August 23, 2018

Carly Jean LA Try-On

Carly Jean LA Try-On

I recently heard of the brand Carly Jean Los Angeles via Instagram. I mean… where else do you hear about new stuff these days? I asked who was familiar with the brand on my insta stories last week and only a few of you knew, so I figured it would be a great brand to try on for my first try on session.

If simple, easy, cohesive style is your jam- this brand is for you. Everything I ordered is so soft, which I love. All of their pieces are made with a capsule wardrobe in mind and most of the items are made in LA.

I ordered 7 pieces and only 1 didn’t work. Not bad! You can see the try on in my insta stories.

I will be wearing them a lot for transitioning into fall. Over this past weekend I wore the Jamie Jumpsuit and Santa Barbara Pants- I got so many compliments.


photos from the CJLA website

If you’re looking for great neutrals to build your fall capsule wardrobe I highly recommend CJLA. You can shop the items I got here and see my try on session here!


I added a few additional items that I have on my list as well as replacements for what is out of stock! If you end up purchasing any CJLA for fall, let me know! Tag me on instagram, I would love to see how you’re wearing it.

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