May 23, 2022

Momiform™ Edit Of The Week

Momiform™ Edit Of The Week

Summer Style Guide Sneak Peek

Our pool opened yesterday and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel all of the overwhelming postpartum body insecurities crash over me like a wave. Here’s your permission to feel it and let it go.  

I did hang out at the hotel pool while we were in Texas, but I wore this swim dress (tell me you’re a 40 something mom without telling me you’re a 40 something mom) and it was a little less intimidating to ease into swimsuit season.  

All of that to say… I’m just a mom trying to show up and cultivate confidence under the unrealistic beauty standards of today, just like you. 

I am thankful that I know what swimsuits and shorts work for my body and I have the encouragement of my style society mamas to be on this journey with me!  

If you’re experiencing a case of the Summer Scaries, I want to invite you to watch the video below and join me for HOT MOM SUMMER STYLE SCHOOL  

We will not let Frumpy Mom Summer be our theme. Got it?

Y’all asked for Summer Basics, so I am delivering  

PRO TIP: When in doubt, choose monochromatic. It’s an instant style boost and the most simple way to pull of a polished and chic outfit. My favorite version for Summer? White on White.  

This OOTW is easily the most affordable one yet!  

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen me wear this boot scoot scarf as a headband. It’s a little sneak peek into one of my favorite Summer accessories and what will be featured in the SUMMER STYLE GUIDE.  

I’m so excited to be able to offer you a code for both the scarf and shoes this week! 

*the scarf and shoes are just examples of some of my favorite picks, the code is applicable to the entire site for both brands. 

white tank          white shorts          bandana*          shorts**

*Use code JAMMIE for 15% off your Keva purchase

**Use code JAMMIE10 for 10% off at through May 22,

not to be combined with any other offers.

Don’t forget to join us for the FREE Hot Mom Summer Style School Masterclass on May 24th

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Cheers to summer

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