September 9, 2021

Jammie Baker on the Your Simply Big Life Podcast

Jammie Baker on the Your Simply Big Life Podcast



Finding Your Unique Style as a Mom with Jammie Baker


Sarah Dalton, host of the Your Simply Big Life podcast:

Have you ever walked into your closet FULL of clothes and thought to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”?
Yep- me too- been there!

Good news! My new friend Jammie Baker is here to help us all! All the mamas out there who want to feel GOOD in our clothes, but we’re not sure where to start.

The latest podcast episode is for you, really, it’s for us! I kinda can’t get enough of Jammie.

I had so many aha moments and a million takeaways from this conversation, here are a few:

1. Getting dressed everyday is not about the clothes, its about the mindset and the confidence, and the life we lead while wearing the clothes!

2.  We are worthy of feeling good everyday.

3.  How to embrace a transition wardrobe.

Her message and mission and method (all the m’s) could not be more in alignment with designing a simply big life that you love!! Ahhh can’t wait for you to listen! And as always, connect with Jammie and let us know what you think of the episode.

Jammie (pronounced Jay-me but will answer to Jammy too), is an enneagram seven, she lives in Virginia with her husband, 3 year old son, and newborn baby girl. Jammie is a former Hollywood stylist who pivoted her career after realizing how difficult it was to navigate style postpartum herself.

She realized that too many moms were frustrated with closets full of nothing to wear, so she created a business to serve them and help them get dressed.

Jammie empowers busy moms with confidence to crush their everyday goals through curated wardrobes. Because it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but the life that you lead in those clothes.

Connect with Jammie:

Instagram:  @jammiebaker


Free Body Shape Guide:  Download it HERE!

The Momiform™ Method:

The Momiform™ Method, is a personal style course for moms. We break down your style roadblocks, determine your signature style, learn how to dress for your lifestyle, do a closet edit, and put together your ideal outfit formulas to curate your Momiform™ so that you have a personal style roadmap to getting dressed every day. Look into the course HERE.

Style Society:

Style Society is a membership where a community of real moms come together to dive deeper and live mom life, in style. This is more of a continuing education after the course. You get a seasonal style guide, a video collection of style tips and solutions for all the #momlife things that come up, monthly masterclasses and workshops with guest speakers, as well as a group live Q&A with me, your personal stylist! Check out the membership HERE.

Your Simply Big Life is all about simplifying and creating space to live a life you are excited to wake up to! You’re in the right place If you have ever felt frustrated and defeated after a long day of doing ALL the things, but still feel like you didn’t actually accomplish anything.

My mission is to help women uncomplicate every area of life from your calendar to your home. It’s time to become the CEO of your life and reclaim your time and energy!

Connect with Sarah:

IG:  @your_simplybiglife

Facebook Group:  Your Simply Big Life


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