April 6, 2022

Mom Style Tip

Mom Style Tip

Dressing In Thirds

Have you ever put on an outfit that didn’t look quite right but couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem? It could be that the proportions aren’t as flattering as they could be. Let me introduce you to… The Golden Ratio…AKA dressing in thirds.  

This simple style tip can take your outfits from frumpy to fabulous! It’s a fun one…no shopping required. In this video, I’m taking you behind the scenes of a Style Society class and showing you how to create the golden ratio.

I’ve also provided a graphic and a photo of me showing you how to put the tip into action. 

Enjoy, mama!

Use this visual to help you create an outfit using the golden ratio:

It’s so simple, yet so very effective…right?!

I want to challenge you to try the mirror challenge yourself:

First, take a mirror selfie with your shirt out/untucked. 

Then, take a mirror selfie with your shirt tucked/half tucked. 

Now compare the two photos instead of just assuming you “don’t have the right body” for this.

PRO TIP: there is no “right body” for this, it’s for every body. 

If you try this, I would love if you shared it with me on Instagram: @jammiebaker_

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Need more of a visual?

You can get the full PDF download as a Style Society member.  

Ready to get all of the style tips, tricks, done-for-you outfit formulas, and shopping lists?

Join us inside of the Style Society 

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