June 7, 2019

When Mom Needs To Unplug

When Mom Needs To Unplug

when mom needs to unplug


Self Care: deliberate, self initiated, intentional, necessary. Taking care of ones own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Mama, self care is not selfish, it’s a tool we can use to be moms, wives, friends, humans…

Do you ever feel like the mom in the Calgon commercials from the 80’s (did I just totally age myself?)? Calgon… take me away! 🛀  If your mom didn’t have a box of Calgon in the bathroom or you’ve never seen this, have a good laugh 😂




Self care can be a bubble bath or a nap and those things are great- I’ll take one of each, please! But I also believe that true self care needs to be more intentional and impactful on a regular basis. Small rhythms and routines that turn into a part of our daily lives like putting on real pants and getting ready for the day (hair and makeup included), practicing gratitude, fitness, and healthy eating are all important but so are larger scale acts of self care. Massages, vacations, and being able to actually unplug take more planning and intention than daily rhythms and routines.

While living in LA I heard about people floating to relax and I was instantly intrigued. I was also really terrible at unplugging so I never actually sought it out. Life got busy and I forgot about this trendy floating situation that was probably just a Hollywood thing like, Shape House (it’s a sweat boutique and it’s SO LA) and colonics after your juice cleanse and $40 boutique fitness workout.

And then I met Rochelle (and asked her 2973984 questions) at a local networking meeting. Wait… this is still a thing? And it’s in Virginia? I was a few months postpartum when Transition Float Studio opened so I hadn’t quite gotten my mama legs to where I could justify such a thing (I was wrong). But then I would hear about the spa almost weekly (ok so maybe I stalked them on social media, whatever) and FINALLY decided it was time to check it out. Mama needed to UNPLUG.

Rochelle recommended an Infrared Sauna Session and then a Float Session. I love a good sauna session. LOVE. But tbh I was just as nervous as I was excited about the whole float part. I’m super claustrophobic, but also willing to try all things cutting edge health and wellness.

I had a pretty good fitness routine down but I hadn’t been eating as healthy as I should so I decided to be a little extra and add some other components to the experience. I love a good juice cleanse and along with hearing about floating in LA, the buzz about lymphatic drainage massage had me uber curious. So I decided to grab a 2 day cleanse from Ginger Juice and pop in to see Jordan at Indigo before my detoxing sauna sesh and relaxing float at Transitions. It was important to me to support locally owned businesses and I loved that they are all in the same area. Dear, busy suburban mama who has anxiety over parallel parking downtown… I gotchu.



When I arrived to the studio, I instantly felt more calm. You can tell that Rochelle is a chill beach girl at heart and I love that. I sat down and filled out a super quick form before getting the run down on how my session would work and what to expect. I was SO EXCITED TO UNPLUG. I think I even told her that the thing I was most excited for was not looking at my phone for an hour and a half. I know that sounds silly to even read but I’m awful about truly unplugging and I knew that this experience would give me the disconnect I needed.


I’m a sucker for anything with the word, detox. Gimmie all the cleanses and charcoal and sauna’s, I’m IN. What I loved about my sauna experience was the privacy and how calming and relaxing it was. If you have the extra time when booking a float, I highly recommend starting with the sauna. It really helped to get me relax before the float.


The float pod was next door to the sauna room where they provided me with a robe so it was a simple few steps to take without having to worry about getting back into my clothes after getting all sweaty. Perfect little touch of detail!

The float room is pretty large and has it’s own shower. To keep the pod clean they ask you to rinse off in the shower before your float to be sure there is no product residue like makeup and lotion. Post shower I popped in the ear plugs they provided and was ready to float. Climbing into this odd looking contraption was not even a little bit scary like I had anticipated. The whole experience was just so calm.

It took me a few minutes to truly relax and find a position I was comfortable in. It felt weird at first to fully relax my body in just water but once I allowed my mind to let go, my body followed. There are light and music controls inside the pod if you choose to turn off the music and/or the light. I think I ended up doing half of the time with them on and half in silence and complete darkness.

It’s really a treat to be truly alone in complete silence. It’s unlike anything I ever ever experienced. I was a little worried that I would be trying to figure out how much time I had left or if I was “doing it right”, or if my mind really allow me to relax? None of those things were an issue.  What if I fall asleep, will she check on me? Will I get water in my ears?  All of my worries were seemed silly by the time I finished.

When I left I told Rochelle that there is no way to truly explain this to anyone, the best I’ve got is… you just HAVE to try it for yourself. I felt rejuvenated, refreshed, more creative, relaxed, inspired, and I slept like a husband (because we all know they sleep much better than babies!).

My float session was what a Calgon bath could only dream of being to a mom. Think about it mama… PURE. SILENCE. Completely alone. You know you need this. I didn’t realize how much I needed it and now I can’t wait to go back. Floating will for sure be a part of my self care from now on, especially since it touches all aspects of wellness: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

I know that this post was intended for the mama’s buttttt… Father’s Day is coming up and this would be the perfect gift for dad. Who needs more stuff? Give an experience! And hey… you could just book two and tag along with him 🤷



A few Tips: 

Go into it with an open mind

Wear comfortable clothes like maxi, joggers, or cotton shorts

Bring your face moisturizer for after the float

Read the FAQ before your appointment



Happy Unplugging, Mama. If you end up trying a float- let me know and tag me over on Instagram!


If you haven’t started a rhythm of getting self care when it comes to getting ready in the morning, check out my

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