April 15, 2019

Your Boss Babe Uniform on the #HASHITOUT Podcast

Your Boss Babe Uniform on the #HASHITOUT Podcast

Your Boss Babe Uniform with Jammie Baker on the #HASHITOUT Podcast


I chatted with hosts, Hannah Lebron, licensed esthetician and San Diego spa owner, and Samantha Harris, business mentor and marketing strategist, on the #HASHITOUT podcast. Hannah and Samantha are two boss babes using their start up savvy and 6-figure experience to hash out all your business problems, up your bottom line and support you along your entrepreneurial journey.



We chat about my career background, working with boss babes, body shapes. and our shared love for Nordstrom and Zella leggings. I virtually styled Hannah & Samantha by giving some ideas to help them get out of their staple leggings and elevate their looks.



I also shared that there’s science behind getting dressed and showing up! You can create a cohesive closet, without rules, that showcases your personality and get rid of everything that makes you feel frumpy. Show up for yourself first, then you can show up for everyone else. Think of three words do you want to portray with your style. Mine are confident, comfortable, and stylish. What vibe or energy do you want to put out? How do you want to be perceived by the world? Think about your three words every day when you get dressed. If your outfit doesn’t portray those three words, go back to the drawing board and pick again. This little practice can really help you in getting dressed!


Check Hannah & Samantha out on Instagram at:  @hashitoutbabes


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