September 15, 2021

Fashion and Style Tips For Moms

Fashion and Style Tips For Moms


I recently chatted with Candice Smith on NBC12 About Town Today about The Momiform™, which is a uniform for moms, and the system I created to make getting dressed easy. It takes just as much time to get dressed in a cute outfit as it does to get dressed in a frumpy one…yes, really!


Moms often fall into thinking that we have SO much going on that we don’t matter and end up being last when it comes to some of our basic needs. My system makes it easy and fun while also giving a huge confidence boost that has a ripple effect into every other aspect of your life.


The Momiform™ is a curated wardrobe for you to live mom life, in style. 


Jammie Baker on NBC12 About Town Today


Do you struggle with making new outfits out of the clothes you already own?


Do you get frustrated when someone says, “shop your closet” first, because you have “nothing to wear”?


I want to help you make a closet full of clothes to wear! To do that, we have to create a cohesive wardrobe, which is basically just a chic and more fancy way of saying mix and match. To be able to have confidence, you need to have confidence when it comes to creating an outfit.




It’s easy to copy someone else’s outfit, right? How many times have you swiped up on Instagram and bought an influencer’s outfit, got it home and realized it doesn’t look the same on you or you don’t know how to style it? No more of that mama!



Let’s start by shopping your own closet and creating an outfit formula that works for you. When in doubt, go back to the basics, mama! So the basics of an outfit formula are starting with a basic top, a basic bottom, a layer, shoes, and accessories to create your personal style.


Elevated basics are my thing. A “basic” is something that you can create a lot of outfits out of. It’s like a canvas. You can easily swap out 1-2 pieces and create a whole different look! Changing up the layer, shoes and accessories can also dress the look up or down. If you wanted to change the formula to wear a romper, jumpsuit, or dress – you simply swap that out in place of the basic top and basic bottom.


Accessorizing is such a fun way to bring out your personal style. Whether you love classic minimal accessories like dainty gold jewelry, or making a bigger statement with big colorful earrings or a necklace…DO YOU BOO. Show the world who you are by expressing yourself with jewelry, headbands, hats, scarves, belts – all of the things!


By using the same basic, and then switching out the layers, shoes and accessories, you have almost endless looks you can create! Make it simple mama!


Moms make something like 30,000 decisions in one day. Let this decision be something that brings simplicity and confidence to your day. We start out our days in our closet, so if we start our day with negativity, frustration, and overwhelm it has a domino effect for the rest of our day. Whereas if getting dressed is simple, effective, fun, brings joy and confidence…your day is going to have a different kind of domino effect.


Click here to watch the segment on NBC About Town Today 


Save this post for the next time you get stuck finding something to wear.

Let me know if you try these tips!

What do you struggle with most when it comes to creating your perfect outfit formula?

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Talk soon mama.



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