June 20, 2021

Jammie Baker on the Filter Free Podcast

Jammie Baker on the Filter Free Podcast


Filter Free Podcast:

This week Emily invites Jammie Baker, former Hollywood personal stylist turned “Momiform” method creator onto the podcast to chat all about personal styling and how to navigate that as a busy woman and mom.

Jammie’s mission is to teach moms to live mom life, in style. Watching them walk in confidence, seeing them live that out and how it improves their mental health – in motherhood, in relationships, in their work, and every aspect of their life. Because it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but the life that you lead in those clothes.



Emily and Jammie chat about:

– Body shapes

– 5 Basic Style Types

– Confidence and mental health

– Outfit formulas

– How she pivoted her career as a Hollywood stylist to helping women find themselves through their own style



Jammie’s Spring Style Guide

Jammie’s Body Shape Guide



About the Filter Free podcast:

I’m Emily Odom and I’m a professional hair and makeup artist and even *I* know how overwhelming all of that can be. We’re gonna chat all things beauty just like you would with your best friend over a cup of coffee or glass of wine (no judgment here!) and peel back that ridiculously intimidating curtain of beauty for women. We’ll talk makeup techniques, hair routines, my favorite products, and a whole lot more. Beauty for real women. No rules, no expectations, no filter. This is The Filter Free Beauty Podcast.

Emily’s IG: @emilyeodom

Emily’s Course:  More Than Makeup

xo, jammie

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