February 6, 2019

3 Tips To Finding Your Personal Style

3 Tips To Finding Your Personal Style




There are a lot of options and an overwhelming amount of people telling us what me “must have” when it comes to style. But here’s the thing, style is PERSONAL. It’s a fashion bloggers job to tell you about the must have shirt on sale this weekend that everyone needs and if you don’t have it, you’re not cool! Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for style but they can also be overload when trying to hone in on YOUR personal style. Because of this I wanted to share 3 tips for ditching the trends and finding your personal style!


Define Your Style Type

Are you CLASSIC, BOHO, FEMININE, EDGY, or SPORTY? Or maybe you’re more than one of these? It’s common to have a primary and secondary style type. Keep in mind that the style type you love to wear are not always the ones the are just aesthetically pleasing. For example– I love Free People and all things BOHO, it all looks so pretty and carefree and comfortable. But, that’s just not me in real life. When I put those clothes on I don’t feel cute, I feel frumpy. Always ask yourself, what makes me FEEL my best?



In the segment I teach you how to measure your body so that you can determine if you are BIGGER ON THE BOTTOM, BIGGER ON THE TOP, BIGGER IN THE MIDDLE, NO CURVES, or PROPORTIONAL. I also teach you how to dress for each shape in my FREE Momiform™ Style Guide.



Maybe you love how Reece Witherspoon dresses, but your life doesn’t exactly call for heels and pretty pastel dresses on the daily? Make sure you take into account how you spend your time and how you need to show up for life! Are you a SAHM with a closet full of corporate attire but really in need of sneakers and simple looks like jeans and tees? Or are you a corporate mama with a closet full of casual weekend wear? Sometimes our closets don’t reflect our actual lives, but that’s ok… I’m here to help you change that!


What it comes down to is building a closet full of basics. Think, Jeans, Tees, Leggings, Layers. Then add the shoes you actually need for your lifestyle. Add pops of color and personality with accessories like jewelry, bags, scarves, and even your shoes! Fashion is fun but remember that finding your personal style is a journey! 

Fun shopping note: All proceeds from the accessories used on this segment will be donated to Miracles In Motion! Happy shopping!



If you are interested in finding your personal style and want to know even more, you’re in luck! I’m hosting a FREE virtual workshop on February 19th! Three Steps to Finding Your Signature Mom Style. Sign up HERE and I’ll keep you in the loop!




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