FREE Spring Style Guide is HERE! Have you grabbed yours yet, mama?


Inside of the guide you will find:





You can shop the outfits directly OR use them for inspiration and simply shop your own closet! Create your own Spring Mini Momiform with this Style Guide! You can also learn how to create a 5 minute makeup routine AND how to add pops of Spring Trends into your outfits without spending too much!


Hey mama, it’s time to get dressed! How do you want to feel today? Dress like it! If you end up wearing one (or more) of these outfit formulas, make sure to tag me on instagram so that I can cheer you on! Don’t forget to join our FREE facebook group with an amazing community of mamas ready to live mom life, in style.



mom style


mom style guide





Are they pants are are they no? The short answer? Yes, they can be pants. The thing is that leggings can frumpy and we don’t want that, so I’m here to help you create simple but cute outfits with some of my favorite leggings (aka pants).

Leggings are no longer just a workout pant or a pair of stretch pants to pair with a tunic (please don’t do that). Here are a few of my favorite styles:


The Active Legging: 7/8 length, high waist, and just enough compression. I love these for a more sporty look and to actually work out in. You can find me in these while taking one of my favorite spin classes.

The Comfort Legging: Cozy, light, buttery soft, and a touch of compression. Lounge wear, but make it fashion.

The Staple Legging: This is the fun one, the pair you want to wear to dinner or even to work. Just enough shine, just enough compression, just dressy enough to slip on with boots this Fall.

The Biker Short: Such a perfect piece for mom life and this transitional season before it gets too cold– pair them with a sweatshirt and sneakers.


Use code: JAMMIE10 for 10% off your L&M purchase. L&M is a small business created and run by 2 sweet sisters and I just love following their journey, watching them grow, and supporting them, and I think you will too!




comfort legging + cozy sweatshirt + fun earrings + bag


cute leggings outfits

comfort legging + peplum top + oversized denim jacket + hat




Casual but not frumpy. I’m all about elevating your everyday and the best way to do that is to add some structure + detail to your leggings outfits. A hat, a jacket, some sparkle, fashion sneakers, a bold lip, or a great bag. Find ways to add a pop of trend or personality to your outfit. This keeps you comfy and casual yet put together.




cute leggings outfits

staple legging + bodysuit + leather jacket + boots + hat


working mom outfits

staple legging + blouse + blazer + heel + tote




Break it down to a basic outfit formula:

Basic Top

Basic Bottom (legging)





This helps you think outside of the box and try new pieces like a blazer or bodysuit instead of tunic. Swap workout sneakers for mules or even booties. Elevate your basics and look instantly put together.






active legging + cropped tee + sneakers + wrap bracelets


cute workout leggings

active legging + white tee + sneakers + hat




Treat leggings like you would any other basic bottom. Reach outside of the boyfriend tee option (although I do like this one).

Mix textures like a leather or suede jacket, a sweater, ponte blazer, or snakeskin mules. This will instantly elevate your look and bring more interest to your outfit.

Mix style types. Think pearl headband with a leather jacket. A little bit of prep, a little bit of edge.

Stack on the jewels. Don’t be afraid to wear chunky necklaces with your tee and sneakers or wrap bracelets with your active looks. Have fun, it’s not that serious.




staple biker shorts + sweater + sneakers + statement necklace




comfort legging + tee + utility jacket + sneakers





Denim Jacket

Leather Jacket

Fashion Sneakers

Combat Boots

Statement Necklace

Statement Earrings

Cute + Functional Bag




momiform outfit

active legging + sports bra + cropped sweatshirt + sneakers + fun gym bag


cozy mom style

comfort legging + wrap top + hoops




momiform outfits



Need more Fall Style Ideas?

how to be a stylish mom




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how to style leggings

momiform style guide



Your guide to simple Fall style that’s perfect for mom life. I’ve curated all of the best pro-tips, tricks, and trends, just for you! I’ve included a Fall Basics checklist to build your own Mini Momiform™ and even included 12 done-for-you shoppable outfit formulas! Style can be simple, mama!



You don’t have to have more clothes to have more outfits. Crazy, right? The best kept stylist secret can be found inside of this season’s style guide. Want a hint? More basics… grab your guide to find the full scoop!



The Fall Basics checklist is meant for you to start with your own closet. The list is general enough so that you can choose what you love and what matches your personal style, body shape, and lifestyle– but it’s also specific enough to curate a cohesive mini Momiform™.



