January 26, 2022

The Momiform™ Edit 27

The Momiform™ Edit 27

Getting dressed and ready for the day primes your brain, helps with productivity, cultivates confidence, and is good for your mental health. That’s why I share these tips + weekly outfits with you. We’re all just here trying to do our best in every title that we hold, every goal that we set, and every moment that we want to remember.
With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might have a goal to add a little fun and maybe a little spark back into your relationship? I know I do. I want to help you reach that goal with some outfit inspo. The right outfit sets the tone. No sloppy sweats this year, mama. Plan ahead so that you can slip into something that makes you feel sexy. Preferably something that is fun to take of after date night vs the usual 10 frustrating + ill fitting outfits that end up in a pile on the floor before date night. Time to leave the sexy time spoilers behind and step into something that serves you and helps you to reach your goals.
Before getting dressed for your date ask yourself:
How do I want to feel?
How do I want to be perceived? 
*If you’re spending Love Day with your littles or girlfriends… those outfits are coming over the next few weeks!



The first outfit is a little bit silky + sexy for a relaxed and elevated lounging night at home. The second outfit is a textured mix of cozy + edgy for a fun and flirty date in your kitchen or out at your favorite restaurant.
These outfits can be shopped directly but they are also here to serve as inspiration so that you can create a look that makes you feel like YOU.
bralette          pj set          robe
sweater          skirt          boots          earrings




I’m REALLY excited about our Momiform™ Hour inside of the Style Society this week! Last week we chatted about how style can be used as a tool to reach our goals. Everyone got a workbook to journal through and set their goals. This week we get to turn those goals into visuals with our Vision Boarding & Q+A session. Vision boarding is MY JAM. Have you ever done it? I’m no woo-woo girl, but I truly believe that there’s power in consistent visual cues and reminders. I’ve watched dreams come true year after year and it’s so fun to look back at my boards and realize how so many dreams have become a reality. I want the same for you!


It’s not too late to join us, mama. See you there?


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