September 15, 2021

The Momiform™ Edit 16

The Momiform™ Edit 16

I hope you’re liking the weekly outfits, they’re really fun to put together.  You can use them for inspiration when getting dressed, you don’t have to shop the look exactly. Maybe you like bow but hate the shirt? Cool! Style is personal and I want you to keep it that way.

I’m no fashion blogger here to tell you what to wear, my intention is to teach you how to find YOUR personal style and make more outfits with less clothes. Have fun with these outfits each week and find ways to recreate them from your closet.

Outside of creating outfit ideas, I’ve been listening to so many books via audible. I can finish a book so much faster this way and listen while doing otherwise boring house work. Are you into audible or do you prefer to hold the actual book?

Anyway… here’s your weekly edit, I hope you have a fabulous week!


shirt         jeans         shoes

bow         necklace


If Blair Waldorf had an edgy alter ego, she would wear this outfit.

I am loving the menswear inspired loafers right now, they would also be perfect for ankle length trousers to the office. And if you have been wanting to style a white button down but you’re also a boxy top kind of girl, this version pairs perfectly with a high waisted bottom! A little half tuck to bring in the waist and you’re good to go.

Outfit juxtaposition is so much fun and it’s one of my favorite ways to show two sides of personal style. Pairing this necklace with distressed jeans gives the outfit more of a luxe feel.

Use code: JAMMIEFREESHIP with your Properly Buttoned order for free shipping!

I wear my Properly Buttoned jewelry with my athleisure to elevate the overall look and never feel like I’m on the way to the gym when really… I never go there! Don’t be afraid to wear your “special” pieces on a regular Tuesday. Life is a special occasion, dress for it!











TOMORROW inside of the Style Society, I’m hosting a HAPPY HOUR. Pour your favorite drink, put on your comfy clothes, and join us for a group Q&A and style session. It’s your opportunity to ask me anything!

Are you still confused about your body shape? Do you have something in your closet that you don’t know how to style? Do you need help picking an outfit for an event? Want to know what trend works best for you and how to wear it? This is YOUR time to ask your stylist!

There’s also a replay you can catch inside of the style bar when you binge the rest of the season’s videos. Because… OF COURSE you’re a member! I can’t have you walking through Fall with FOMO and without a Fall Style Guide. Obviously. Our official 30 day style challenge starts later this month too!

Come hang out with us!




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