Before you head to a store or start ordering #allthethings start with your own closet! If you haven’t done a closet edit yet, make sure to join our private group where you can grab the Closet Edit Checklist and watch my closet edit mini masterclass.



Once you know what you have and what you need, use the list for intentional shopping. No more wasting your money on the random pieces from the Target clearance rack. Only buy what you need + love so that you can have a closet full of clothes that you love to wear, not a closet full of nothing to wear!



Grab your guide and start building your Fall Mini Momiform™! Make sure to share it with me on the ‘gram and/or inside of our group. I want to cheer you on, mama!



how to be a stylish mom




Need more style tips? Check out THIS POST for elevated everyday mom style this Fall.


Take the Mom STYLE QUIZ


Want to learn how to curate a Momiform™ that you love, join a community of likeminded mamas, and have access to your personal stylist? Join the Momiform™ Style Society... your all access pass to affordable personal style and community.


momiform style society



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fall mom capsule wardrobe



Mom-life is busy, we have a lot to show up for. We don’t have time to worry about what to wear but we also don’t have time to settle for frumpy. That’s why I’ve simplified getting dressed by creating the Momiform™, a capsule-ish (heavy on the ish) wardrobe for moms. Motherhood is hard, getting dressed doesn’t have to be.


Fall Momiform Outfits


Covid has managed to set us back with how we’re showing up (oh, hi quarantine), more settling for frumpy than getting dressed daily. And with Zoom being the new way to work, there’s been a lot of business on top and slumber party on the bottom. The mullet outfit, if you will? I get it, but I also know how to help you fix it. It’s time to get dressed. The mullet outfit will never feel polished or give the effect of confidence that fully getting dressed will.


So how do we get dressed daily without feeling overwhelmed or giving up comfort? By intentionally curating your own Momiform™, a cohesive wardrobe to pull from daily. One with a base that’s easy and comfy for home but that you can add pops of trend, personality and detail to when hopping on zoom for work or heading out the door for errands, girls night, or date night. 


You’re going from playing with the kids, to teacher, to boss mom, and personal chef within a short span of time. How does one dress for that?


Basics + Layers + Accessories


Making the basics comfortable is going to help motivate you to put on a full outfit vs settling for a mullet outfit. 


For comfort + style try bottoms somewhere in between your sweats and fancy pants. 


A few of my favorite styles for this:



Faux leather leggings

Denim with stretch

Cozy jumpsuits + dresses

Pull on trousers


Styled outfit inspiration on real + busy moms:


Fall Momiform


Cozy Sweater

Faux Leather Leggings


Statement Earrings


Replace workout leggings with the faux leather leggings and trade in the old tee for a cozy fall sweater. Statement earrings add the extra touch of personality and trend.. Put on real shoes when it comes to work- even zoom calls when they can’t see your feet, they don’t have to be heels, these flats are super chic and comfy. You might think I’m silly for suggesting this, but I dare you to try it!



Fall Momiform


Casual Top

Faux Leather Joggers


Statement Necklace


Swap sweats for a knit or faux leather jogger with more structure. Instant style but still comfy. A statement necklace is the perfect pop of trend to add to neutral basics when heading out the door or hopping on Zoom meeting #8 for the day.



Fall Momiform Outfits


Lightweight Sweater

Pull on Trousers

Bomber Jacket



This look is giving me major BOSS vibes. A lightweight sweater paired with pull on trousers is perfect for the work from home mom. You’re still polished and professional but the fabrics are comfortable enough for everything that comes with working from home. A trendy snakeskin bomber adds the perfect touch of sass to a basic outfit + bold lip.


Fall Mom Outfit Ideas


Boxy Tee

Stretch Denim

Bomber Jacket


Statement Cuff


The base of this outfit is every mom’s go to, basic. We all have a plain tee and jeans we love (if you don’t, you should). This is perfect for hanging with the kids at home but still stylish.


Add layered dainty jewelry, a fun layer, and mules to head out the door. Be the cute mom at Target, you know you want to.



Momiform Style




Pull on Flare Trousers

Trendy Necklace



Work pants don’t have to be stuffy and pull on pants can be the perfect way to switch up the denim in your outfits. These feel like cozy lounge pants but they look like you mean business. Pair them with a blouse that makes a statement that is still comfortable to move in. A print makes it less scary to spill on or mess up at home. Pop on an earring, and heel for your zoom call then head to date night or meet your moms group for happy hour. 


