April 18, 2021

The Momiform™ Edit 02

The Momiform™ Edit 02

Momiform™ Outfit Of The Week 4-18-2021

shirt        jeans        necklace        slippers

This week I’m sharing new outfit formula, a podcast I’m loving, and my skincare routine. 3 things to help you live mom life, in style!

This outfit formula works for elevating your look at home. Whether you’re working from home or managing your home + littles all day (or both) this outfit will give you a boost your energy, motivation, confidence, and productivity. A simple jeans + tee outfit formula is elevated with a statement necklace (I’d also add a bold lip for those zoom calls) and slippers that feel just a bit fancy. Need to leave the house and run errands? Swap your slippers for these slides and add this bag. Pregnant? Go up a size in the top and pair it with these cute maternity jeans.



Emily is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to chat beauty with! She taught a makeup class inside of the Style Society and next week she’s teaching us how to do an at home blowout! She’s a mom of 3, down to earth, and makes beauty feel approachable.

She just launched her podcast and the 2 most recent episodes are: Finding Your Perfect Foundation and How To Train Your Hair! Emily teaches the finishing touches that I can’t. Once you get dressed, she helps you apply makeup and do your hair but like, in a way that works for a busy mom. Yes, please!



I’m Emily Odom and I’m a professional hair and makeup artist and even *I* know how overwhelming all of that can be. We’re gonna chat all things beauty just like you would with your best friend over a cup of coffee or glass of wine (no judgment here!) and peel back that ridiculously intimidating curtain of beauty for women. We’ll talk makeup techniques, hair routines, my favorite products, and a whole lot more. Beauty for real women. No rules, no expectations, no filter. This is The Filter Free Beauty Podcast.




My love for clean beauty runs DEEP! But a product can’t just be “clean” for me to love it and use it regularly, let alone recommend it to you. It also has to be extremely effective and high performing. Meet, my skincare routine:

I use the Countertime Collection which is the anti aging and most hydrating line, it reminds me of La Mer, but without the price tag.

At night I follow up my cleansing oil with the charcoal bar and it makes the best double cleansing situation. I like to think of it as washing the day away (and all of the grime).

Every morning I use the brightening oil with my gua sha stone before I get into my morning routine so that it has some time to soak into my skin.

On Monday’s, we do eye patches.

Sunday is mask day.

And my magical beauty bff? The resurfacing peel. I use it nightly and I can’t imagine my skin  without it.

New to Beautycounter? Use code: CLEANFORALL20 and get 20% off of your first order!



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