December 5, 2021

The Momiform™ Edit 23

The Momiform™ Edit 23

Happy December! But also… HOW did that happen?!


We got our family photos back from Lindsey this week and I can barely believe my eyes. It’s like all of the dreams I ever held in my heart were captured in a photo. If you ever wonder if you should dress up for the photo or invest in the family sessions… DO IT. What a gift it is. At the very least, dress up, snap a photo on your phone and use these amazing Christmas presets


When I shared this photo a lot of you asked about the dress, SO… I’ve listed the outfits for you below for anyone needing a little Holiday Family Style inspo this season.


The Bakers


These are my people.
The ones I show up for first.
The husband who I want to keep the spark alive for.
The son who I want to be an example for. To show him that God made women to be strong and hard working too.
The daughter hits different. I am her example of how self talk is navigated and where confidence comes from. It is my mission to lead by example, showing her that becoming a mom doesn’t mean losing yourself.
So often when talking about style I’m given the excuse:
“I’m JUST a mom.”  “I JUST stay at home.”
You are a mom and you GET to be an influence at home.
Your home is your most important place of impact. How you show up in your home matters more than how you show up for dinner, a meeting, or a Target run.
Style isn’t just a frivolous vanity measure. It’s a life skill. One that you may not have been taught growing up.
So one day style went from a fun game of dress up to to a frustrating, overwhelming time suck. You deemed it unimportant. You don’t care about clothes. Your kids don’t care what you wear. Your husband loves you no matter what.
Those excuses are what I call style barriers. They keep you small and hidden. Adjusting your ill fitting pants all day and hiding from photos instead of just getting dressed, feeling confident, living your life, and getting in the photos.
If you’re done feeling stuck and hiding in your clothes, if you want to make a bigger impact in 2022, and you want to learn the life skill of getting dressed— The Momiform™️ Method is for you.
My method is for the busy mom who wants to say goodbye to hotmess motherhood. The mom who wants to show up in her home and for her family. The mom who wants to level up in her career to provide for her family.
Are you in?


I’ve created a bundle with the incredible, Jen Jones who is including her FREE BONUS: Daring YES mini course. I’m also including FIVE WEEKS of group style coaching to go along with the style sessions inside of the course. There is so much value here, mama. But it’s not going to last long. Our $197 price ends 12/6/2021.
I want to help you use style as a tool to reach your 2022 goals– to live the life you’ve been dreaming of, to stop reacting in motherhood, to create a morning routine you love, to spice up your marriage, and to stop hiding in your clothes.



jacket          shirt          hoodie          tie
pants          sneakers          dress          heels
necklace          necklace


dress          bow          blazer          jacket
pants          shirt          bowtie          shoes


If you skipped to the bottom… I get it, busy mama! I just don’t want you to miss this limited offer and last time to grab the Momiform Method at $197 bundled with these incredible BONUS OFFERS: Jen’s Daring Yes mini course AND 5 weeks of group style coaching inside of our private Facebook group.




Have a great week, mama.

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