March 11, 2022

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week

Pop Of Color Edition

TEN DAYS until Spring. That’s it!! Can you tell that I’m excited? After two weeks of sickness running through our house, I’m also excited to get dressed. And would you believe me if I told you that I’m also excited about the color trends this season?? 

You didn’t read that wrong… I am actually excited about color. This week I’m giving you a look into a couple of trends including some color 💚 

This is the first season in what feels like 2398493826987 years that I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding so I am excited about a Spring Refresh. Are you?

I got a little trend happy over here. Everything from bright pink and green to matching sets, braided leather, and short suits. HERE. FOR. IT. ALLLLL

I also incorporated a makeup trend that our Style Society go-to beauty guru taught us about… dewy skin with highlighter and cream blush. 

The fun thing about the outfits this week is that they can be worn so many ways! Keep the pieces together and just swap for a sneaker to dress them down. Lose the jacket, swap the shorts, wear jeans! We don’t add to cart (or closet) if we can’t wear it 3 ways, right? RIGHT!



It’s full of basics but also pops of color and it’s SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.  

Emily Odom has 2 beauty classes in the guide and we are already having a blast chatting all things Spring Style over in our private Facebook group. 

We start our Style Challenge March 21st and it’s not too late to join us!

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