May 3, 2019

Day Date with C’ville Tours and Lexus of Richmond

Day Date with C’ville Tours and Lexus of Richmond

Before I became a mama I swore that I would never let dating my husband fall through the cracks (along with 100 other things I swore I would never do as a mom). Can anyone else relate? I ENJOY my husband, we have so much fun together, why would I not want to continue this? OH… it has nothing to do with not wanting to, it has everything to do with the tiny boss who now controls the schedule. Noted.

If you’re a mama who would love to get more creative with dates, I’ve got you covered. I have a few fun ideas and blog posts coming up that don’t include your typical dinner down the street and rush back home. Yes I know this entails a lot of scheduling in advance, but if it’s important, we’ll do it.

We had to snap a selfie with John and our ride

This past Monday we pretended to be uber fancy with a day date to Charlottesville for a private wine tour with C’ville Tours. We chose a Monday so that Max would already be in daycare and the wineries wouldn’t be crowded. Serious lifehack: go to wineries on a Monday. It felt like we had the town to ourselves- super romantic.

Booking the tour was incredibly simple, I just emailed Andre through their site and he arranged everything. Our pickup was at 10am and we would return at 4pm, it was perfect timing with daycare, traffic, and being able to start our Monday morning together.

Our driver/tour guide, John picked us up in a beautiful (super fancy) Lexus SUV. He had bottled water waiting for us, made sure we were comfortable, set the radio to Frank Sinatra (per my request) and we were on our way. John was incredibly knowledgeable about the homes, landmarks, and history of Charlottesville– giving us all the facts as we approached our first stop.

Veritas Vineyard and Winery was gorgeous. We went through their tasting menu, took some photos, and enjoyed a short tour of the venue. I can’t believe that we had never been here before. We loved the wine and ended up leaving with a bottle of rose to enjoy on the deck this summer. Next stop was to pick up sandwiches from Greenwood Gourmet. What a hidden gem, John suggested we check this spot and I’m so glad that we made the stop. We grabbed sandwiches, homemade tortilla chips, and hummus for a little picnic at Pollack Vineyards. While we went through the tasting menu at Pollack, John set up our lunch on the patio. He paid attention to every detail- down to mints and water bottles. We each grabbed a glass of wine to pair with our sandwiches and enjoyed this view.

After lunch we headed to King Family Vineyards. This was the only winery I had been to before, but I enjoyed it even more the second time around. We chatted with the employees, learned about their polo season and took in their spectacular view while sipping wine.

We had a bit of time to kill before heading home so we made an extra stop at Bold Rock Chiles Peach. John recommend a cider and donut pairing, I was skeptical but ended up a fan. It was a fun final stop where we were also able to grab some berries for Max and chat on their patio.

The ride home was so relaxing that Glen enjoyed a little cat nap in the heated backseat. Why can’t we all sleep like our husbands?! John got us home right on time so that we were able to enjoy an hour at home before picking up Max. We grabbed Chick-Fil-A for dinner so that we could keep the simplicity and enjoyment of the day going strong. Genius idea, babe!

If you’re looking for something different to do for a day date or even a group of girls, and live in the Richmond or Charlottesville area– I can’t recommend C’ville Tours enough! The service was top notch from start to finish. How could you not feel like royalty while being spoiled like that all day? It was just enough time for us to connect and still be able to fit it into our schedule (fairly) easily.

If you want to see a few more pictures and behind the scenes of our day, check out Instagram and you will find it in the highlights.

I’ve also linked our day date outfits… if you’re into that thing. I grabbed Glen’s from Target last minute and mine are basics that are easily mixed and matched for your Spring Momiform™.




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