March 14, 2022

Mini Style Challenge

Mini Style Challenge

Want to know what its like during a Style Challenge in the Style Society? Well, you can’t enjoy the awesome community and accountability unless you join, but I can tell you its super fun!

What I can give you is a small taste, so here are three outfit formulas to follow for three days of SHOWING UP.

What does showing up by getting dressed do? Besides boosting your confidence, a lot actually. You’ll have more energy, you’ll be more proactive and less reactive, and you’ll have more joy and less frustration. You in?

March 15 – 17

Here’s how the mini style challenge works:

  • Use the daily outfit formula prompts as the framework of your OOTD (outfit of the day)
  • Snap a mirror selfie each day
  • Tag me on Instagram: @jammiebaker_

How does a free mini-style guide sound?

The style challenges in the Style Society are built on the seasonal style guides that are only available to members. The style guides each have 30+ outfit formulas with basics, pops of trends, beauty tips, shoppable links, inclusive sizing, and more.

To give you yet another sneak peek, I’ve made a mini style guide for you that has a basics checklist and ten outfit formulas, complete with shopping links for standard, petite, tall, and plus sizes!

Grab the Momiform™ Basic Essentials Mini-Style Guide here

Watch this Instagram live of me explaining 3 tips for using basics to get dressed + show up with confidence, plus answering questions!

It almost goes without saying that if you loved the mini style challenge and mini style guide – you’ll absolutely adore being a member of the Style Society!

The Spring Style Challenge starts Monday, March 21st and we would love to have you!

Hope to see you there, mama

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