February 11, 2019

How To Feel Confident In Your Skin

How To Feel Confident In Your Skin

I’m excited to take you all Back To Basics this year when it comes to style! And you might be wondering… why are you talking about skincare?

STYLE: : a distinctive manner of expression

Style isn’t just about the clothes we put on our bodies, it’s how we feel, act, and present ourselves. In the words of Rachel Zoe: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Style is powerful, it can used as a tool to get what we want in life. Confidence, the corner office, the date, the client, the influence (over anything from our kids to our peers). It also goes deeper than that, teaching our littles that having them doesn’t mean our life is a hotmess, and that they aren’t a problem or a burden– they’re little blessing that deserve us to show up as our best selves. Self care is so much more than getting a massage or taking a bath. Style is self care, it’s showing up for your people, putting your best foot forward in life, it’s about respecting yourself.

But we can’t just put on a dress and call it a day. It’s about how we feel in that dress that matters. And as someone who has struggled with skin issues, I know a lot of how we feel when we put on clothes, starts with our skin (and hair + makeup but we WILL get there).

When I thought about doing this post and what would give you mama’s the best value, I immediately emailed my friend, Summer, who is the founder of Sugar + Hive. It’s not only one of the most gorgeous spaces I’ve ever entered, it houses one of the effective and kind skincare teams I’ve ever come across.


We’re headed into Spring so the exfoliate + glow facial is what really caught my eye. I LOVE a good dermaplaning session, but if you’re on my Stylish Mom’s List you already know that I’m all about shaving the face! In addition to the facial we decided on some pretty awesome #momhacks: I opted for the brow tint and the lash lift+ tint. Game changers, mama, serious game changers. I’m all about saving precious minutes in the morning but I’m also about looking half decent without makeup on which is a real deal confidence booster. I know what it’s like to have a face covered in acne, it sucked the confidence right out of me. I was 30 when I went through that stage in life (sweet, right?) and ever since clearing up my skin with the help of a derm and monthly facials… I refuse to stop treating my skin right.


I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with Summer!




What is your favorite S+H service and why?  



Oh gosh.  This is hard.  I would have to say the Hydrafacial is my  top treatment and my go-to.  It is the only treatment that does what it does…it is several treatments built in to one.  It is instant gratification and super customizable.  It deep cleanses the skin, it exfoliates, it has a gly-sal peel which is AMAZING, it extracts (this is everyone’s favorite part), and the fun part is the boosters.  I always go for the growth factor booster.  It contains human growth factors that make the skin super bright and hydrated.  The growth factors act like an army marching in to your skin and reorganizing the way it functions.


You do not want your services to be known as luxury but part of a skin routine, correct?  How often does someone need a facial?

That is correct.  Our skin is our largest organ and we should nurture it and love it and treat it well.  We really only get one chance.  I do not consider that luxury.  We go to the gym.  We spend money on eating healthy, we spend money on nice clothes and shoes.  We spend an insane amount of money on foundation and covering up.  I think the figure was $984,000,000!  I think we need to recreate the spa and wellness culture to cultivate better skin care habits.  Get a facial once a month at least.  Skilled estheticians will change your skin.  A professional facial is not the same as what you would get at home with a DIY kit.  We fill the niche somewhere between home care and the dermatologist.


What is your #1 skincare tip?


WASH YOUR FACE every single day.  I am so shocked at the number of people that do not wash their faces. Use a professional brand that is concentrated in higher active ingredients and that contains vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your skin.  Makeup ages you as well as the environment.  It is SO important to wash your face every single day.  I wash my face every morning and every night.


What is your must have, can’t live without product?  

Oh gosh! This is hard. The Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum by Sorella Apothecary!  I LOVE this stuff.  It is full of amazing ingredients such as Snow Mushroom Extract, B3, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid…and lots of other goodness.  It keeps my skin balanced.



Hey Sugar, Today is the LAST DAY to enter our giveaway! Have you entered? The winner receives a 30 Minute spa facial from Sugar + Hive and a mini virtual style session with ME!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my experience with S+H on Instagram, I saved it in my highlights! If you pop in for some lash + brow #momhacks make sure to tag me on instagram- I would love to see!

This is me post facial. The only time I have ever taken a picture and posted it… sans makeup! The Sugar + Hive post facial glow is legit.





P.P.S. If you’re interested in my day to day skincare routine, I just might be sharing that in Insta Stories this week! Stay tuned, mama 😘

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