June 25, 2021

Jammie Baker on the Elevate Your Mom Life Podcast

Jammie Baker on the Elevate Your Mom Life Podcast


Lina Noe of the Elevate Your Mom Life Podcast:

Jammie is a former Hollywood stylist that pivoted her career and now helps moms live mom life, in style! Jammie and I had a great conversation about the importance of feeling good in our clothes and stop trying to squeeze into a pair of too snug pair of jeans! We talked about the difference in cultures that I can see here in Sweden and she shares about the hot mess mom culture she believes is kind of sad in America.




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About the Elevate Your Mom Life podcast:

Are you a mom with a pull on your heart that you were meant for more but find yourself living on auto-pilot in the mundane parts of motherhood, doubting and self sabotaging yourself when you try to go for your dreams..?

Welcome, The Elevate Your Mom-life podcast is created for YOU!!

Here we will talk all about self-love, wellness and ambitious motherhood!

It’s time you get to your next level and Elevate Your Mom-Life!

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