November 5, 2018

How To Wear Athleisure

How To Wear Athleisure

Getting away with wearing yoga pants and never actually doing yoga is a thing now. A very acceptable… thing. But just because something is acceptable, doesn’t make it right, or cute. I LOL’d when I watched this active wear video. A boutique I follow shared it on instagram when they launched their active wear line and it prompted this blog post idea.

Last week I shared some daily athleisure outfit ideas to show you that there are ways to style leggings beyond pairing them with gym tanks and workout sneakers and frumpy sweatshirts. The goal for athleisure is to look stylish and put together but still be comfortable. The goal is not to look like you were headed to spin class, because, mama… you know you had no intention to hit the gym after your Target run.

Mom life lends itself to a lot of leggings– there is a lot of time spent playing on the floor, sitting in the car while acting as le chauffeur to tiny humans. Not to mention that carpool lines, grocery store checkouts, and playdates don’t require us to dress up.

So what does one do? I’m so glad you asked! I’ve got a few tips, some real life examples, and some shopping recommendations just for you!


Tip One- If you wouldn’t pair it with jeans, try again. I know and you know that those gym sneakers and that sweatshirt don’t pair with your cute skinny ankle jeans to equal an acceptable outfit. If you look like you’re actually headed to the gym, swap it out. Which leads us to… 

Tip Two- Make simple swaps to create cute athleisure looks. Swap out the gym shoes for a slide on sneaker or maybe a shell toe, and opt for a cute basic tee instead of activewear tanks and sweatshirts. Layer your basics to add personal style. Leggings + White Tee + Sneakers + Denim Jacket = no awkward convos with Susan in the grocery line about workouts you aren’t actually on your way to. 

Tip Three- Separate your gym clothes from your athleisure. They are not one in the same. This will make it easier when you go to get dressed for real life vs gym life. 


A few real life outfit ideas


You can shop my favorite athleisure picks HERE


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