June 26, 2021

Jammie Baker on the With Intention Podcast

Jammie Baker on the With Intention Podcast

Curating A Closet You Love + Dressing Your Current Body with Confidence (Even in the Summer) with Jammie Baker


Desirae Endres, host of the With Intention Podcast:

Today I talk with personal stylist Jammie Baker about how we can dress our current bodies with confidence. Yes, even in our postpartum, post-kids bodies. We talk all about the process of finding a personal style that works, curating a closet full of clothes that fit our bodies NOW, and how to let go of the ones that don’t. We also talk about actionable and simple steps to getting started, along with tips to getting dressed and feeling confident this summer. I love this conversation because it is full of actionable steps to help you get started today!


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With intention is a podcast about celebrating the beauty that can be found in the ordinary and pursuing intention in every area of our everyday lives.

We’ll talk about relationships, family life, motherhood, work, caring for ourselves, budgeting and intentional spending, minimalism, and everything in between.

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