Creating a stylish + comfortable outfit starts with a basic base and comes to life with layers, shoes + accessories. Make it easy by thinking of it as a formula instead of “how do I put together another outfit today?”


Basic Top

Basic Bottom





This way you can play in your closet and put items together that you normally wouldn’t because you’re not worried about “matching”.


PRO TIP: Mix style types and textures: statement earrings with jeans, a dressy top with jogger- fancy casual is fun!


Getting dressed can sometimes be so overwhelming and feel like more of a chore. We need to bring back fun and channel that confidence into our days again. YOU get to decide how you want to feel today and set the tone with your outfit. You are the CEO of your home, dress like it. Creating a Momiform™ makes getting dressed and showing up, simple + fun. 



mom style guide

mom style guide


Outfits provided by Quinn + Accessories by Stella & Dot 

Photos by Lexi Hanrahan Photography


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Fall Momiform


How does one even become a stylish mom?


After adding the title of, Mom, to your already long list of titles, personal style has been overwhelming and at some point along the way you’ve gone from cool to frumpy. The clothes hanging in your closet don’t fit your current lifestyle and maybe not even your current body. EVERY. THING. HAS. CHANGED.


You don’t have time for shopping but even if you did, you wouldn’t know where to start. The frustration and overwhelm leads you to those cozy stretchy, mom life friendly leggings… day after day. You pickup a new shirt at Target from time to time in between grabbing toilet paper and an overdue birthday card for your bestie.


Maybe you’ve ventured out and ordered a style subscription box or swiped up on your favorite mom bloggers latest obsession in hopes that you would open the package and find your new and improved style inside. It’s not your fault that they delivered you empty promises, mama. But I know you’re tired of the high expectations that yield little to no results.


You’re ready for real results, you’re ready to SHOW UP for yourself and your people. I’m here to help you take the first steps towards showing up as the best and most stylish version of yourself. So lets get to it.





Before you can decide what outfits to wear and pieces you need to buy, you have to start with determining your personal style. What’s your mom style type? What’s your body shape? What kind of clothes do you need for the lifestyle you live? This is where you build the foundation and create a roadmap to your Mom Style. It will serve as a reference point for intentional shopping versus impulse buys, a place to come back to when you’re wondering if that trend is really right for you.




Intentions without action are useless. Mama, you’re worth spending time, effort, and money on. Setting aside time to get ready and curating a cohesive Momiform™ that you can grab and go from, is the key to consistently showing up. Determining what fills you up before you pour out to everyone else is going to set you up for success. But how do you make sure these things get done? A simple yet effective routine.




Trends are super fun, but they can’t build a Momiform™ like basics can. I hate rules when it comes to fashion but the 80/20 rule for budgeting clothes works well for myself and my clients. Spending 80% of a clothing budget on basics and 20% on trends keeps mama from having a closet full of nothing to wear. Having a list of Summer basics will help you to curate pieces that will lead to bottomless outfit formulas. The secret to having more outfits is not shopping, it’s making sure you have the basics.



Did you think I was just going to give you a list of “must have items” you should order for your closet? I’m actually going to tell you to hold off on doing any shopping and find out a little bit more about who you really are and how you want to portray that message to the world. Style is a journey and I’m REALLY EXCITED for you to get started. Going through these 3 steps will help you determine the disconnect between your expectations for style and the clothes that hang in your closet.


Doing the work upfront will save you hours and hours in the long run. Having clarity around your style is the difference between confident-cute-motivated you and frumpy-unproductive you showing up to raise littles, run your household, and keep your relationship alive.


Your style has so much impact on your life and everyone around you. Are you ready to learn how to implement the 3 steps? Let’s do this! Grab the free guide that will walk you through the 3 steps and then make sure to join our FREE style group where you can learn new style tips, ask style questions, and be a part of a stylish mama community



how to be a stylish mom


mom style guide


If you’re looking for more mom summer style inspo, check out the swimsuit guide for moms HERE and the beach vacay and packing post HERE.



