March 4, 2019

Makeup For The Busy Mom

Makeup For The Busy Mom

Kara and I after she applied the 10 minute makeup look

I see a lot about the 5 minute makeup routine, I’m here for it, I am. But I also know that when it’s unrealistic to feel fully put together in 5 minutes. On days where I am home all day or just rocking the athleisure to Publix and back– I do the 5 minute look. But those extra 5 minutes to do the full face really boosts my confidence! Nothing crazy, just enough to feel like the hot mom roaming the aisles of my local grocery store.

In a world of information overload, you could easily get a lot of makeup application tips and tricks from youtube and instagram. Just like you could easily get a lot of style advice from the same avenues. It’s there, but it’s not always from a professional in the field.

Have you ever made an appointment at Sephora or any department store makeup counter, super excited about not having to put your face on yourself and hopefully learning #allthethings about application and elevating your makeup look? Yeah, me too. Only to be disappointed that they didn’t cover ANYTHING on my face, my lashes look non existent, and I’m pretty sure that my face was always a different shade than my neck. Anybody else? That’s because most of them aren’t experienced professionals. Their job is to sell you a product, not teach you about makeup for your particular lifestyle, skin type, etc…

After 37 years of not being able to do my makeup and putting false hope into retail counters, I signed up for a workshop with a pro. I believe in investing in professionals when I want real results, why would makeup be any different than my amazing hair stylist, my personal trainer, or my esthetician? That workshop changed my life, mama! No joke!

I now own all of the tools and products I NEED and that’s it. I don’t run to buy the next makeup trend (unless I run it by Kara first) or wonder if I’m applying my foundation correctly, I don’t waste money on false promises from a retail counter. It’s pretty incredible and empowering to know that I have the tools and knowledge to apply my own makeup and love it.

I still on Kara when photoshoots or tv segments happen because you KNOW I need that airbrush in my life if I want to look flawless all day and under all of those lights.


Enough about me and my journey with makeup, I want you to hear it from the pro herself. I chatted with Kara last week and asked her a few questions and she gave me all the tips and I am sharing them with YOU!


What is your favorite product EVER?

If I were stranded on an island I would take BETTER THAN SEX mascara with me. And coffee of course.


If 10 minutes is unrealistic for me. If I only have 5 minutes, what do I focus on?

Never leave your house without your: Eyebrows (they frame the face), Mascara (makes your eyes pop and might make you look more awake than you are), Lip Gloss (really pulls it all together and goes a long way and gives you color).


Number one tip for the busy mom?

Two in one products save the most time. A two in one foundation/concealer or bronzer/eyeshadow really helps you cut down on the time it takes to get ready.


What is the most overlooked step when it comes to makeup?

SKINCARE. Wash your face everyday and always moisturize. Never sleep in your makeup, your skin does the most healing at night and not washing off your makeup will age you! Invest in a really good eye cream.


Something fun about you that nobody knows?

Fun fact that nobody knows is that I LOVE sushi and I won’t share it! I could eat sushi everyday for every meal.


Tell us a little bit about your journey becoming a makeup artist.

I was in school to become a nurse and knew it wasn’t for me, so I dropped out and got a job at the MAC counter and told my parents I was becoming a makeup artist. I was determined to succeed. I worked for different companies up and down the East Coast for 12 years and 3 years ago opened my own business after moving to Richmond with my husband, Kyle and our dog, Lily. I opened the doors to my own studio space last week, I have an incredible team of artists that work for me, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future!


If you are local to Richmond, you can book your very own makeup lesson with Kara. Not only is she one of the most kind hearted women I have ever met, she is incredibly talented at her craft. To make the experience even better– Kara was kind enough to give you a code! Use code JAMMIE15 for $15 off of your lesson!


If you missed the tutorial or if you are not local to Richmond, that’s ok– we have something fun + digital coming your way!


Make sure to follow Kara on the ‘gram and check out her gorgeous website

Don’t miss the 10 minute makeup tutorial, watch it HERE











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