May 18, 2022

Summer Closet Edit

Summer Closet Edit

Summer is coming… is your closet ready? 

My goal for you is a closet full of outfit (yes, outfits, not just random one-off pieces) that you LOVE to wear. 
➡️ Everything fits 
➡️ Everything is in season 
➡️ It’s (mostly) cohesive + easy to grab & go
➡️ It’s pretty + organized (not for just for vanity but for mental health, ease, and less overwhelm)
Are you ready to prep for Summer? 
Swipe through for my top tips. Save this for reference and share with your friends! 

First step is to schedule your closet edit. Yes, schedule it or it won’t happen!

When the time comes, set the tone for the task at hand. Turn on a fun playlist, grab some snacks and your favorite drink…have fun with it! Most importantly, you need a co-signer, a trusted friend that will give you honest feedback.

Next, take inventory of what you have and actually wear. Only keep items that fit you and are in season…this reduces decision fatigue and overwhelm. Did you know we make roughly 35,000 decisions every day? Crazy, I know. Taking items out of your closet you know you aren’t going to wear right now can help you make a few less decisions every morning.

Separate items with bins. You’ll want a bin to donate, sell, take to the tailor, and to store seasonal items.

Hang everything back up and be sure to use uniform hangers! No more mismatched plastic or wire hangers from the dry cleaners! You want to feel a sense of calm when looking into your closet, and uniform hangers can transform the look of your space.

Now you’ve finished editing your closet, and you’re aware of what you need to shop for to fill the holes in your wardrobe. I hope you have a closet full of clothes that you actually love and wear!

I recently chatted with my sister, Stephanie Gilbert, on Studio 512 in Austin, Texas about editing your closet for summer.

If you want a little pep talk, check it out so you can get the boost you need to get started. Apologies for my coughing fit at the end…stinking allergies.

If you need more help with this, join the Style Society to get the Summer Style Guide and make shopping effortless this season! The style guide is a shoppable summer capsule wardrobe with done-for-you outfit formulas, including basic essentials, pops of trends, and swaps for business casual + athleisure. You don’t want to miss it!

Call your co-signer to schedule an edit today

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