October 20, 2018

Old Navy Try On

Old Navy Try On


At this season in life, I wear more casual and comfortable because… BABY. I’m also in the process of saying BYE Felicia to that baby weight so… I’m trying to find clothes that aren’t too expensive yet still cute and make me feel good. In between phases are no excuse to be frumpy. If anything, dressing up and showing up helps to keep us motivated to reach our #mombod goals.

A few weeks ago I popped into Old Navy and left frustrated with a fitting room full of clothes that didn’t even come close to working. I mentioned it on Insta Stories and so many of you replied with how much you actually love you some Old Navy. So I chose to brave the fitting room again, scared that I would leave emptied handed and frustrated for a second time– I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I found.

See my STORIES for the try-on videos and cute Baby Max. I started this try-on a few days ago but ended up at the Pediatric ER with Baby Max before I was able to finish 😭 He fell and busted his lip… blood everywhere, this first time mama was freaked the heck out. BUT… he’s good (bank account after an ER visit… not so much) and I was able to get back into the fitting room today. Max was safely strapped into the stroller this time. Note to self: no roaming on concrete floors 🤦‍♀️ #momfail

The try-on was surprisingly successful but I do have to be honest and let you know a few shopping guidelines and some PRO TIPS from a stylist perspective:

There are times to splurge and times to save. Old Navy is not the place to buy your dark denim that serves as a workhorse in your wardrobe. You know I LOVE my Good American Jeans (#momjeans for life) and they are worth the splurge. Buy the best quality that you can afford. If buying Old Navy is the best you can afford- totally cool. BUT… maybe you could skip a few trips to to Starbucks in lieu of quality denim that makes you feel like the #boss you are? Denim that you can wear 3 times a week for a year or 2 might actually come out cheaper than a *cheap pair of jeans that you have to keep buying. I’m also a stickler for stitching and stretch, but maybe that’s just me…

Save on trends, always. Unless you’ve just got it like that! Then by all means, splurge away. But then again, that person isn’t reading a post about Old Navy SO…

Be particular with your activewear. Yes, lulu is EX-PEN-SIVE. But have you tried it? Maybe Spanx leggings are more your jam? My go-to are these AH-mazing Zella ones (for half the price of lulu). I just wasn’t a fan of the Old Navy activewear. It didn’t feel GOOD and that’s important to me. It didn’t compress in the right places or feel all soft and yummy like my faves. But mostly… cost per wear, it’s a real thing. Think about that before buying too cheap.

With all of that being said, I have some pretty good picks that I think you will enjoy. If you love these try-on sessions, let me know and I will do more for you guys! And if you have any questions about how to style the items, please ask away!

All of the FINDS are HERE and you can also see the LOOKBOOK for how to style the items. Make sure to check the comments, I’ve added some styling tips for you, mama!

If you’re loving the finds but still have questions about how to make the items work for you or how to dress for Fall in general, hop on over to my CALENDAR and schedule a call, I’d love to chat!









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