June 6, 2022

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week

Theme Park Edition

I’m super excited to share the OOTW with you today, I want to challenge you to elevate your theme park style this Summer and I’m committed to helping you.  

What are you most looking forward to this Summer? 

I’m really looking forward to crossing off the Summer Bucket list with my family, Summer Camps started today, pool days have already commenced and popsicles are the snack of choice around here now. I LOVE this brand for less sugar.  

I have 4 concerts on deck from next week through September and I WILL be wearing my knee high cowboy boots with cutoffs Andy Grammer is up first followed by, Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, and Sam Hunt. I’ve seen all of them before but concerts are my love language. In my single days I would fly across the country and meet “internet friends” for weekends full of country concerts, good food, and dancing under the stars. Things look a little bit different these days but there is still fun to be had.  

Consider this your reminder that adventure and hobbies don’t have to stop when you become a mama! Are you a fan of live music too?

I released the Hot Mom Summer Style School Masterclass the day that our nation experienced a horrific tragedy and all of us were focused on events much more important than what to wear this Summer.  

So… I re-recorded the class for you, included some pretty amazing visuals, a behind the scenes look at a Summer Capsule, answered all of your frequently asked questions, and decided to make it available to everyone!  

Together, we’ll go over the 3 things keeping you from your own Hot Mom Summer and how to change that.  

You have adventures waiting for you, memories to make, goals to reach, bucket lists to cross off, and pictures to take… let’s do this! 

Last weekend we took the kids to our local theme park and yes, it was a great time, BUT… can we talk about the outfits? WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING and why are theme park outfits generally a hot mess?! 

I think I get it, there are some major factors to consider: 

long days
kids / mess 

But let me help you consider these factors in style, it CAN be done. Here is one of my favorite theme park outfit formulas






If you don’t like bodysuits, swap for the tank in last weeks email (the $7 one). Gauze is lightweight, sneakers can still be cute and comfy (these were my original choice but they keep selling out) , and you can still accessorize without being fancy. Beaded options are a fave for theme parks.  

Every mom needs this bag for on the go, hands free family days. It’s perfect for traveling, theme parks, walks, errands, all the things.  

If you want more outfit ideas for your theme park adventures this Summer, I have a class for you inside of the Style Society

romper          bodysuit          sneakers          belt bag          bracelets

cheers to summer and all of the new adventures waiting for you

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