August 9, 2018

Max’s Neutral Nursery

Max’s Neutral Nursery

Would you believe that this nursery started out with hideous beige carpet and Tiffany Blue walls just a few short months ago? I’ll share some before photos on my instagram stories.

There were two things I knew for sure at the start of this project: little to no color (HELLO NEUTRAL) and light wood floors. First things first, we said goodbye to blue walls and replaced them with bright white. With the help of some friends, my husband installed new the new wood flooring and for awhile it was a big empty white room that I couldn’t even imagine a tiny human in.

But before we (he) even installed the wood, we wrote scriptures and prayers and dreams for baby boy on those bare floors. Our hearts poured out in in writing for our little Lincoln Maxwell. I believe in writing down the vision (Habakkuk 2:2) and watching God go to work. I can’t wait to witness these prayers unfold in the years to come. The nursery is by far the most peaceful room in the house. It’s chock full of those hopes and dreams– a product of those I wrote down for my own life throughout the years.

It wasn’t until well after the start of my third trimester that we really started to fill up the room. I couldn’t make up my mind- what a surprise. But I’m so happy with the results. From start to finish the entire room was a labor of love. The flooring to the wallpaper to every last picture that we hung. So much love, sweat and tears went into making it come together. The final piece was a handmade wardrobe rack that Glen made for Max. It’s such a special part of the room.


I’ve linked everything here

A few things to note if you are in the process of decoating a nursery:

  • I would recommend a plush rocking chair, this one is not cozy during late night feeds
  • I would also go with a different side table if I was to do it all over again
  • Lesson learned- buy the blackout curtains


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Photos: Misfit Moon Photography




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