August 28, 2021

Jammie Baker on the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast

Jammie Baker on the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast



Dress for Mom Life with Confidence with Celebrity Stylist Jammie Baker



Kris Dovbniak, Host of The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast:

Do you know how to dress in a way that makes you feel good– and fits your mom life? If you’re anything like me, years of struggles with body image and an ever-changing body with chronic dieting, pregnancy and postpartum meant finding my style and dressing with confidence felt impossible– I didn’t know what my body shape was, let alone how (and why) to dress in a way that feels good when going about my busy day as a working mom- and what about date night and special occasions? Finding celebrity stylist turned creator of the Momiform Method™️ (and mom of two herself) Jammie Baker was a GAME changer.

In this episode, Jammie and I talk about how to dress for your shape- no matter what season you’re in, how to dress with confidence without breaking the bank and how to make it work for your busy mom life. Get ready to get excited to get dressed!



Living a healthy balanced life as a mom can sometimes feel impossible- but it doesn’t have to be. Join holistic health coach and trained chef Kristin Dovbniak as she shares insights and expert conversations on eating, moving and living a healthy balanced mama life.



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