May 20, 2019

Affordable Spring Dresses From Target

Affordable Spring Dresses From Target

My favorite outfit formula right now: Tee Shirt Dress, Denim Jacket, Sneakers, simple accessories (and a spray tan)

Getting Dressed Can Be Fast and Simple

It’s no secret that I’m more about quality over quantity. Stocking your closet full of quality basics so that you never end up with a closet full of nothing to wear– is how I roll! It’s not often that you will hear me tell you to head over to Target, because let’s be honest… we usually grab a one-off top that we don’t need and we maybe wear once vs adding items that help build a cohesive wardrobe. BUT, for the Spring/Summer season, I like to bend the rules a bit.

I wanted to give you a few options for affordable dresses, tell you how to style them, and hopefully… help you fight the frump! Dresses are my favorite for the warmer weather because of comfort and ease. They’re a one and done outfit that you don’t even have to think about. A dress like this camo one makes for a super simple yet stylish outfit option.

Spring is also a time for lots of events that usually leaves mama’s hustling last minute for dress options- from Graduation to Baby Showers, there’s a lot going on this time of year. I’ve curated a few dresses that would work for anything from weddings to date nights but they won’t break the bank, are easy to style, and can be worn more than once!


My only complaint about wearing a dress sans tights in the warm weather? Chub rub. Yeah… the secret’s out– my thighs touch. If yours do too, or maybe you just want freedom to bend over without showing all the goods? I highly recommend a pair of spandex or slip shorts for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. I’ve linked a few super affordable pairs here for you.


You can shop all of my dress recommendations HERE. I’ve included notes on how to style each one and even added a few bonus items to your next Target run. Wearing one and done pieces like dresses or jumpsuits make creating that Spring Momiform simple and fast!



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