April 25, 2022

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week

Colorful Celebration Edition

It’s my birthday week 🎂  and I’m officially inviting you to the CELEBRATION. You’re coming, right? I promise that once you join us, you will have a blast and meet some of the most incredible women who will celebrate you too! 

I want to encourage you to celebrate this week! Maybe it’s a small milestone that you might typically overlook, wearing a special piece from your closet on an ordinary Tuesday because… you’re just THAT awesome, ordering your favorite dessert after dinner, taking a long bubble bath with a good book, getting a massage, or one of my favorites– getting dressed up and making a reservation for a fancy dinner out! 

How are you going to make an ordinary weekday, extraordinary this week?

POV: it’s Sunday night and you have a case of the Sunday Scaries. You’re anxious about a week full of mornings spent peering into your closet, overwhelmed by having nothing to wear.

If you’re a busy mom who can relate, this style tip is for you ⬇️

In the name of celebration, I just had to roundup some bright Spring dresses that reminded me of confetti 🎉

dress 1          dress 2          dress 3          dress 4

pink heels          white wedges          white slides          green bag          pink bag

As colorful as confetti and a price point for every budget!

Do you know how helpful it is to have access to outfit inspo and done-for-you outfit formulas  each week? I love giving this to the Style Society members each Sunday (in addition to the Style Guide + Outfit Formulas in there).  

If you struggle with the infamous questions of, “what do I wear today?”, you are going to love the weekly Style Prompts calendar!  

If you’re a mom who needs a little accountability to show up for the day, you’re over the frumpy outfits, but you just don’t know where to start… this is for you too! Not only will you be able to shop your own closet and know what to wear, but you will have the accountability inside of our private facebook group! 

It wouldn’t be any fun to celebrate alone, would it? So… I’m inviting you to the party and giving you 40% OFF of your first month! I’m so excited to have you in our AMAZING group of moms. You will get immediate access to the Style Guides, private Facebook group, and all of the style education videos which includes my personal fave: 

The Ultimate Guide to Denim for Moms 👖

Yes, the Style Society is an awesome place to be for curating a closet full of clothes that you actually LOVE to wear, but… don’t just take my word for it. Here are some success stories:

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