October 18, 2021

The Momiform™ Edit 19

The Momiform™ Edit 19

I hope you’re feeling rested and ready for a new week!


I’m sharing another dress outfit with you this week, giving you FIRST DIBS on a fun new masterclass happening SOON, and sharing a bit of my Monday morning routine.


You might want to schedule some time for a girls night or date night and steal this weeks outfit formula:
dress         boots         bag
necklace         necklace         blush
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been styling boots for you the past few weeks. Chelsea lug boots, knee high boots, and this week it’s all about the over the knee boot. Personally, I opt for a lower block heel in this style of boot but you do you!


If you want to wear over the knee boots without feeling… over the top, try a dress with movement instead of one that’s too clingy, opt for long sleeves, and a neckline that’s not too open. Balance is key. Show off those legs, mama!! If you still feel a little uncomfortable in a shorter dress with over the knee boots, try styling the look with tights.


I’m loving the look of a bold (and clean) cheek. This new cream blush is giving me all the dewy vibes for a fresh pop of color.
Let the boots make the statement and keep accessories minimal (but still super cute) with these layered dainty necklaces. Add a pop of trend with the charm option. You could also add a hat or headband and if you’re into it… a stack of bracelets.




Finding the perfect pair of jeans and doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, frustrating,
or time-consuming


…and it should NEVER steal your joy or stop you from wearing great jeans.
It’s time to ditch your denim shame for good and walk away from the “just ok” pair of jeans and not wanting to go out anymore because you have “nothing to wear” …(read: don’t want to be seen).



You deserve a pair of jeans that make your booty look good, feel great, and fit you properly!

If you struggle to find jeans that you love, join me for the next mom style school class!





I have been missing my morning routine since having Livi. She’s worth it, but I still can’t wait to get back to it. My morning routine is something that helps make me feel like me.


If you’re not in thick of newborn/postpartum life, you could use some alone time, and you’ve been craving something that makes you feel like YOU again, I highly recommend designing a morning routine that works for you. It should be enjoyable, not torture. My ideal day starts between 4:45 and 5am, but yours doesn’t have to. I love to hop on my bike first thing, you might prefer yoga or a walk. DO YOU BOO.


On Mondays we wear eye masks and do an entire eye situation to prep for the week. When I wake up I go straight for a glass of water and these caffeine eye drops. Then it’s a little gua sha with brightening oil to depuff, and then the eye masks while I sip coffee and have my cozy quiet time. After I peel off the patches, I roll my eyes with an ice roller, and now we ready!


If I’m honest my morning routine got 100X better when I elevated my cup of coffee with this Nespresso. It’s on super sale right now if you feel like elevating your mornings or gifting someone the experience of joy in a cup!
The last part of my routine is getting ready. Putting on a cute go-to outfit formula, a quick 5 minute makeup, and usually pulling my hair back and popping in a headband so that I’m ready to show up for the day.


How’s your morning routine? Needs improvement or going strong? If you need a little motivation and accountability for getting ready and showing up… keep reading! The Style Society is where it’s at. There’s a class (or two) on morning routines and a PDF to curate your own experience.


THIS WEEK inside of the Style Society, it’s time for THE MOMIFORM™ HOUR with me! Grab your favorite drink, put on some comfy cozy lounge wear, and join us for a live group style session where you get the chance to ask me anything about YOUR personal style.
Bring items from your closet you don’t know how to style, what dress is best for your job, how to style that skirt that still has the tags on it… it’s your time to ask me #allofthethings.



Have a great week, mama.



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