February 6, 2022

The Momiform™ Edit 29

The Momiform™ Edit 29

I’m giving you the final week of our Valentine’s Day themed outfits today! Family pj’s and a casual heart themed look it is. A fun way to start the family celebration is make breakfast together. We have been baking these healthy blueberry yogurt muffins non stop. 

Don’t forget to sign up for the Body Love Basics Style Challenge that starts TOMORROW. There is truly something for everyone in this challenge. The mini momiform™️ + mini style guide are BRAND NEW so you will want to make sure you get them. The clothes are linked in standard, petite, plus, and tall. The community is already incredible and there’s a chance to win a $100 Evereve gift card mmmmkay.

We’ve covered date night and girls night, so this week is for the fam! I love these matching pj’s and the thought of celebrating Valentine’s Day with the littles. There’s also an elevated casual option so that you can be cozy but still feel put together no matter how you celebrate. Do you celebrate the holiday with your kids?

matching family pj’s

sweatshirt jeans shoes earrings headband

We start TOMORROW! I am really excited for this one, like… REALLY excited. This challenge is for everyone. I have curated my favorite basics (in all size ranges) and put them into a mini capsule wardrobe. But I didn’t stop there! I then created a mini style guide with go-to outfit formulas AND 3 days of guiding you through the process of styling them confidently for your body TODAY!  

If you are in a place where you feel like you have nothing to wear, you don’t know where to start, and you’re just plain… overwhelmed with style, this challenge is for you.  

Did you know: that if you have the basics, you have outfits. But where do you start? How many do you need? I’m spilling the secrets of a stylist…

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