August 2, 2021

The Momiform™ Edit 10

The Momiform™ Edit 10

I know it’s been awhile… longer than I expected to be away from here. But life, right? I’m excited to be back and interact with all of you! If you haven’t heard, I had a beautiful (chunky) little one in late June. Olivia Grace is currently napping next to me while Max builds legos. Life is crazy and chaotic but magical at the same time.

This week I’m bringing you a new outfit and my favorite #NSALE finds. Don’t worry, I won’t be telling you to buy the whole store. I actually got super frustrated when shopping because so many of the items I like are sold out or only available in 1-2 sizes. Not cool.

There is SO MUCH happening this Fall, I can’t wait to bring you along and help you to feel confident and live mom life, in style!


shirt          bodysuit          shorts

shoes          necklace


Give me a basic that can be worn all year and I’m SOLD. This oversized chambray has been on repeat for me for the last month. I have been wearing it unbuttoned as a layer with linen shorts and although I have this amazing bodysuit, breastfeeding life has me in a regular tank.

I have also added this white shirt to wear open over outfits. These shirts can also be worn buttoned and tied around your waist!

If you’re an edgy classic style, this necklace is for you, mama.

Looking at this outfit you can easily spot the basics, but did you spot the 3 trends? I’m not one to follow trends for the most part. I like them to be super wearable so I chose the quilted shoe that also has a square toe (and HELLO AFFORDABLE) with the pop of pearl in the necklace. Wearable trends are my jam.

Do you like a subtle or statement trend?



I’m only showing you the pieces that have passed the test of time in my own and my clients closets. Remember that this is a sale and you don’t need to let urgency take over your purchasing decisions. If you NEED the item, great. If you truly want it for fun and you have outfits to pair it with already… awesome. But shopping this sale is not a must.

Most items will come back in stock and go on sale again.

Inside of the Style Society private Facebook group, I’m linking items that members have personally requested. So if you want a more personalized approach to the sale, join us!



black booties          brown booties          pajamas          Spanx leggings

underwear          Zella leggings          joggers




Olivia Grace Baker and her PROUD big brother Max!

So thankful for Lindsey’s amazing talent and capturing this treasure for me! If you haven’t grabbed her presets that make your phone photos look professional… DO IT!

Thank you for having patience with me while I soak up all the cuddles and figure out how to manage a family of 4 while running a business. I appreciate each of you for being here!


Cheers to mom life, in style









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