September 18, 2021

Jammie Baker on the Family Looking Up Podcast

Jammie Baker on the Family Looking Up Podcast


Dressing Your #Mombod with Guest Jammie Baker



Beth, Andrea & Camille, hosts of the Family Looking Up podcast:

Alright mom squad, this episode was so needed! If you’ve been living in the same pair of leggings and oversized t-shirts since becoming a mom, this episode is for you (it definitely is for us too!). Jammie Baker is a former Hollywood stylist turned mother and personal stylist, whose goal is to help moms get dressed and feel better about themselves.

Whatever you’re stage of motherhood looks like, whether you’re a stay at home mom playing with kids on the floor, or a corporate working mother, or your kids are all in school, you can build your own “momiform” and create a simplified wardrobe that works for your busy life but makes you feel really good!

Make sure to listen to this weeks episode to find out how!

And please, share this episode with a mom friend! We all can feel good about what we wear, regardless of what stage of life or size we are in! This episode really helps us learn how to do just that!




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