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how to be a stylish mom





The Outer Banks is a popular Summer vacation spot for most most families in the Richmond area. I’ve heard all about how amazing OBX is since moving here but never really felt the urge to go until I heard about Duck and The Sanderling Resort.I was intrigued by the small town Nicholas Sparks vibe meets luxury resort. If you’re looking for quiet getaway where beaches and towns aren’t over commercialized, a stay at The Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC is for you.


jammie baker stylist




Upon check-in at the Resort were greeted with fresh fruit infused water, our bags were whisked away, and we felt at home within minutes. Small town southern charm at its finest. After the initial shock and excitement of our incredible room, we unpacked our bags and headed out to explore the property. A cozy date night with s’mores outside followed by fireside couch conversations in the loft made for a great first night. And yes, I ended the evening in the gorgeous and enormous bathtub.


jammie baker obx guide

obx date night jammie baker




After getting acquainted with the resort on day 1, we spent time exploring Duck and all it had to offer on Day 2. A bike ride into town to grab warm, local, and famous, Duck Donuts was a must. We walked the beach, lounged by the pool, ate too much, and laughed A LOT. We rode back into town that evening (the resort offers complimentary bikes with your stay) for drinks, apps, and a little live music. Riding back at sunset was an incredible experience.


We also spent one of our nights getting dressed up for a little “fancy” date night. We enjoyed delicious cocktails at the bar inside of Kimball’s Kitchen while waiting for our table. Once seated with the perfect sunset view, we celebrated with champagne and steaks. If you’re wondering, YES, we also ordered dessert and didn’t feel bad about it.


obx style sanderling resort


obx travel guide




A day of lounging, chilled rose and book in hand was a dream– but I also crave adventure on vacation. I booked an ATV trip for the late morning/early afternoon on our third day. I highly recommend the experience, I also recommend following up with tacos on the way back to the resort. We didn’t get to see any wild horses while there, but we will be back for another try!


obx guide travel style




Adventure is exciting and lounging with a book is great but mama loves a good day at the spa. I don’t know about you but a massage is basically a slice of heaven on earth for me. We opted for a couples massage at the Spa at The Sanderling with was extremely relaxing but next time we will be adding facials and pedicures. Even though only booked one service it didn’t mean that we had to miss the complete experience. After slipping into robes and unwinding in the steam room, we sipped on fruit infused water and browsed magazines before heading into the treatment room. Our massages were followed up with sipping hot tea on the back deck with a breathtaking view. 10/10 recommend the experience.


what to wear this summer


mom style guide

mom beach style



mom style guide



Packing for a beach vacation shouldn’t be stressful. My number tip: pack light. I know, easier said than done. I’ve included some digital lookbooks for you to shop and gain inspiration. And if you really don’t want to have to think about packing… I’ve created a summer beach vacay packing list for you. Grab yours HERE.




what to wear on vacation


mom style guide



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summer style jammie baker


momiform style

casual lounge style for moms


Let’s get cozy, mama ☕️…

In THIS VIDEO I’m showing you 4 outfit formulas to keep you cute + cozy for quarantine 2020, weekend edition.
Plus simple style tips + a digital lookbook that you can use to shop online or as inspiration to shop your own closet and my five minute makeup routine.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I’m passionate about wearing real clothes, yes… even for the stay at home mom. And this quarantine hasn’t changed that. I truly believe that keeping a morning routine, moving our bodies, and getting ready for the day makes a HUGE impact on our day. If nothing else, it keeps a sense of normalcy in these times.


But Quarantine…

During this quarantine weekends are different. They are no longer defined by soccer game schedules, date nights and girls nights out, or staycations at the beach. We’re just… home. We’re on zoom calls with our mom friends and family members and we’re spending LOTS of time in the house. Since we’re not traveling any further than upstairs and to the kitchen, I think that loungewear is more than acceptable. Sweats, but make it cute. A quick 5 minute makeup routine, a little dry shamps, and some cute sweats + slippers- you’re a new weekend version of yourself, mama.


There’s just something to be said about frumpy plaid pj pants, they get a little depressing, they signal that you’ve waved your white flag and are giving up. Yes, a day in pj’s is good for the soul, a month… NOPE, I can’t let you do that.


Better Than Ever…

I’m choosing to make the best out of this time, read more, work on defining my style, cultivate my community (at a distance), and come out with the best skin ever. Bring on all the face masks, manicures, hair masks, and body scrubs. I’m also adding strength workouts to my usual spin classes with the Peloton app (free for 90 days right now).


