April 20, 2021

Making Her Love Of Fashion A Career on the Amidst The Chaos Podcast

Making Her Love Of Fashion A Career on the Amidst The Chaos Podcast

Dana Graham:

I am tapping into my Richmond mom entrepreneur pool again to bring you another AMAZING guest for today’s episode.

I am joined by Jammie Baker, a personal stylist who pivoted her career after realizing how difficult it was to navigate style postpartum herself!

She aims to empower busy moms with confidence to crush their everyday goals through curated wardrobes.

Jammie tells me about her career path, which included jumping from one full time job to another, but always being pulled back to fashion.

She also gives us three things you need to do/know when styling yourself (and it’s not all about the clothes themselves)!

One of my favorite pieces of wisdom (and there were TONS in this episode) was when she talked about being honest with yourself, shifting your mindset

(similar to Ilana from Stylish Spoon) and making sure your style aligns with who you are and who you want to be.

She encourages us to learn from other people, soak up what you can, and then pass it along so others can learn from you, which I found super insightful and selfless!

You are going to learn SO MUCH more than styling tips — but don’t worry, they’re in here too! — in this episode.

I know you are going to love Jammie’s energy, life story and outlooks just as much as I did.

Make sure to check out her websiteInstagram and her Style Guide.

PLUS — head to danagrahamphotography.com/guests-offers for a special code just for my listeners!


About the Amidst The Chaos podcast:

Are you wishing you could control your work schedule and spend more time with your babies? Have you wished you could find a way to make money on your own, but don’t know how you’d have time to start something amidst all the chaos in your life? On top of that, you might not even think you have a skill, talent, or ANY CLUE of what you’d do! If any of the above is screaming directly at your heart… you’re EXACTLY in the right place!

Join your host Dana Graham (a health insurance broker turned successful newborn and family photographer… as bizarre as that sounds), as she picks the brains of women like her who have given up the security of a corporate job in favor of creating their own business venture to allow for more precious time at home with their littles. Each week, enjoy a different interview with a mom who has made the leap from a 9 to 5 to entrepreneurship in ALL different fields; from realtors, to health coaches, to etsy shop owners. We’ll hear the what, why, and how of what they’ve built, and how in the world they’re doing it with their kiddos in tow! If you’ve already started your own business, join us as we continue to motivate you each week with step-by-step, TANGIBLE action items to make your business as efficient and successful as it can be… with your family, motherhood journey, and mental health at the top of the priority list.


SO, grab that huge pile of clean-but-not-folded laundry or the stack of dirty dishes, plug your headphones in, and get ready to be inspired Amidst The Chaos.

Dana’s Instagram:  @dana_graham

Dana’s Website:   danagrahamphotography.com


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