January 30, 2019

It’s Time For Coffee Podcast with Jammie Baker

It’s Time For Coffee Podcast with Jammie Baker

It's Time For Coffee Podcast with Jammie Baker


Simplifying Mom Life with a Momiform™

Join me as I chat with Jeanette Tapley of the It’s Time For Coffee podcast. Her corner of the internet is a place where we help each other find joy, sisterhood and lasting friendship. Jeanette is all about Bible-based love and teachings to help us grow into the friends we long to be and nourish the relationships we already have.  Each week she sits down with a friend to be encouraged and reminded that we are heard, valued, and never alone! 



Listen in as Jeanette and I talk about simplifying motherhood and helping moms look and feel their best. We talked about so much more than clothes…we discussed my story of where I’ve lived and how I’ve gotten to where I am styling moms, working with kids, waiting well, how to really clean out our closets.


Hear about my take on a capsule wardrobe, with no rules, and how to create your Momiform™ to make your day start off great. We only wear 20% of what you have in your closet, let’s fix that! Get rid of everything that doesn’t make you feel great. Not 10lbs from now, right now. Its about feeling like the best version of yourself. When you feel your best, you put your best work out. You’ll be a better wife and better mom. You get to create the energy in each scenario of your life by the way you dress. It has little to do with vanity, and more about showing up and putting your best foot forward. Now grab your cup and fill it up, it’s time for coffee!


Check out Jeanette at www.jeanettetapley.com or over on Instagram at @jeanettetapley.


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