How are you using this time? Share your weekend plans and outfits with me over on the gram @jammiebaker_ I would LOVE to see them. It’s ok to look cute, even if it’s just for your trip to the kitchen this Sunday! Now is a great time to edit your loungewear looks!



momiform quarantine style





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quarantine casual style for moms



If you’re like me and you miss your mom friends and you want to use this time to level up in life, I have just the thing for you! Join the Momiform Style Society for just $11 per month. We have a community of likeminded moms, a curated style guide, worksheets, a video style bar, and MORE. Join us!


momiform style society

momiform style


what to wear for valentine's day


Love is in the air and it’s time to start prepping your date night outfit. Don’t fret, you’re in the right place for style inspiration and looks that won’t bore you (or your date). While bold reds, pinks, and your trusty LBD would be the obvious choice, keep your date guessing and on their toes this Valentine’s day with the perfect albeit, unexpected ensemble.


It’s still chilly this time of year so adding textures and layers is key. Details are also important to pulling off your look this Valentine’s Day. Think sparkle,  metals, patterns, leather, and fur. Mix statement pieces with dainty ones for even more unexpected contrast. If you’re going out for your date, a layer that is cute and cozy will be necessary, but make sure that your outfit doesn’t require it once inside… we are trying to keep the vibe fun flirty here!


valentine's day outfit guide



Don’t be shy about experimenting, but be sure to try on the outfit before the big night! Confidence is key when it comes to looking your best. If you’re uncomfortable and the fit isn’t just right, it will show.


date night outfit


To see the original article for Midlothian Lifestyle Magazine, click HERE


The Valentine’s Day Edit


If you’re staying in with the girls for a movie night and champagne, I love the idea of a cozy but cute set like THIS.


Having a dinner date in with hubs, opt for something sexy without having to worry about the heels 🙌 Some high waisted jeans and a cropped sweater like THIS 


Headed out with the girls? I love the idea of throwing a leather jacket over your shoulders to add a bit of edge (and warmth).


Headed out to dinner with your handsome date? I’m sure you’ve got the outfit under control, but PLEASE don’t forget about the undergarments. No granny panties, mama 😘


Maybe you’re taking your little ones out for a Valentine’s Day date ( I am and cannot wait) and want to wear something cute and fun like THIS sweatshirt.


Enjoy celebrating love and paying it forward with some amazing acts of kindness this week ❤️️ I’m aiming for one random act of kindness each day this week. Things like paying for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive thru and bringing coffee to a new mama who has gone back to work. ☕️


📸: Misfitmoon Photography




winter style guide


momiform style

jammie baker momiform

click the image to watch video


The holidays are over and the shine of the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU has worn off. These dreary cold Winter days can have us longing for days spent in sweatpants- so how do we stay motivated when it comes to getting dressed? 


momiform monday

It’s always a blast hanging with the VTM crew and my amazing models




Shop your closet! You’re bound to have the basics (at least you should!) A pair of jeans that make you feel great and a plain top that acts as a blank canvas. 


With these two heavy hitters in your closet, the outfit options are almost endless- no matter what your age, shape, personal style, or lifestyle. 


Sneakers are a huge trend right now- dress any outfit down or add some fun flats for a more elevated or polished look.


Change your look with accessories and layers to match your style type.


The trend in denim right now is a high rise (hello mom jeans) straight leg jean that’s cropped just above the ankle. Skinny jeans didn’t go out but they have taken a back seat on the trend scene for sure.


A question I get asked a lot is… what about my ankles getting cold. Well, I wouldn’t suggest wearing these jeans on a hike in the snow but for the most part we are going from our cars into a building, so it’s fine. This trend is here for winter and will stay for the warmer months as well. 







All clothing and sneakers provided by Sweetest Stitch use code: JAMMIE20 for 20% off of your purchase! All flats provided by Seecaas. Seecaas is a new footwear brand who donates a portion of their proceeds to SEECAAS HOPE FOR ADOPTION FOUNDATION. The shoe has a removable strap- they can take you from carpool to the boardroom- for the modern woman on the go. 



momiform mom jeans



how to style jeans and a tee



What is your favorite way to style jeans + a tee? Tag me on the ‘gram with your #mom00td I would love to see and cheer you on!




jammie baker stylist



Still in need of some extra Winter Style inspiration? Grab my FREE Winter Style Guide


winter style guide


Want even MORE style? Join my Momiform™ Style Guide mama’s in our private group, or maybe even take a Masterclass


momiform style guide

momiform style